Sunday, December 26, 2010

I JUST LOVE BETTY does the Associated Press!

One of my favorite actresses of all time, is dear Betty White!  I have enjoyed her in so many different movies and sitcoms, from her sassy role in Golden Girls, her beloved spot on Bringing Down The House as the nosy neighbor, to her portrayal in The Bold and The Beautiful's  Stephanie Forrester's  mom...I have enjoyed SO many of Betty White's acting skills. Betty White is in a class of her own!  Evidently the Associated Press believes the same thing.  They voted her as ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR...for 2010.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS...May God Bless Each Of You!

Greatest man in history.  Jesus  had no servants, yet they called him Master.  Jesus had no degree, yet they called him Teacher.  Jesus had no medicines, yet they called him Healer.  Jesus had no army, yet kings feared him.  He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world with his love not war.  Jesus commited no crime, yet he was crucified. Jesus was buried in a tomb, but arose and is alive today.  May you always feel the spirit of Jesus within your hearts and lives.  MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

RIP Elizabeth Edwards.. What a BRAVE Woman!

Elizabeth Edwards lost her brave battle against cancer yesterday, with her family, friends, and estranged husband John Edwards by her side.  She was such an inspiration to me, and to many of my friends and women all over the nation, for her BRAVE fight against cancer.  RIP, Elizabeth.

 Family statement on Elizabeth Edward's death 

Another link concerning her death... 

Monday, December 6, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS...From my house to yours!

As you reflect on Christmas and all of the festivities that are going on around you, I hope you will remember the true meaning of Christmas.  JESUS is the Reason for the Season.  

I ran across this really neat link that I thought I would share with you.  This is actually a father's perspective of what life is REALLY about, versus the fantasy that the magazines put out concerning family life. I hope you enjoy the link as much as I did.  MERRY CHRISTmas...everyone!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I think that this link speaks for itself....but I'll elaborate a little more.  Autauga County Sheriff, Herbie Johnson was found guilty by the Alabama State Ethics Commission, yesterday (December 1, 2010) on 2 violations.  "In a Wednesday meeting, the commission found that Johnson, who recently was elected to a sixth term, violated the law by using county-owned property for personal use." 

If you will remember, back during former Coroner Billy Brown's trial, the Sheriff had "memory loss" concerning the use of 2 county owned vehicles.  1)  a 4 wheeler, and 2) a utility trailer.  A campaign sign was attached to the 4 wheeler that Johnson rode in during the 4th of July parade in Prattville.  Johnson claimed he didn't know who had attached the sign, or that a sign was even there.....HEY!  How do you ride on a 4 wheeler, and NOT know that you have a huge sign on the vehicle??? I certainly would know if I were riding on a vehicle with a campaign sign on it.  COME ON....The purpose of Johnson riding in the parade was FOR CAMPAIGNING...Kudos to the Alabama Ethics Commission.    

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Have a BLESSED and a Happy Thanksgiving!! Safe Travels, also!

Thanksgiving is the time of year, when we finally take a break to sit down and really count the blessings we have.  So many times during the year we might think we have been tried and tested too many times...but when we actually take the time to think about our blessings...we realize there are many. 

I'm thankful for my family, for my 4 children, Cherie, Jonathan, Heather & Brandon.  I'm thankful for my grandchildren, Joseph, Kaylee, Jaiden & Kaitlyn.  I'm thankful for my husband Ricky, and for our dog Killer and our cat Lacy, and our beautiful ducks.   I'm truly blessed to still have my beloved Dad with us at the age of 90.  He has been through the ringer this year, with breaking his shoulder, and then the emergency surgery afterward...but we STILL have him :)  I'm also thankful for my biological Mom, whom I was blessed to have located in the 1980s after searching for her and finding her.  I'm truly blessed to have many brothers and sisters, also, in my life.  David, Allen, James Jr. and James Sr., My sisters Mary Ann, Phyllis, and Mary.  My brothers in Virginia, William, Roger, Kenny, Mike, Randy...and my beloved brother James (Nookie) whom I lost in October at the age of 40.  He will truly be missed, and we are still grieving over the loss of him.  There are numerous friends to be thankful for...I'll name just a few, ..Cindy Lou, Priscilla, Johnny Ruth, Helen, Elizabeth Kerley, Kathy Johnson & John, Brandy Knight, Pamela Newell & Richard, Pam Thrasher, Knightgale, Krista, Joy McCoy,  Elizabeth Church, Jean Young, Becky Hall, Ruth Bailey,  Miss Ellie (and her son Warren whom passed away unexpectedly recently)  Vickie Barnhill (and her mom Irene whom we lost this year...I miss her very much)...Carla & Deb,  Richard & Dolores Gould, Sarah Price, Sharon & Jerry,  Demetra Vick,   Debbie Bales, Linda Cummins,  Debbie Toman Mason, Debbie Selvage, Debbie Dickens, Sheila Roberts, Barbie, Carrie, Carey, Donna Dellinger, Donna Stutts, Betsy, Belva, Sandy & Teri Sanborn, (pray for their mother who is seriously ill), Paula, Claire, Beth Ann Snyder and her parents Calvin & Betty, Our good friend Alan Agin (and his wife Linda, whom we lost last year...and I'll miss forever)......and the list goes on and on.  I want to wish all of you a blessed Thanksgiving, full of God's richest blessings on your families...May you realize how important life is to you and be happy for it.  God Bless you all...and to my beloved know Mom will always love you....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

CMA AWARDS....GWYNETH PALTROW wows the crowd!!!

I knew a long time ago, that Gwyneth Paltrow had a beautiful voice,  but WOW...she certainly "did us proud" last night at the Country Music Awards Show...singing "Country Strong".  I hope you enjoy this link as much as I did...Once again, Gwyneth....You do us PROUD girl!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I believe in term limits for any type of public office.  Sheriff Herbie Johnson  has been in the Autauga County Sheriff's Office for 20 years.  It's time for a CHANGE in leadership for the good deputies that are working hard for us there.  Please vote for State Trooper Sam Rowlin, who has worked in law enforcement for MANY MANY YEARS...and has the qualifications to get the job DONE. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Been Out of State Due To Death In The Family

Please accept my apologies for not posting lately.  One of my younger brothers died, and I went out of state to the funeral. 

Teens Being Bullied, Kill Themselves

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Alabama Gubernatorial candidate, RON SPARKS gets the support of 46 Alabama Sheriffs...NOW, THAT IS IMPRESSIVE!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Our very own WSFA's news anchor, Tonya Terry is going to the slammer for a very good cause.  MDA!   Muscular Dystrophy Association ...raising money for a GREAT CAUSE.  Please support her..visit her at her Facebook page...and follow her progress.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


There are many kids who are incarcerated at an early a minor, who do not deserve to be in prison.  Also,  there are some who have NO CHANCE OF PAROLE.  Please take the time to view this site, and choose someone to write to.  It only takes a few minutes, and it will make a lifetime of difference to the young men and women incarcerated.  Knightgale has dedicated her life to helping the children who were wrongly convicted.  She deserves a helping  hand.  Love you, Knightgale!!


Sam Rowlin had a GREAT Meet & Greet in Pratt Park this past Sunday.  When we visited him there, a lot of people were there visiting with each other and sharing their stories.  That's the wonderful thing about Meet & Greets!  You get to learn so much about other people who have experienced hardships at the hands of the local administration.  I'm so glad that Sam's kick off for his campaign was such a success!!  Way to go, Sam!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Prattville City Council has scheduled a Budget Hearing for September 28, 2010, to begin at 5:30 p.m.  The Hearing will be held at the Doster Center, downtown Prattville.  The Prattville Progress reported that citizens would get 3 minutes each for their questions, and must submit written questions by September 24.  I wrote Mayor Byard personally and asked a few questions so I could post information for you, to make things a little more clear.  I know that several people were unsure as to why questions had to be submitted ahead of time, rather than on the spur of the moment at the meeting.  Here is what Mayor Byard told me.

"Anyone can attend any of our meetings.  Each regular City Council meeting (held on the first and third Tuesday of each month) is opened with public comment.  A citizen does not have to call, or be on any type of agenda to speak.  They merely raise their hand to get recognized and approach the podium to speak.  As you know, you have to call and be placed on an agenda if you want to address the County Commission or BOE, so I believe we are open and accessible.  Also, you won't find either of their budgets online for inspection.

Any citizen can speak at the Budget meeting. The idea about submitting questions, is so that the citizen will have an answer that night, as some budget questions may be detailed in nature, and instead of having the Council answer with "I'll have to check on that and get back with you," if questions are submitted, the Council can give the answer at the meeting.

Anyone can speak with a three minute limit.  A citizen can ask questions, or make comments.  If the question is detailed, and the Council doesn't know the answer, it may not be answered that night"
I appreciate the Mayor responding to my request for information.  I hope that this can settle some questions that a few may have.  If you have any further questions, Mayor Byard would be more than happy to answer them for you.  He can be reached at:
Jim Byard, Jr.
City of Prattville
101 West Main Street
Prattville, AL 36067

Friday, September 17, 2010

Former Coroner Billy Brown Gets Probation and Ordered to pay Restitution

I think that Judge Tracy McCooey was VERY fair in her analogy of Billy Brown's case.  It would not have served any purpose for Billy to go to prison.  Judge McCooey is the only judge that I have seen so far, that is FAIR AND IMPARTIAL.  She studied all of the facts presented, and stated in court that both Billy Brown and Herbie Johnson (now reigning Sheriff) have many friends in Autauga County, and that this case has divided the citizens of Autauga County.  I know that Billy has many friends, as I am one of them.  He's been a good Coroner, serving with passion for the public...and he was an excellent law enforcement officer...I'm sorry that he won't be able to serve in that capacity anymore.  The people of Autauga County will be missing a dedication that is very rarely seen in law enforcement.  I'm happy for you, Billy, and for your family, that you can remain out of prison and that you can be together as a family.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Please come to Pratt Park Pavillion on Sunday, September 19, at 1:30 pm to meet with Sam Rowlin, who is the Democrat nominee for Sheriff of Autauga County, Alabama.  I wouldn't miss this meet and greet for anything!! 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

KUDOS to Autauga County Sheriff's Department Lieutenant Mike Heath & Investigator Steve Adams for Recovering Stolen Property!!

Autauga County Sheriff's Department employees, Lieutenant Michael Heath and Investigator Steve Adams deserve applause for their part in the recovery of stolen property and goods in a string of recent robberies.  Recovered were "Eight rifles and shotguns, six handguns, a BB gun, numerous tools and electronics, several pieces of jewelry, camera equipment, table and six chairs, welder, grill, decorative sword, and dozens of other items".  That's great to see the Sheriff's Department at it's best!!  Thanks guys.

One of the victims of the robberies, Greg Mclean had had property stolen during 2 separate break-ins this year, had some comments for the alleged robber.  "I'm just thankful this dude has been caught and won't be hitting anybody else for a while".

Monday, August 16, 2010


Once again, folks, ALABAMA makes headlines, concerning state Supreme Court Judges.

This next paragraph from Common Dreams is very interesting to me, since my baby brother just missed the coal mining disaster a couple of years ago, and also again this year, from the coal mines explosions. 

"In perhaps the best-known recent example, the chief executive of Massey Coal Co. spent $3 million to help elect a West Virginia high-court judge, who then participated in a case overturning a $50 million verdict against the company. The case led to a landmark ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court, which found that excessive campaign contributions can create an unconstitutional threat to a fair trial."

"The report shows that between 2000 and 2009, candidates for the Alabama Supreme Court raised nearly $41 million for their campaigns. Outside groups spent another $2.6 million on TV ads about the candidates, bringing Alabama's total spending to $43.6 million." (Montgomery Advertiser). 

Ohio came in 2nd, (29.8 million), and Pennsylvania came in 3rd (22.7 million).  THOSE, my friends, are astronomical figures. 

YES!  WE ARE NUMBER get our Supreme Court judges elected.  You have to ask yourself WHY IS THAT????

Sunday, August 15, 2010

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU TYPE ON FACEBOOK!! (whether you mean it or not!)

This young man may face trial for what he posted on Facebook, but give him the benefit of the doubt before we jump to conclusions as to what his motives were.

His friends said he was referring to games he was playing.  I know that some of those games that are put out there on the market now, are very addictive.

Excellent Article on DEDICATED Newspaper Reporters...

I found this great article from a Facebook friend of mine.  Dedication does pay off, when you are fighting and exposing corruption.  Read about this one couple's fight to free their community of corruption.  You DO know, don't you,... that it is YOUR responsibility to work together in the community to see that you live in a safe and responsible town and environment?

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I think what happened to Billy Brown was wrong.  I think what happened to his father was JUST as wrong.  Bill Brown was denied access to the courtroom during Billy's proceedings. I was wondering why he wasn't in there ...I saw him in the very beginning of the trial, and after that he was missing.  (Until the verdict).  Even though he was  a court official, I saw Whit Moncrief and several others in the courtroom.  I know that Bill Brown stated to the Prattville Progress that the state had called him as a witness, but I think there was some injustice done to the entire Brown family because of this.  Is it possible the state called Bill to be a witness, just to keep him out of the courtroom? (They had him on the witness list, but didn't call  him to testify??)  Just a thought....I'm just sayin'...

Bill Brown had a heart attack 3 years ago, and has an experimental "microscopic pump" that was inserted during his cardiac surgery.  He is experiencing health problems, and resigned this past week.  I'm sorry to see Bill leave the courthouse, as I think he kept them on their toes there.  But, I'm glad, for his sake, that he doesn't have to be in the position to see the sheriff any longer.  That is a good thing afterall, considering what has happened to Bill's son, Billy. 

Bill, I wish you and your wife best wishes for your  health and happiness.  I'll be praying for you and for Billy and Deb as well.  I met Keith, and he's also a fine  young man.  I hope that things work out in a positive manner for you all.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


In a historical 6 to 1 vote at Montgomery City Council, it was decided that it will be illegal to use your phone OR text while driving.  You would have to be stopped for another reason, but if it was determined you were on the phone, you will be fined $50.00.  Watch your local news broadcasts tonight at 10 for more details. 

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Interesting turn of events in the news lately, concerning Coroner Billy Brown's case.  Last week Billy was stripped of his coroner's position and was going to be taken off of the ballot so his name wouldn't appear as a candidate for Sheriff of Autauga County.  WELL......It appears that Probate Judge Al Booth might have spoken too quickly concerning taking Billy off of the ballot!!

Don Fletcher, Prattville Progress staff writer wrote an interesting article that came out in today's paper. 

"Probate Judge Al Booth, who also serves as the county's chief elections official, said this week that he spoke too hastily earlier when he announced that Brown's name would be removed from the November General Election ballot."


"I apparently misspoke," Booth said. "I should have said that, under the present circumstances, Billy Brown could not take office. He hasn't been sentenced, though, so I'm going to leave him on the ballot unless we turn something up that would preclude doing that."
"The judge (Montgomery County Circuit Judge Tracy McCooey) could set aside the jury's verdict, or the governor could pardon him," Moncrief said. "If either of those happens, he could still run for sheriff."
It just doesn't get better than this, folks.  DOES IT!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A lot of people have been asking me to dig up my old pictures from a former ethics complaint on Sheriff Herbie Johnson.  I made a State Ethics Commission complaint in 2002 concerning Herbie using county property for his own political/personal gain.  The complaint was directly addressed to the fact that Herbie Johnson was campaigning ON county property.  It never occurred to me, until the Billy Brown trial, that this trailer, that Herbie used in 2002, could possibly be owned by the county ALSO.  If anyone knows WHO owned this trailer in 2002, please contact me.  We do know, however, that the courthouse parking lot you see across from the COURTHOUSE, was county property.  This is the corner of 4th & Courthouse.  The Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce resides at this corner now.  Also take special note that there seems to be NO TAG nor BRAKE LIGHTS on this trailer. 

Herbie Johnson managed to squirm his way out of this complaint in 2002.  This complaint was handled by Special Agent, Arthur Price, of the State Ethics Commission.  I have given permission to a select few to use these pictures. (They know who they are).  These are my personal pictures, and I had better not see them on OR  any other site, for that matter.  I also had better not see these pictures being used on or any other website. If I see these pictures being used in any other way, shape, form, distortion of picture, etc., I will aide in the prosecution of this individual or group of individuals to the fullest extent of the law!

view from 4th street corner

view looking at 4th Street & lot

view facing B.J.'s Bail Bonds (at that time)

view showing Courthouse in background

view from Courthouse front looking at Lot

Courthouse in background

Intersection view of 4th & Courthouse

Saturday, July 24, 2010


SHERIFF HERBIE JOHNSON broke State Law, Section 36-12-61 concerning use of property for campaigning.

"Section 36-12-61 - Use, etc., of state-owned property for promotion or advancement of interests of candidates for public office.

It shall be unlawful for any officer or employee of the State of Alabama to use or to permit to be used any state-owned property of any character or description, including stationery, stamps, office equipment, office supplies, automobiles or any other property used by him, in his custody or under his control for the promotion or advancement of the interest of any candidate for the nomination or election to any public office of the State of Alabama."
There seems to be a pattern by Herbie Johnson to do things that he accuses others of doing. 


I have to raise this question, as I have been viewing different comments about the Jury Members in the Billy Brown trial, that took place this week, of Monday through Friday, July 19 = July 23, 2010.  I went to the Montgomery Advertiser site where people can make comments concerning different articles that were written  by reporters.  One particular comment caught my eye, because it raised a VERY LARGE RED FLAG.  Cigarettes seemed to be a large part of Billy's trial, since they were brought up on several different occasions.  NOW, cigarettes have posed a NEW and VERY IMPORTANT issue in Billy's trial.  Here is the comment from the Montgomery Advertiser site, and whoever made this comment, I would very much like to interview you.  (You can contact me via  Also any of the JURY MEMBERS OF THE BILLY BROWN TRIAL, I would like to interview or speak with you, also. 

"grouchyoldlady wrote:
It seems awful funny that the jurors that smoke were told that they could not go outside to smoke due to the doors at the court house would lock them out. All of a sudden they were ready to get back up there and come with a verdict. Mr. skull shirt and the jury foreman were in a hurry to rush it up. Took them less than 10 minutes after that. As soon as they got through and got outside they lighted up their cigarettes. Looks like a smoke is more important than a mans life. Shame on you!"

7/23/2010 8:18:07 PM

Now, if this really happened, and was witnessed by someone, it is a VERY important issue in Billy Brown's case, and the person who posted this, should come forward and verify that this took place.  It's a serious issue, if the jury members were feeling pressure to HURRY THEIR DECISION.  Whomever this person is (grouchyoldlady), I would very much like to speak with you.  I can put you in touch with the right people to also pass this information along to.  Serious things are happening in Autauga County and have been for a VERY LONG TIME.  ILLEGAL activity by court officials and public officials.  It's time that the citizens of Autauga County wake up and see what is really going on in their "sleepy town" and outskirts of town.  This is NOT the preferred community.  The law changes for Montgomery people when they cross the river bridge. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Jury Finds Billy Brown Guilty on 2 Counts

According to this article, Billy was stripped of his Coroner's position, and will not be able to run for  sheriff in the general election in November.  This is the end result of Billy announcing his run for sheriff, and I'm sure, the exact result Sheriff Herbie Johnson was looking for.

Bombshell of Sheriff Herbie Johnson Using Another Piece of County Equipment for Personal Gain!!

It appears that Sheriff Herbie Johnson has used yet ANOTHER piece of County Equipment for Personal Gain.  Billy Brown's Attorney, Ben Schoettker,  pointed out a major flaw in Sheriff Johnson's former testimony from Thursday that he wasn't aware of a CAMPAIGN sign being on the 4-wheeler that he rode in in Prattville's Fouth of July Parade.  Well, it appears today, that Johnson DID ride with a sign on the FRONT of the 4-wheeler.  HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THAT A CAMPAIGN SIGN IS ON THE FRONT OF A 4-WHEELER YOU ARE RIDING ON????   I call the sheriff's bluff  here.  I know that the sheriff uses county owned property (PARKING LOT), for his own personal gain.  Back in 2002, Johnson used a trailer he pulled around without a tag on the back, (yes through town), (AND without lights) with his campaign signs all over the trailer.  It was a major distraction at the corner of 4th Street and court street red light.  Herbie Johnson parked the trailer right in the corner of the parking lot, where the Prattville Chamber of Commerce building now stands.  This was the former parking lot for the COURTHOUSE personnel and visitors to the courthouse who conducted business.  You might remember this parking lot was being used, also, while the jail was being constructed. 

"The defense called a single witness Friday morning, Sheriff Herbie Johnson. Defense attorney Ben Schoettker presented a photo into evidence that showed Johnson driving a county owned four-wheeled utility vehicle in the recent Prattville Independence Day parade. Johnson had testified Thursday that he drove the vehicle in the parade but that it didn’t know if it had displayed one of his campaign signs.
The photograph from the parade showed a campaign sign on the front of the vehicle. Johnson said he didn’t see the sign while driving the vehicle, and wasn’t the person who decorated the vehicle for the parade. He said he didn’t put the sign on the vehicle."

Montgomery Advertiser via Marty Roney ...TESTIMONY by Sheriff Johnson Acknowledging He Used His Office For Personal Gain

I guess I wasn't surprised about this stunning admission by Sheriff Herbie Johnson, concerning use of county property for personal gain. 

"On cross-examination by defense attorney Ben Schoettker, Johnson identified the utility trailer as being owned by the sheriff's office, paid for with public funds.

"The trailer loaded with twigs, do you use that for law enforcement purposes?" Schoettker said.
"No, sir," Johnson answered.
"Well, that's the same thing you are accusing Billy Brown of isn't it?" the lawyer countered.
"Yes," the sheriff answered.
"Using county property for personal gain?" Schoettker continued.
"Yes," Johnson replied.

Back when Herbie Johnson ran for sheriff in 2002, he used a utility trailer at that time, with his campaign sign attached to the back of it, and left it parked in the corner of the parking lot across the street from the Courthouse, where the new Prattville Chamber of Commerce building stands now.  Johnson rode around with this trailer through town, without a tag on the back of the trailer, on several occasions.  He only removed the trailer when signs about Allen Cook were placed on the trailer.  You might remember Allen Cook.  He was the 19 year old inmate that died in "Herbie's Hilton" from a viral infection.  (that went untreated). 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sheriff Herbie Johnson's Testimony in Billy Brown Trial...

The morning started off with the press having a few heated words with each other in the back room. Don't know what it was about, but Marty Roney, Montgomery Advertiser Reporter came out smiling. Maybe he'll take the time to fill us in??
There were about 40 - 50 individuals in attendance today, with a few of us taking notes in the audience. I didn't see one person in the jury "box" taking notes.

I'll give you a short run down of what I observed and took notes on.

Sheriff Herbie Johnson was sworn in. After asking about duties of deputies and sheriff, jailors & jail wardens, it was determined that Billy had some authority to make purchases of items needed in the daily operation of the jail. The Prosecution introduced a "list" that was broken down during the morning, concerning expenditures that were not authorized by the sheriff himself, and Billy Brown was being charged with all of the expenditures. The sheriff seemed to be clearly perturbed at times and quite forgetful when questioned about his own expenditures concerning a list he & the bookkeeper had come up with.

Billy Brown has been charged with using his office for personal gain. HOWEVER, after listening quite intently to testimony by the sheriff today, it was made quite clear that many expenditures on the list of the sheriffs' were not items that could "fairly" be charged to Billy. It was determined that Billy had given advances and bonuses to employees; purchased tobacco for the inmates, purchased flowers for sick family members of employees; money was spent on a baby shower for a female employee of the jail, while it was pointed out that Herbie had also made expenditures for a retirement party, which was "a.o.k". Some of the items in question were a little confusing, as the attorneys went back and forth with the list vs. checks that had been written. I'll try to get a more detailed account posted at a later date. HOWEVER, I do want to make one point clear that stood out as MONUMENTAL during the whole testimony procedure of Sheriff James W. (Herbie) Johnson today.

Billy Brown had purchased a "Trailer" which was on the list that Billy is being charged with as an unauthorized expenditure. The sheriff was questioned as to if law enforcement had had a use for the trailer. Herbie said, "yes.". The sheriff was then shown a photograph of a trailer that the sheriff identified as the same trailer on the "questionable list". He was shown a 2nd photograph and identified the same trailer sitting in front of his barn on his OWN PROPERTY, loaded down with limbs and twigs. When asked if he was guilty of the same thing he was charging Billy Brown with. He seemed to be embarassed when he admitted he was.. ..It appears to me that Billy can't be guilty of using his office for personal gain as most of the expenditures that were brought forth and addressed today, were expenditures pertaining to the jail. The only question is that the sheriff claimed that he had not authorized most of the expenditures, It appeared, after listening closely to testimony the entire morning, that Billy Brown WAS taking care of his jail employees, to the best of his ability. You could accuse him of being a good boss. MORE LATER.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Attorney Joy Booth 1st woman In Autauga County to be Appointed for a Major Judicial Seat

Prattville attorney Joy Booth made history by becoming the 1st woman in Autauga County "to hold a major judicial post."  Last week Governor Bob Riley appointed Joy to the District Court bench, to fill the vacancy left by Judge Phillip Wood.

Jury Selected...Autauga County Coroner, Billy Brown's Court Case Proceeds to Trial

I am glad that Billy's case is finally going to be  heard by a jury, and he will get to tell his side of the story.  Too much water over the dam, and too much political strife is involved in this case.  Billy Brown has wanted to be sheriff for a very long time.  Herbie Johnson wants to continue as sheriff.   It's quite clear to see that politics has a lot to do with what goes on in Autauga County.  I, personally have been libeled for a long time on, partly due to my honesty in reporting.  I attended court in support of Billy yesterday, and was very impressed with the jury instruction by Judge Tracy McCooey.  I have never heard a judge state the duty & law that applies to the jury better than she. 

The following  are some comments from concerning my attendance. 

4617.2.1. Hi Guys
by trailgal, 7/20/10 13:34 ET
Re: Good Morning all! by trailgal, 7/20/10
Boy sofa you really snuck in under the line. Good for you. It sure is a hot one out there. Keeping my little butt inside with the air. Think the deleter has her nose where it does not belong today. Will see if deletions come after court.LOL

4617.2.1.1. Will be
by trailgal, 7/20/10 13:41 ET
Re: Good Morning all! by trailgal, 7/20/10
a lunch break 12 to ? Central time.

Trailgal is Pat Cobern, of the Autauga County Democrats, and also a State Democrat Executive Committee Member and Representative for District 88 in Autauga & Elmore Counties.  Pat has held a grudge of me since 2005, and it's getting quite old.  She not only stalks me online, but now she is keeping watch of where I am in town.  I am supporting Billy Brown in his run for Sheriff of Autauga County.  Pat Cobern is supporting Sheriff Herbie Johnson, a Republican, although she is a Democrat.  (Prattville Forum,

4511. Billy Brown for Sheriff!
by DebMurphree2010, 6/17/10 9:28 ET

4511.1. Herbie Johnson for Sheriff
by trailgal, 6/17/10 10:16 ET

I wish Billy Brown good luck on his campaign.  We will be praying for your trial outcome, Billy!

Monday, July 12, 2010

RUN OFF TOMORROW, Republican Gubernatorial Race/ Alabama

YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE RUN OFF TOMORROW?  Bradley Byrne or Robert Bentley?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy FOURTH OF JULY Everyone!! Thinking of our TROOPS!

Today is a day to reflect on our freedom and our troops.  If it were not for our troops, we would probably not be celebrating the Fourth of July as we think of it.  Our freedom of speech, our freedom to worship as we please, and our freedom to live life and enjoy our friendships and families, is not to be taken for granted.  I, for one, am very thankful for our TROOPS and the dedication they bring to us in their service.  THANK YOU MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM!!  God bless all of you, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 24th March of Dimes Benefit Concert Held in Mobile, Alabama

The BlueGill Restaurant (Mobile) hosted a "Concert For A Cause" Benefit concert to aid The March of Dimes  on June 24, 2010.  Eight bands participated in this concert.

The eight bands that participated were  "Hank Becker, Four Flat Tires, Jon Miller Band, Lisa Zanghi, The Mailman & The Special Delivery Band, Daymoon Sky, Nyabinghi Djehutti and Sergio Davis."

The Jon Miller Band

Lisa Zanghi

The Mailman & The Special Delivery Band

The Four Flat Tires  (first concert for lead singer "Faith").

There was a variety of all kinds of music including soul, alternative, metal rock, blues to country, and top 40 band music.  Fun was had by all.

The entire concert raised $1,650 dollars. 

Watch for upcoming concert dates for the March of Dimes.  Please support your local March of Dimes. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010


The BP Oil Spill has been one of our worst nightmares in the Gulf Coast Region,  affecting all Americans, and having a future affect worldwide.  13 have lost their lives directly associated with the spill and clean up, thousands have lost their livelihood for an indefinite amount of time; countless birds and sea life have died, including turtles, etc.; fishermen, shrimpers, etc., have their lives in limbo.  People who have businesses along the beaches, and depend on travelers for their money, are in limbo.  Vacationers have post poned their trips to the gulf, considering other places of interest for their vacations.  

 Here are some interesting and INFORMATIVE links concerning the spill.


I hope you find some of these links informative.

If you know of people who have been directly affected by this tragedy, please feel free to post and let us know how this his adversely affected you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Montgomery Advertiser Article, "Officials Investigate Possible Voter Fraud in Autauga County

Once again, why am I not surprised with this article?

It's a very interesting article to me.  I don't think that Circuit Clerk Whit Moncrief  had anything to do with he has seemed to be a very upstanding citizen of Autauga County.  However, I know that Autauga County has been known to have "glitches" in the voting system from time to time.  On 2 separate occasions, the ballots have been taken over to Elmore County for DISTRICT ATTORNEY Randall Houston to count.  Once was during the primary run-off when I was running for sheriff, and the run off was between Otto Motley and myself.  "Evidently", lightning struck the computer, or something to that effect, and the sheriff had to load up the ballots and take them to Elmore County for Randall Houston to count.  Another time this happened also.  There has been much fuss by the Republican Party concerning Tim James requesting a RE-COUNT. However, I am all for Tim James expecting one, requesting one, and paying for one.  However, when one cannot afford to pay for a re-count, it should still be done.  There should be a provision for this, when there is a question concerning a race.  What have our elections come to, when we have to pay for impartiality and fairness?  I would like to hear YOUR opinions on this issue.  I know I'll be having many visitors (and you know who you are)...concerning this.

Look of "Impropriety" in Autauga County? Say It "Ain't" So!!

Scanning over a multitude of articles in this past weekend's newspapers, The Prattville Progress, and the Montgomery Advertiser, I found 2 articles that really caught my eye.  One was an article involving a theft of property, and 2 public officials, the 19th Judicial Circuit District Attorney, Randall Houston, and Elmore County District Judge,  Glenn Goggans;  wherein they were alleged to show impropriety in the case.
Of course impropriety was DENIED.  This IS  what happens in Autauga County, though.  Randall Houston has a habit of refusing to exit cases wherein he is friends and co-workers with the people of question.  One specific case in Autauga County surrounded Randall  Houston as representing the State of Alabama,  when  one of his own attorneys was the attorney who had neglected her duties, (Lee Schultz), as well as refused to file an Appeal on all issues presented to the court, and also perjured herself in court documents as to her Ineffective Assistance of Counsel.  The document, (a letter) that was entered in court as proof of Ms. Schultz' Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, happened to DISAPPEAR from court files, during the court proceedings.  This was also the same case wherein District Attorney Randall Houston drew up the "RULING" for Judge Ben Fuller to enter, and the end result WAS the Judge RULED exactly from the letter, word for word.  YES, documents do conveniently go missing from Autauga County files.  YES,  Judge Ben Fuller makes his rulings based on what the District Attorney gives him.  (There is proof of this letter being filed on the record BEFORE the ruling by the Judge.  A copy of this letter was purchased from the clerk, about a week or 2 before the ruling, and it was signed by DA Randall Houston).   THIS IS BIASED AND PREJUDICIAL.  The Judge and the DA are ONE with the state against a Defendant or Appellant.  There are 2 SIDES in a case.  The Defendant/Appellant AND the Appellee.  The Judge is supposed to remain UNBIASED, AND MAKE HIS OWN DECISIONS.  This just doesn't happen, though.  In 2 specific cases wherein Judge Sibley Reynolds, and thereafter Judge Ben Fuller were involved, there was MAJOR impropriety.  I'm ashamed of the 19th Judicial Circuit and the way they work together in a "Ring" of corruption.  Judge Sibley Reynolds was given 4 motions to recuse  himself from a case wherein he showed a HIGH LEVEL OF IMPROPRIETY.  He refused to recuse himself EACH TIME.  Judge Reynolds, also  perjured himself in A SWORN AFFIDAVIT, he entered with a motion to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals to remain on the case in question).  (The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals judges KNEW the judge perjured himself, also, as the evidence was presented to them showing proof).  Actually, this is the same case that I picketed  the Supreme Court of Alabama (while running for sheriff), concerning Chief Justice Roy Moore denying  a Writ of Certiori  fully knowing that Judge Sibley Reynolds AND Autauga County Sheriff Herbie Johnson had BOTH perjured themselves in this case.  (The paperwork, court documents were proof and conflicting with what Johnson and Reynolds  had filed, NOT JUST "SAY SO").   In Autauga County, it's not WHAT YOU KNOW, but WHO YOU KNOW.  Remember this, folks. 

Sheriff Johnson AND Judge Sibley Reynolds are both up for RE-ELECTION this year.  Both lie under oath or in signed affidavits.  Sheriff Johnson, in court proceedings (Admissions of Fact), Johnson stated he could neither ADMIT NOR DENY that my address was within his jurisdiction, although a map was presented to him showing him it was.  You need to ask yourself this very question.  DO I WANT A SHERIFF REPRESENTING MY COUNTY THAT DOESN'T KNOW HIS JURISDICTION???

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I hope that you will take the time to wish your dad a Happy Father's Day!  I am so lucky and so thankful to still have my father on earth with me.  I have never forgotten to tell my dad how much I love him.  I call him everyday, and try to see him as often as I can during the week, and especially on Sabbaths, I am there to see him and spend time with him.  Here are a few pics of my dad, whom I treasure.  Call your father and tell him how much he means to you!  Brighten up his day in one way or another.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Public Service Commission, Place 1, 3 candidates...Run-off

Place 1 of the Alabama Public Service Commission has a little action going on.  Twinkle Cavanaugh and Steven Evans are in a run-off for Republican Nominee, to see who will face Democrat Jan Cook in the General Election in November.  Twinkle is former chair of the Republican Party in Alabama.  The information I could find on Steven Evans was a link from the Political Beacon.

Let me hear from you concerning this race as well.  Should be a good one!!

State Public Service Commission Race, Place 2, 2 Candidates, 1 Vote

The 2 candidates for State Public Service Commission, Place 2 are Terry Dunn, (Republican), and the incumbent, Susan Parker (Democrat). 
Terry Dunn's website:
Susan Parker's website:

I would like to hear from you concerning both of these candidates.  Whom would you vote for, and why?

Curious As To The True Cost Of The War??

Here is a link that will show you exactly the cost of the war.  Once you click on the link, you can also click on your state to see how much the war is costing your state, etc.  The figures are unreal, and ever changing.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our Military Cousin, Chris McKinney Meets Sandra Bullock

We are extremely proud of Chris McKinney and his desire to serve his country.  It was fittingly so, that he was able to be in with the troops when Sandra Bullock received her Troops Choice Award for Entertainer of the Year ...You go Chris!!! Continue to make us proud, honey.  We love you very much! (You and Irma both).,,20364464_20391618,00.html

Politics in Alabama....such a CHANGE!

I returned from my Virginia trip to SURPRISING news that Paul Beckman had won the District 88 House seat over Mac Gipson; that the sheriff of Autauga County had won the Republican race by 69.6 percent over Ron Boles (could it be that LIGHTNING struck the courthouse computer again, and the sheriff had to carry the ballots to Elmore County to Randall Houston, to count?? (just a thought, as it has happened before);  Golson won the Coroner race;  Ray Boles is in a runoff with Taylor, Tim James MIGHT be in the run off for Republican nominee of the Gubernatorial race, although I was surprised that Dr. Robert Bentley was in the lead.  (Could it be because of his stand he's running on, "will not take a paycheck until unemployment in Alabama is gone"?) Another big surprise was a man named, "Young Boozer" getting  65 percent of the vote over a National name like George Wallace Jr.! (Yes, Young Boozer IS a name! LOL;  Another equally interesting race was the one between Ron Sparks and Artur Davis.  That wasn't really a surprise though, because Artur, in my opinion, didn't stand a chance without seeking the Alabama Democratic Conference.  The ADC holds a lot of weight in the state of Alabama in the Democrats' camp, and I was surprised that Artur Davis did not seek their endorsement.  When I saw that, I thought, "Uh oh, Artur!  It's all over but the crying!"  Chip Brown, in the STATE PSC RACE, was defeated by Terry Dunn, whom I know nothing about.    I haven't had the chance to check out Dunn's qualifications, but if Chip says to support him in the General Election, that's good enough for me.  It's TIME FOR AN OVERHAUL :)  Now, time to support Kelly Ingram in the General Election for Autauga County Board of Education, and Billy Brown for SHERIFF.  Let's hope Billy gets a clean slate in court.  I'll be there with bells on to watch the trial.  Time to put my signs out too!!

Tell me something readers, does a NAME really matter?   Does an UNUSUAL name really matter?   Do promises to the public make a difference???  I wanna know what YOU think!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Just Returned From Trip to Virginia & Tennessee!!

We went to Virginia to see my family and several friends from churches.  I will be posting several pictures when I get the chance, but for now, this one will have to do! 

Thursday, May 20, 2010


What's that they say about the streets not being safe? rofl!!  Naw, Brandon drove me home from getting his learner's permit, and he was GOOD!  I believe he is going to be a very dedicated and conscientious driver.  He was very alert, drove the speed limit, and didn't go over any lines at all!!  Congratulations, Brandon!  He will no longer be a BACK SEAT DRIVER!!  LOL!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


utaI believe that we are going to be hearing a lot more about this story.  Alabama Democratic Conference bigwig Joe Reed has spoken.  He doesn't believe that Artur Davis will become Governor of Alabama, because, "the black congressman has rejected black voters in the Democratic primary."  (quote from  I have never seen Artur reject the black voters,  yet.  He appeared to me to care VERY MUCH for all of us in this state.  Why does this governor's race have to come down to Black vs. White?  I know that Artur DID seek the ADC's nomination back in 2006 when he ran for office. I personally shook his hand, and observed his demeanor with those around him.

 I also know that the ADC shows partiality when it comes to their choices of nominees.  I personally witnessed Joe Reed going into the private meeting that they hold during their "nominee ceremony"...back in 2006, when it was Susan Parker's session.   Susan was my opponent in the PSC race during the Primary.  I found that to be very odd that he would do that, but now that I have heard so much more about Joe Reed, and am more informed of his politics, I am no longer surprised.  It's true, that as a Democrat,  you MUST get a large showing of the black vote, if you want to win.  .....Well, as some of you probably know, I have been  harassed and stalked online on for 5 years now.  Evidently some didn't like the fact that I exposed Susan Parker's acceptance of PAC funding that had funneled money from regulated utilities. (A certain poster by the username of "LocknLoad357" a self-proclaimed card carrying member of the Morgan County Democratic Executive Committee), has harassed and stalked me since 2006. This individual has also admitted to being Morgan County Democrat Executive Committee Chairman, Rex Cheatham in an email.  I HAVE THE EMAIL TO VERIFY THIS.   I also have been harassed and stalked by Pat Cobern (District 88 Representative of the Alabama Democrat State Executive Committee), and  her "group of bullies" because of my endeavors to attend several ADC dinners and forums.  She told me she thought I was going to bring in the "NAACP" to Prattville by attending these dinners.  This is the same woman who has stated she will "hunt my husband down".  Also, Pat is the same woman who has claimed for several years now, that my husband has attacked little old women at a Democrat meeting (although she wasn't even in attendance at this particular meeting).   Pat is a woman bent on revenge, and it's sickening that she would use  her position as a State Democrat Executive Committee member to blast hate all over political forums.  Evidently the state leaders are not worried about it, as I have contacted them on several occasions concerning  her behavior. She stated a couple of years ago, that she was bringing in more people to her "group" that harass on a daily basis.   The Sheriff's Department will not address this stalking, as they say it is a "Civil" matter, and we could "sue" over the constant harassment.  However, it IS a crime of harassing communications via. electronic device.  CYBER STALKING is not something to take lightly!! 

My question, is WHY does politics have to boil down to racism and dirty tactics? Why can't politics be "clean"? I guess that's a very perplexing question. I have a feeling that this year's political scene is going to be one of the dirtiest that you have ever seen. Every year seems to get worse. Stay tuned, as I will keep you updated to anything that I find interesting to you.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tribute to my Biological Mom, Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day MOMS!  I was lucky enough to have TWO mothers!  One, my adopted mother who raised me, & who I paid tribute to yesterday, and my BIOLOGICAL mother who I was fortunate enough to find years ago.  I am paying tribute to Minnie today.  About 22 years ago, I located my biological mother, 6 brothers and 2 sisters, and a step dad.  When we went and met Minnie, it was Thanksgiving time.  I went through court procedures to have the Virginia "closed records on adoptions" case of mine opened.  Minnie had been looking for my brother David and I, also.  It was a great meeting ...finding 10 new family members.  I have since found another sister, 2 other brothers, and one sister passed away 2 weeks before I found them.  I also found my uncle Charlie and Aunt Martha who live in another state.  Uncle Charlie and Aunt Martha came to visit us in 2004, and we had a wonderful week-long visit.  They flew in from the state they live in. 

Here are some pictures of my mom, Minnie. 

my Brother Mike, me, Mom, & David, my brother


Mom and me together!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY To My Mother Thelma Frey 1915 - 2005

Love your mother...tell her so everyday.  See her as often as you can, and make sure to call her everyday.  I miss my mother...very much.  Happy Mother's Day, Mother...This picture is a loving tribute to your memory.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Alabama Senator Kim Benefield is watching out for our children.  She has sponsored a bill that "would provide lengthy penalties" for convicted sex offenders and pedophiles who use social networking sites. 

"The Senate Judiciary Committee voted unanimously Wednesday for a bill that would make it a crime, punishable by two to 20 years in prison, for convicted sex offenders to use social networking Web sites that are available to minors."

That's wonderful to see our State Senators working hard for us and for the safety of our children!

Also, another article on the same issue!!

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON SEX OFFENDERS BEING ALLOWED TO PROWL ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE, ETC...WHERE MINORS ARE???  Pray that Senator Benefield accomplishes her task and gets the bill passed!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It is my pleasure to post today, bringing you two fine men who are running for public office, and BOTH BROTHERS!  Ron Boles is running for Sheriff of Autauga County.  He has 2 opponents in the Republican Primary.  His site to view is  and  his brother Ray's site is   How often do you get to see 2 brothers running for public office at the same time.  Please check out their websites, and give your opinions.  IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE...

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today is my dear daddy's birthday, and I want to wish him a Happy Birthday!!  He has lived 90 years, and is a living tribute to all of those who know him.  He has pastored many churches in the past, as a minister in Virginia.  Konorock, Marion, Warrenton, Radford, Manassas,  Woodbridge, Powell Valley, Winchester, Charlottesville, Pulaski, etc.  He has always been my  hero, as long as I can remember. 

Daddy and my deceased mother adopted my brother David and I when we were 2 and 1 (respectively).  We grew up as preacher's kids, attending church regularly and through wind, sleet, and snow.  My dad was a good father.  He taught us how to love and respect others.  He taught us to care for the poor and needy and to always remember that there is a good day in store for those who love Jesus.  One of his favorite quotes of the Bible to me was, "All things work together for good to those who love the Lord".  His life has been a true testimony of this fact.  He has loved Jesus in everything he has ever done.  The other day he told me he hopes that when the "roll is called up yonder", he will be there, and that we will all be there as well.  I plan on being there with you, Daddy!!

I want to share some of his photos today. 

1920, Daddy as a baby!

Daddy in 1922

Daddy in 2009

Daddy with us at Shoneys in Clanton, 2010

Daddy at the Stockyards with me in Clanton, Sept., 2009

Daddy 4th of July, 2009

My Dad with my son Brandon & I

My Dad visiting us one Sabbath

My Dad with my son and 3 grandkids of mine (his great grands)

My Dad and my Mother together before she passed away

Friday, April 16, 2010

GIGANTIC FLEA MARKET SALE AT DOSTER CENTER, Prattville, Northington Street... 4/17/10 SATURDAY, 6:00am - 12:00pm

Hope you can make it to this sale.  Supposed to be several people setting up, and it should be a great sale!!  ANTIQUES, JEWELRY (lots of name brand, new, old, vintage, Indian, Adult,  childrens', Avon, Trifari, Monet, etc....some silver)(bracelets, earrings, brooches, pins, necklaces, rings, etc)  BRIC A BRAC, DOLLS, LAMPS, CROCHETED ITEMS, POTS AND PANS,  UNUSUAL ITEMS OF INTEREST....CARNIVAL GLASS LAMP, MILK GLASS LAMP, WEDDING GOWNS, BRAND NEW CDS IN PACKAGING, VICTORIAN GEORGE & MARTHA LAMPS (PAIR), LARGE SERVING BOWLS, UTENCIL SET IN BOX, 24 CARAT GOLD PLATED FLATWARE, HOME INTERIOR ITEMS, HOME INTERIOR MIRROR, LOTS OF PICTURES, AND TOO MANY MORE ITEMS TO LIST... You won't want to miss this sale!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010


My friend Lisa has a link to her story, and information about the Autauga County "Relay for Life" event.  This is also an American Cancer Society event. 

April 23, 6:00 pm until April 24, 6:00 am. 

Lisa is a 4 year cancer survivor, herself;  her mom a 10 year survivor; and she lost her father to prostate cancer.  Please help sponsor Lisa in her goal. 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Irene & Owen Barnhill...a couple in love forever....

Irene was a dear friend of mine, and one I will treasure always.  We had known each other for about 17 years, when she passed away last week, at the age of 81.  Irene loved her husband Owen, and although he had been in a Veteran's Home because of Alzheimers, she was faithful and always went to visit him when possible.  I also had the honor of knowing Owen, myself.  I knew him before he became ill, and  I remember Owen telling me about being a distant cousin of Hank Williams many years ago.  I thought that was so unique!  Owen was a man of humor and loved to joke. He also loved to tell about his experiences in the Navy.  Irene and I traveled to Alex City a couple of times together to visit Owen.  Had I not been so busy with 4 kids and grandkids, I would have taken her more.

Owen passed away on March 24, 2010, and Irene followed him 4 days later.   What a remarkable love story!  The Prattville Progress told about their unusual passing...4 days apart, in today's paper.
 61 years of marriage...they did everything together, until Owen became too sick for Irene to care for him by herself.    I remember those days, and would talk with Irene about the struggles and sadness she experienced as a caregiver for an alzheimer patient.  She bravely battled days of exhaustion and days of sheer worry over Owen's illness.  His eating habits; afraid he would walk off down the street, and she wouldn't know where he was. I know she was hurt when he became too ill to recognize her.  Some days he would, but then there were the days that came, when he wouldn't.  I personally can't imagine how horrible that would be to have spent that much time with your spouse, and then to watch an  illness come and rob you of  the wonderful memories you shared  together.  I talked with Irene several times about methods of treating Alzheimers, and the advancement of drug treatments.  She was always looking forward to those visits with Owen when she would go to see him in Alex City.  It was a pleasure to me to see the devotion between the two of them. 

Irene and I shared many memories, and many laughs together. She was instrumental in helping me with my oldest daughter's wedding. She prepared the flower arrangements, and helped me prepare the food. She was such a God send to me then, because it was a wedding that was planned in a 2 week period and at a very low period in my life. She truly made the wedding a success! There were many little visits that Irene and I had, including dinners together, court proceedings, (both on her side and mine), and Democrat meetings. We had a well rounded friendship, both on the phone and in person. She was truly a remarkable woman, and I will miss her greatly!  When I visited her last Thursday, a week before her funeral, I saw her in a different light.  She was always such a feisty and spirited woman, and she was just so quiet and gaunt.  I told her I had missed her, and that I loved her.  She told me she loved me too.  She said, "Debbie, I'm dying".  I told her, that noone is guaranteed a specific amount of time on earth.  I told her that she was dearly loved by her family members, and that Jesus loved her so much.  she said, "I know it".  I truly believe that she was ready to go.  At that time the family had not told her of Owen's passing, and I wondered which would be better...her knowing, or her not knowing.  I'm glad they told her, so she was at peace with knowing God was watching over Owen, and she wouldn't have to worry about where he was,...she knew.  

fountain provided by Irene...and Ivy

church front & pew floral arrangements by Irene

Friday, April 2, 2010

10 YEAR OLD BOY ZAPPED BY TASER....IN INDIANA|htmlws-main-n|dl1|link1|

A 10 year old boy (THAT'S RIGHT), in a day care, apparently was accused of being "unruly" and 2 Indiana policemen have been suspended due to the tasing of the youngster.  One slapped the boy, and the other tased him. 

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON TASING???  In the past, I have made several posts concerning tasing.  A taser is a powerful weapon.  Usually used to subdue "grownups" or "dogs".  But kids? 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Internet Documentary/ TRUE STORY! "TalHotblond"

We watched the powerful Documentary, "TalHotBlond" last night, and I was compelled to research it a little further this morning.  You can view information about this documentary, by going to .  It was a very DRAMATIC true story about how an infatuation on the internet involving 3 people, turned deadly for one person.  The ending of the documentary was also shocking!  It was so ironic how these 3 individuals involved in this story, became so entwined in the lives of each other, especially because it involved internet/typing relationships and not "in person" communications.  I believe everyone who views this website should sign the petition to make internet usage more accountable.  Please sign the petition for the Barretts!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I know I am  late..on this one, but I have been a busy camper LOL...GO BAMA!!  ROLL TIDE!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


In a 219-212 vote, HISTORY WAS MADE!  Isn't it amazing how just 7 votes can sway a bill?  In the past months, I have heard so many different opinions of this health care bill.  Many were for the bill passing.  Many were against it.  Where do you stand??  Why are you for or against this bill passing?  What are the pros and cons of Government initiated health care?

It would be nice if Democrats and Republicans, alike, would post their opinions and views of this startling news. 

Friday, March 19, 2010


COMCAST has confirmed that FACEBOOK has been flooded with hackers spreading viruses through spam...which is taking PASSWORDS...and can infect your computer system with lightning speed.  It also said that FACEBOOK has an estimated 400 MILLION users.  I am one of them.  I LOVE Facebook.  So to all of my friends and family on Facebook, PLEASE BE CAREFUL.  Don't accept anything that you are not sure of...or sure of whom it came from.  I never click on Videos, which is one thing we are warned about. 

Emails are being sent out from these hackers, stating that YOUR PASSWORD HAS BEEN not click onto any links that try to get you to reset your password from these emails!!!!  I already know of 4 people have been infected at Facebook through their emails...Be computer savy!  Make sure that you have a very good ANTI-VIRUS program.  The emails that are being sent out say, "Facebook password reset confirmation customer support"

Alabama's Judicial System Laying Off Employees

We all know that laying off employees of a Judicial system, is going to PREVENT a timely manner of "Justice Being Served".  In Alabama, that is quite true.  "Sue Bell Cobb, chief justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, announced the layoffs on Monday. Cobb said the staff reductions, which would affect more than 100 temporary employees in courthouses across the state, were a result of an "imminent declaration of proration and the drastic reduction in the Legislature's appropriation for the court system in FY2010."    Well, Autauga County is feeling the "pinch" and Circuit Clerk, Whit Moncrief stated that his office was already UNDER-staffed, and that his office would be one of the most "adversely affected" offices in the state.  Cobb said that courts across the state would be devastated if proration is declared, and  if Governor Bob Riley would not give access to the "Rainy Day Fund" for the Judicial system.

Autauga County Circuit Clerk Whit Moncrief has 8 full time employees, and 1 part time.  He also said that according to a "manpower study" the state conducted,  his office should have 12 full time employees..We will DEFINITELY feel the crunch, if we lose the 1 part time employee!  We are already below our quota of employees to keep up with the ever demanding back log of court cases.  A few years back the same thing happened, and it took several months before a case would come to trial.  THAT DELAYS JUSTICE. 

We all know that Prattville has a rapid growth of citizens, and we deserve to have a well staffed and well prepared court system. 

Don Fletcher wrote an excellent article on this subject!

I have a great suggestion!  Sue Bell, how about taking a "pay cut"...That would certainly help the judicial system, that  you campaigned so hard to participate in.  Remember..."This Little Light of Mine, I'm going to Let it Shine!"....