Thursday, December 2, 2010


I think that this link speaks for itself....but I'll elaborate a little more.  Autauga County Sheriff, Herbie Johnson was found guilty by the Alabama State Ethics Commission, yesterday (December 1, 2010) on 2 violations.  "In a Wednesday meeting, the commission found that Johnson, who recently was elected to a sixth term, violated the law by using county-owned property for personal use." 

If you will remember, back during former Coroner Billy Brown's trial, the Sheriff had "memory loss" concerning the use of 2 county owned vehicles.  1)  a 4 wheeler, and 2) a utility trailer.  A campaign sign was attached to the 4 wheeler that Johnson rode in during the 4th of July parade in Prattville.  Johnson claimed he didn't know who had attached the sign, or that a sign was even there.....HEY!  How do you ride on a 4 wheeler, and NOT know that you have a huge sign on the vehicle??? I certainly would know if I were riding on a vehicle with a campaign sign on it.  COME ON....The purpose of Johnson riding in the parade was FOR CAMPAIGNING...Kudos to the Alabama Ethics Commission.    

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Anonymous said...

From what i hear that isnt a drop in the bucket as to all Mr johnson has done to brake the law