Thursday, March 11, 2010


Prattville made a major leap forward by holding a meeting on cyber stalking.  HOWEVER....How in the world can we expect to address cyber stalking of our kids, when PARENTS are doing some of this cyber stalking?  Public Officials are doing some of this cyber stalking.  I have been stalked for 4 years, on a daily basis, since, 2006, from posters on, bamakrissy's site (Kristen Jones of Madison County, who claims her husband Matt is a Huntsville Police Officer) (, and other places.  Individuals who hold positions of power in the state, such as Trailgal (Pat Cobern, an elected official of the State Democrat Party Executive Committee for District 88); LocknLoad357, (who claimed through email to be Rex Cheatham, the Morgan County Democrat Executive Committee Chairman);  Huntsfire  (Sue Neeley Childers, who owns Huntsville Fire Equipment);  3lexander (Mike Vickery who is self employed and owns a business in Montgomery); and the list goes on and on.  (several others to be exposed at a later date).  However, no law enforcement agency will address these stalkers,...even though the stalkers have posted my home address, phone number, and lies saying they have purchased "drugs" at my home. 

24616.1. "You might want to leave me out of this
by caintoad, 2/9/10 11:45 ET
Re: Dedicated to caintoad by caintoad, 2/9/10
I might end up at 1981 ***** **** ***** inPrattville, AL 36067-7681 or I might just let the local PD know about the drugs I bought there. You dont know what I am capable of b tch! (334) ***-****."
(I have the original posts, yet I have made stars where my address & phone number are to protect my children).
They have posted that I am a "meth addict", a "oxycotin" user, a marijuana user, etc.  They have referred to me as being "gay".
They have also posted that if you should come to my address, you should bring a "firearm" with you.   They have stated that it feels good to "slit the throat of a democrat"; that I "man" a fake bus station servicing men, etc.  They have posted horrible things about my son concerning his dog.  They have posted lies that I don't work.  They have posted lies that my dog is dead; they have posted that my son is a high school drop out, when he attends school regularly; They have somehow accessed school records of my youngest daughter and my youngest son; They have accessed Department of Motor Vehicles information, which is illegal. Records have also been accessed from the Tax Assessors Office.  They have stated that I should be at the business end of a shotgun;  They have posted that they are Christian, yet wish I would die in an automobile accident.  If law enforcement can tell you your only option is to SUE for libel and slander, then we  have really come to a fork in the road, that is not very ethical.  The attorney general's office says that local law enforcement agencies are the ones who handle these sorts of crimes.  AND YES, it is a crime to harass and stalk someone by means of an electronic device.  When people live in fear of idiots that they don't even know, or have never met, then it's time to propose MORE legislation to combat these crimes, or make it a crime for law enforcemenet not to do their duty.   I intend to do everything within my power to make sure that Autauga County becomes a safe place for residents.  When ADULTS aren't safe, then your CHILDREN aren't safe. 

I fully intended to attend the meeting last night, but my father was admitted to the emergency room, so I couldn't.  If anyone has info from last night,  I'd appreciate it if you would share it with my readers.  Thanks!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Now this kind of love doesn't get noticed very often.  I thought it quite stunning, that this man wanted to trade his $500,000 baseball card collection for a home for his future wife.  What a story!!|htmlws-main-n|dl5|link1|