Saturday, August 1, 2009


I passed the new Marbury High School that is under construction today, and thought I'd take a few pictures to share with you so you can see how far along the construction is.

Shoneys...Clanton, Alabama GREAT SERVICE

Went with my father, kids, and grandkids to Shoneys after Church today, and thought I'd share some of the pictures with you. The waitress, Sherri, is exceptionally helpful, very attentive, and you always have your beverages full. The grandkids love the playground, as well!

Missing Newlywed with Dementia

Reports are that an 81 year old man who just married his CHILDHOOD SWEETHEART, is missing. Robert Harrod of Placentia, California has slight dementia, and has disappeared.

Robert proposed to his childhood sweetheart back in the 50s but they were unable to get married then. He went to serve in the Korean War as a Marine. They both married other people and had children. Both of them lost their spouses. Robert's childhood sweetheart, Fontelle Heeter, had an inquisitive daughter who looked Robert up for her mother, after hearing they were childhood sweethearts. They re-united and were married.....Now he is missing.


I ran across this delightful post from the Times' Daily this morning, and thought it was quite funny. I can imagine this happening to me if I ever got GPS. The answer to if I would ever get a GPS put in my car? HECK NO! I can follow directions pretty well, from Map Quest...oh, and my back seat drivers. LMAO...they always offer such good advice or "when are we going to get there?", and "turn here, I have to go to the bathroom". Then there is the occasional, "Let's stop here, I'm hungry." THOSE are the directions I follow LOL...

Friday, July 31, 2009

I HATE DIAL UP...looking for condo/hotels SUCKS

I love to research, but come on...looking for a gulf front hotel or condo SUCKS if you are on dial up. Too many windows, minimize windows, wait for the world to revolve LMAO! I'm getting exasperated now. Looking for an ocean front condo, or hotel, and just when I think I have found one, within my price range, and for the specific dates I want to go, you read ratings comments, and someone will tell about finding hairs in the bathtub, or blah blah blah. Good Grief! For someone who is obsessive about having her hands clean, this girlie cannot stand hairs in the bathtub, hairs on wash cloths and towels, etc. I have traveled to vacation places in the past, and at one place, I was washing my face with one of those "white" wash cloths, and there was a hair. yuck! Then, another time, we traveled to a motel, and pulled back the bedspread, and there was a hugh wet spot in the middle of the bed. ANOTHER YUCK! When I was pregnant with my youngest son, we went to a motel with the 3 older kids, and they were swimming when the kids came over to the edge of the pool, where I was watching them, and whispered,..."mom, there is poop in the pool floating around"...It appears someone had taken their baby's diaper off. ANOTHER DOUBLE YUCK!! roflmao!!!! Ok...back to searching,, ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS???

More Websites Concerning Anika Wilson vs. Tara McCollum

Thursday, July 30, 2009


We traveled to Birmingham yesterday to catch a glimpse of the case that has everyone so intrigued on A woman psychiatrist is suing another woman, (evidently a former poster from's forums)...for Defamation of Character. I hope that this case gets NATIONAL recognition, and that Judge Scott Vowell will address it appropriately. Noone should be suffering from "anonymous" abuse OR known user abuse on any forum. Freedom of Speech becomes stifled, and internet crimes begin to supercede any form of reality based conversations. I know from first hand experience (internet stalkers) that it is not a healthy situation. This psychiatrists' reputation has been compromised by this alleged Defamation. I believe that should be included in this lawsuit. They are the ones that have their forums set up to where ANONYMOUS posters can harass others. Since this has become such a problem for individuals that frequent forums, this issue really needs to be addressed. I know I have written to on numerous occasions about their inability to control their forums. They ban individuals who ACTUALLY have intelligent conversation, and allow bullies to remain. This makes no sense, other than to (I believe) draw in the advertisers. Could this be the reason that allows these bullies to thrive on their forums? The average public seems to like CONTROVERSY. You know how human nature is, when there is a wreck on the highway? I have observed this....lots of people will drive by slowly to catch a glimpse of "what happened". People's senses have been tuned towards FANTASY...HORROR...The UNUSUAL. The SENSATIONAL...THE UNKNOWN. In my honest opinion, I believe that having bullies thrive on, and to remain on there, brings a crowd of advertisers. The viewers are there, so that brings in the advertisers. As long as allows this to happen, you will begin to see more and more lawsuits because of people's reputations being defamed. I know that Cindy Martin (President and CEO, who started in 1997) has NEVER yet answered an email I have sent to her. I do, however, know that she received my email, and just ignored it, because I received an automated message that she was out of the office on vacation, once. I know that Ken Booth doesn't care about what is happening on the forums, even though he is the EDITOR IN CHIEF. He gives false reasons for his banning of posters. He purposely allows this unexceptable behavior to continue...and I speak from absolute knowledge, firsthand. It seems like since Cindy Martin is President/CEO (over Ken Booth), that she would be concerned about the reputation of the online news/forum newspaper that is owned by Advance Publications, and one she herself started. "Cindy Martin started at its inception in 1997." It would appear that Advance Publications would be cracking down on this unexceptable behavior that rears it's ugly head EVERY SINGLE DAY ON AL.COM. Readers...what say you?

Here are ways to contact these individuals that are in management position of forums.

Cindy Martin, President/CEO

Ken Booth, Editor-in-Chief

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

AL.COM POSTER "Defamation of Character SUIT Goes To Court Tomorrow!!

The Defamation of Character suit goes to court tomorrow, Jefferson County Courthouse, 3rd floor, Judge Scott Vowell, 8:50 a.m.

Judge Jimmy Sandlin, Lauderdale County

I have had some people ask me if I know anything about this specific judge. Do any of my readers know him? I know he is the manager of the Scottsboro Power Electric Board. Is he a "fair and balanced" Judge? I like to keep up to date on these judges, you know :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


A good friend of mine informed me the other day about a Letter To The Editor of the Chilton County News in Clanton that was not only sad, but it re-confirmed what I already knew. He is a jerk, and is oblivious to a parent's pain, as acknowledged through his own actions.

Jessica Jones was killed in an auto accident on July 23, 2008 while riding with another girl who had a blood alcohol level of .145 (according to the State of Alabama toxicology report). Jessica's Aunt, Glenda Popwell, and her parents, Randy & Deborah Jones, were told by the District Attorney's office that they could present any evidence they wished to, or statements at the sentencing of the driver of the car who had plead guilty to manslaughter. However, at sentencing, Judge Sibley Reynolds advised the family of the girl that was killed in the wreck, to seek "grief" counseling, and to GET OVER IT...Reynolds did NOT allow the family to read their statements. Glenda Popwell told me that Reynolds slammed his hand down at the bench, when he said, "get over it, I said to get over it". In Glenda, Randy & Deborah's Letter To The Editor, they wrote, "These dealings with the legal system in Chilton County, and with this judge, have been the second worst thing we have ever had to go through. It has severely tested our faith in the system, and our belief that court proceedings are fair and just."

I can certainly agree with Glenda, Randy and Deborah concerning the actions by Judge Reynolds. In another sentencing hearing I attended where Reynolds was the judge, the same procedure was repeated. A witness was denied the right to speak on behalf of this individual, and in fact, was hauled OUT OF THE COURTROOM, by the sheriff, himself. Later at a Rule 32 Hearing, this witness did get her testimony on record, and testified to the behavior of Reynolds at the sentencing hearing, as the entire procedure being "pre-determined" and prejudicial. (This was in Autauga County). Another time, this same individual had a hearing before Judge Reynolds to have evidence presented, and before the hearing, Reynolds stated that he would allow the hearing, BUT that it would be held OFF THE RECORD. All proceedings in Circuit Court are to be transcribed by a court reporter. THAT IS THE LAW. Reynolds has a way of by passing the law. I AM WITNESS TO THAT!!

Glenda, Randy, and Deborah...I say to you today, that your pain has not gone unheard. You are in my prayers, and I promise you, I will help you every step of the way, to see that someone runs against Judge Sibley Reynolds. We MUST take all steps to see that he does not get re-elected.


Madison Psychiatrist, Anika Wilson, is suing Tara McCollum for alleged online Defamation of Character for posts made on THIS SHOULD BE A VERY INTERESTING CASE TO WATCH!! For too long now, (3 years, for some, and 2 years for others) I have been the object of several individuals' fascination. I have been harassed online, slandered and defamed online, (both on and BamaKrissy's site (9 months on BK's site), as well as her bully blog, "TellThatBullyWhatYouReallyThink". Just the very name of a blog like that, shows the intent to harass and bully others.

Not only have I been harassed, but my entire family has, especially my youngest son, who has been accused of being a foul, filthy mouthed poster on the BK site. He, however, was not this individual he was accused of being. (BamaKrissy, herself posted that the IP being used by this "Hell2pay" poster was coming from Illinois). (Although she was aware of this, she still refused to remove the nasty posts about my son). Sexually explicit language was hurled at my son by various posters on BK's site, including language about sex with a family dog. My youngest son has also been accused of being a high school drop out, when in fact, he is still in school, and a very good student. I could go on and on about the harassment, but I will save that for a later date. Most of my readers already are aware of this abuse.

The cyber stalking I have suffered, started on and was carried over to several other places, including, ; ; and the latest place is . No where, no how, at any time did I EVER post on BamaKrissy's 2 sites. However, I have been personally attacked online, repeatedly for this false accusation. My reputation has been drug through the mud. (One poster, BackInTheDay64, even posted on BamaKrissy's site that if you typed in "inbreeding, it would take you to my Myspace page.) "

236 posts
+0 permalink
Hey stillkicking , I was bored and looked her up on myspace. Bwahahahhahaha! Scary is right! Funny thing though, I typed in "examples of inbreeding" and got the same myspace page in the search results. I feel like I know all the family and friends now and only seen pics of a few."

My husband's reputation, and my 4 children's names and reputations have been slandered repeatedly on all of the above places, with the exception of Deb's "cyberbully blog" and then she catagorizes me as "b". Most of the time the nastiest talk was anonymous at first, and then once I exposed who the slanderous posters were, (here on my website, only), they started using their names. They even started getting bold enough to start posting their own pictures as well. These individuals are very bold, calculated, and intent with their vicious ways to harm others, through their words, and possibly through their actions. (me and my family specifically). I have never met any of these indivudals in the Huntsville/Decatur group. They do not know me personally, just heresay. They do not know my children personally, or my husband, personally. JUST HERESAY.

BamaKrissy has stated on her forum at different times, what the definition of slander is, so she is aware of what she is doing, and of what her "no deletions policy" is doing to others. Huntfire has been working on "blackmailing" someone, which is in itself, a crime. (See proof of "blackmail intent").