Friday, September 11, 2009


God Bless America...Land that I love...

I hope that everyone took the time today to reflect back on that horrible day 8 years ago, when America was struck with such awful tragedy.  A day that will forever haunt us, and remain in our minds... A day that has gone down in history that we as Americans, pulled together, and somehow through the grief and trauma, we became stronger than ever.  God Bless you, and God Bless America!!!


My friend Brandy has a sister that is in dire need of a GOOD family attorney..they cannot afford much, but her child's welfare is at stake...due to the rash and irresponsible judgment of 19th Judicial Circuit Judge Sibley Reynolds.  He has made INAPPROPRIATE rulings based on his CHURCH RELATIONSHIP he has with the father of this child.  He has shown IMPROPRIETY...because of it.  The child has a cigarette burn on his hand that DHR in Chilton County would not address.  The child's father is married to a DHR employee.  This whole entire case is WRONG.  Please, there must be an attorney out there that cares about injustice towards kids.  The following is a letter written for help, by Brandy, for her sister and her child.  PLEASE's  very important. 


Does anyone know of a "good" ethical Alabama attorney who knows their way around family law? My sister was screwed over in the divorce, her child support is set over the amount she can afford to pay, the father is refusing her court ordered... visitation and is placing the child in daycare on her visitation days. The judge recently reset the hearing on grounds that opposing counsel has to move today, reset yesterday.

My family is desperate here, this little boy needs medical procedures done, the father nor the mother were ordered to have health insurance. They are both suppose to split the cost of uninsured medical. This child has got to have a bone taken from his hip and placed into his gum, a whole has to be closed in the top of his mouth and tubes need to put into his ears.

If these procedures are not done the doctor states; "this will adversely affect his intelligibility." He currently has a bad speech problem due to being born with a cleft lip and pallet. The father, the judge, and the paternal grandparents are interfering with this child's future. What parent would not want their child to be a healthy normal child if given the opportunity through medical procedures?

My family does not understand, I myself read a lot of different laws, but I hate family law the most because the children lose. If a child fears one of the parents, is being neglected or abused by one of the parents trial courts have discretionary power and the judges intend to use IT however they see fit, even if there are psychological, emotional, physical, and mental issues that will adversely affect the child/children.

If anyone knows of an Alabama Attorney who knows there way around family law please don't hesitate to email me at, your help will be GREATLY appreciated.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

EQUAL JUSTICE INITIATIVE SITE...New Trial won for Alabama Woman

I found this link on my good friend Attorney Wilson Myers' Facebook site.  I met Wilson back when I ran for sheriff of Autauga County, and Wilson was running for Alabama Attorney General.  He is now currently serving in the Military overseas, and I'm so proud of his dedication to our nation!  Thank you, Wilson!! 

This case was one that Wilson was working on, before he left America to serve in the war.


I am enclosing a link to President Obama's speech  that he presented last night.  This link holds quite a bit of info, including highlights of Vickie Kennedy as a guest, the Heckler, and more.  (I bet they will make a song about "The Heckler" "The Gambler")...|htmlws-main|dl1|link3|

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't Head to the "John" with Presiding Judges!

I'm surprised that this story even took place!  As much as judges like to remain away from the "ordinary public" could this have happened??? (Moral of the story, the individuals who write the blueprints for the layout of public restroom facilities should take into consideration something like this happening LOL)...

A judge took offense after a dissatisfied grandfather followed him into the men's restroom and had a discussion with him about his court decision!...and orders the grandfather to jail!  THEY SHOULD HAVE SEPARATE RESTROOMS FOR JUDGES AND THE PUBLIC!!


I feel compelled to post this in a new post, as well as the comment posted under the specific post of Judge Jimmy Sandlin info.  I want anyone who views this, to please pray for this family.  I also found it very strange that they mentioned, "masonic" I have heard from many people that the Masons control the court system. 

"Deb, I wrote this from my heart. I hope it can be understood by most all, I write in metaphors or just what come's out.

And I write quickly, never educated in the subject of poetry, just one my passion's, along with my most passionate plea, for law by US Constitution, Bill of Right's, State and Federal statutes, to protect my child and self.

jimmy sandlin, doesn't care about my son's life, nor do the so called "In Bed" investigator's.

I'm in hiding, I fear for my life, I mean my beating heart and breath. I'm literally terrified and in hiding in no less than 6 places, friend's and supporter's. My son, I have not seen or spoken to, in so very long in this active case.

I was warned/by unknown, seemed like they cared, it wasn't a mean, nasty remark,(they are going to get you, watch your back) but, I still don't trust what they plan to do this week.

Ya'll reader's and those of "know", please, please investigate and please hurry.

Pray for us, my Son and his loving MaMa.


The Judge?

We pathetic lost fools,

believing in right and good

Living in a land of opportunity

Promises breaking hearts and souls

Our blood spills on majestic steps

In their wretched kingdom

"That" god beats and screams the wrath, as we suffer from the trust

Their foreign encrypted language encrusted with stamped lies

Truth hidden from bloody trails of tears from eyes pleading Help Me

Wiped with my hands and from my nameless face, they can only hope

They can forget...They will not,

as the 21st Psalms, IS...

As our Fore-Fathers toss and turn

I long to touch their hands and do, in their words

Of masonic cruel lust

They breed greed for tainted gold

Evil dressed in black commands

With seduced damned followers

Embellished with cheap pentacles

Deadly steel cock their walk

Eager to protect a poultry stance

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness...

Lost in this race, our race...

As I awake from this nightmare.

THANK You, And pray for us...

R. and A.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This is also another interesting case to read about...for all of those on the internet who are stalked and slandered by someone who does it in the pretense of "anonymity"...which everyone who knows me...knows that this has happened to me repeatedly over the past 4 years.

I'm glad to see this happening...people should not have to suffer because of bullies.  The same bullies who have harassed me, keep googling my son's school, so you know they aren't up to any good. 

Vermont Boy Sent to Prison For Sexting

If you are not quite sure what "sexting" this could be important for you if you are young, and unknowledgeable about what is going on with cell phone cameras...

This is a VERY interesting case, since so many young people DO have cell phones, with the cameras. could get you in BIG TROUBLE,...UH HUH!!


A Facebook poster ended up being scammed when she thought her friend was in need of help.  Someone had hacked into her friend's Facebook account, and gotten important info, that only she should have been able to view. She lost 4K!!|htmlws-main|dl5|link3|

Monday, September 7, 2009

JERRY'S KIDS!!! Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon!

Every year, JERRY LEWIS raises money through the MDA TELETHON.  Locally, in Central Alabama, you can call, 334-260-0489   and  1-800-631-0665  (Nationwide).  WAKA is almost at 123,000.  Elmore has a challenge right now...all women and children to donate $25.00.

Watching the Telethon every year is inspiring to me, and this year, watching Augie, his wife Lynne, and one of their son's appearance on the show...was very touching. Augie & Lynne Nietos are co-chairpersons of the MDA's ALS Division  Augie has progressed with the Lou Gehrig's Disease over the past 4 years.  He is now in a wheelchair and speaks through a machine...with his eyes. Truly Amazing couple!  Have raised 19 million dollars for ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).


The Mobile County Democratic Executive Committee was disbanded in August, and Brad Warren, the former Democratic Chairman, and one ousted by Turnham, is quite upset.  He is questioning the motives for Turnham's decision.  When Joe disbanded the party back in August, he stated, "a general loss of confidence in the committee's effectiveness."  Joe Reed,  the state party's vice chairman for minority affairs went to Mobile on Saturday to try to mend the "rift".  Another disbanded member, Milton Morrow believes that Turnham wants to put specific people of his choosing in the slots that are open

There is another post about this on Kris' blog, "The World Around You".


GREAT NEWS...2nd time in 40 years, The Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission gets an ATTORNEY for a Chairman, rather than a JUDGE.   Are we making strides FORWARD??

Clint Eastwood...Go Ahead and Make Kellie Pickler's Day!

Kellie Pickler is one of my all time favorite singers...after I first heard her sing on American Idol.  She's cute, vivacious, and has talent.  Who would have EVER thought that little girl would have a crush on Clint Eastwood?  She's crazy about him!!  This was cute...ya just gotta read it!!|htmlws-main|dl2|link6|

Another thing, Clint, Kellie Pickler has been named the Sexiest VEGETARIAN woman in 2009 by PETA!

I like to remember Kellie like this picture portrays her...

JAWS!!!! Back AGAIN in Massachusetts!!

Be veryyyyyyyyyy afraid.  I love the ocean, but have always been afraid of sharks...and therefore I watch every shark movie there is LOL..However...4 (F-O-U-R) GREAT WHITES...have been spotted by state Division of Marine Fisheries in Massachusetts.  They are warning people to watch out for the sharks over this holiday weekend.  HAVE A SAFE LABOR DAY ALL!!!!!!!!|main|dl1|link6|

Hey, aren't political stories kind of like shark stories?  Heck I was looking for The Great White...and pulled up a politics page LMAO!!!  

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Roy Moore Criticising Obama Administration? IS HE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OR GOVERNOR??

Gubernatorial candidate, Roy Moore is attacking President Obama for funds spent and "rising debt" he planning a run for President?  Just a thought...Join the bandwagon, Roy.  Newsflash for you...You aren't the first Republican to be "unhappy" with a Democrat President!

Witness in Capital Murder Trial/ Perjures herself, Gets 3 years.

Here is a rarity in Alabama,...going to prison for Perjury

Why is it that the law cannot pertain to ALL members of society.  Just some.  Some can lie under oath, and it gets ignored by our courts.  HOWEVER...the ordinary citizen will go to prison for lying under oath.  (Perjury).  Perjury is a common practice in Alabama, among "some" of the law enforcement officials and judges, as well.   I  think that the legislative branch should make it MANDATORY that all public officials who lie under oath, should have to answer to the court system.  Wouldn't it be more "fair and balanced" to see the public officials held to accountability?  I, for one, would like to see that happen.  If you know of a story where public officials are getting by with breaking the law...please post on here.