Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This is also another interesting case to read about...for all of those on the internet who are stalked and slandered by someone who does it in the pretense of "anonymity"...which everyone who knows me...knows that this has happened to me repeatedly over the past 4 years.


I'm glad to see this happening...people should not have to suffer because of bullies.  The same bullies who have harassed me, keep googling my son's school, so you know they aren't up to any good. 


cherie said...

oh my God, very scary, ms. deb. which is why aris is so not into this blogging thing, and i refuse to really put details into my profile, etc.

i hope you are safely away from your harasser now, and i hope you don't ever have to experience being stalked on the net again!

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

it's really not good to list very much, you are right. I guess that since I ran for public office, I am fodder for idiots who come out of the woodwork...but my golly, my children ought not be.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Deb, I had no idea that you were being bullied.. Is it because of your political views? Good Gosh---we all need to be able to express ourselves anyway that we want to.

And why do they pick on the children??? I cannot believe the way people treated Sarah Palin and her kids. Even if you don't like her political views, nobody should ever pick on her or her family personally.

Good for that judge. We need to stop these people --for what they are.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Yeah...I've been enduring this crap for 2 bully groups for 3 years...on one of them, and about 1 and a half years for the other one. I'm really shocked at the behavior of these "women"...most of them are women. There are some men in the group, which we have narrowed down to most of their identities now. They have spoken badly about all 4 of my kids. I used to post on the al.com forums, and had to quit because of the behavior they were manifesting all over the different cities. It was ridiculous. I saw that they were not going to quit, so I exited the posting. I still go back, to view what they post (daily) about me, but I very rarely post anymore. It's just not healthy. (for me..anyway). For them, (bullies) they THRIVE on this type of behavior. I wish I lived back in Big Stone sometimes, where life was so simple, loving and pleasant. It was so peaceful there.