Saturday, December 19, 2009

Prattville Friend, Buddy Chavers, Preaching..

My good friend Buddy asked me to post this for you to read. Buddy has run for sheriff of Autauga County, and that's when I met him (during the race).  Buddy and his good wife JoAnn are very involved in their church, and we have attended singings at his church, and enjoyed them very much.   I hope you get the Thanksgiving and Christmas spirit out of it.  Merry Christmas!


Are you all aware that KEN BOOTH, of is now "FORMER"  Editor in Chief of's online publication?  I found this out just the other day, and was flabbergasted.  Yep, it's even on  his Twitter page, that "he left".  Wonder why?  Does anyone have the scoop on ole Ken?  If so, please enlighten me.  I thought he was going to be with FOREVER.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!! LOL!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My good friend Brandy brought me back into politics after a rough week of being away.  Thanks Brandy for the jolt of java LOL...Seems a certain Senator in Washington has mis-stated about Alabamians.  "I have stood on the line in Everett, Wash., where we have thousands of workers who go to work every day to build these planes. I would challenge anybody to tell me that they've stood on a line in Alabama and seen anybody building anything." heard her right...we don't build anything LOL...

Well, I DO know several friends and family who work in automotives places who BUILD "things".  I had a good friend in north Alabama work at Honda.  I have a great friend, Brandy, who works in Chilton County, and a son in law who works for Hundai.  All are "building" things.  Well, I'm glad to see that several of my favorite bloggers have stood up for the state of Alabama, and voiced their opinions.  I would have sooner, had I not had my head in the sand LOL.  Brandy (Fair Justice), Kristopher (The World Around You); LeftinAlabama; and others...voiced their opinions, and rightly so.  Here is a link to the Seattle Weekly showing  our blogger's comments..

Now, can someone please enlighten Patty that, "Yes, Virginia, there is an Alabama".