Thursday, June 24, 2010


The BP Oil Spill has been one of our worst nightmares in the Gulf Coast Region,  affecting all Americans, and having a future affect worldwide.  13 have lost their lives directly associated with the spill and clean up, thousands have lost their livelihood for an indefinite amount of time; countless birds and sea life have died, including turtles, etc.; fishermen, shrimpers, etc., have their lives in limbo.  People who have businesses along the beaches, and depend on travelers for their money, are in limbo.  Vacationers have post poned their trips to the gulf, considering other places of interest for their vacations.  

 Here are some interesting and INFORMATIVE links concerning the spill.


I hope you find some of these links informative.

If you know of people who have been directly affected by this tragedy, please feel free to post and let us know how this his adversely affected you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Montgomery Advertiser Article, "Officials Investigate Possible Voter Fraud in Autauga County

Once again, why am I not surprised with this article?

It's a very interesting article to me.  I don't think that Circuit Clerk Whit Moncrief  had anything to do with he has seemed to be a very upstanding citizen of Autauga County.  However, I know that Autauga County has been known to have "glitches" in the voting system from time to time.  On 2 separate occasions, the ballots have been taken over to Elmore County for DISTRICT ATTORNEY Randall Houston to count.  Once was during the primary run-off when I was running for sheriff, and the run off was between Otto Motley and myself.  "Evidently", lightning struck the computer, or something to that effect, and the sheriff had to load up the ballots and take them to Elmore County for Randall Houston to count.  Another time this happened also.  There has been much fuss by the Republican Party concerning Tim James requesting a RE-COUNT. However, I am all for Tim James expecting one, requesting one, and paying for one.  However, when one cannot afford to pay for a re-count, it should still be done.  There should be a provision for this, when there is a question concerning a race.  What have our elections come to, when we have to pay for impartiality and fairness?  I would like to hear YOUR opinions on this issue.  I know I'll be having many visitors (and you know who you are)...concerning this.

Look of "Impropriety" in Autauga County? Say It "Ain't" So!!

Scanning over a multitude of articles in this past weekend's newspapers, The Prattville Progress, and the Montgomery Advertiser, I found 2 articles that really caught my eye.  One was an article involving a theft of property, and 2 public officials, the 19th Judicial Circuit District Attorney, Randall Houston, and Elmore County District Judge,  Glenn Goggans;  wherein they were alleged to show impropriety in the case.
Of course impropriety was DENIED.  This IS  what happens in Autauga County, though.  Randall Houston has a habit of refusing to exit cases wherein he is friends and co-workers with the people of question.  One specific case in Autauga County surrounded Randall  Houston as representing the State of Alabama,  when  one of his own attorneys was the attorney who had neglected her duties, (Lee Schultz), as well as refused to file an Appeal on all issues presented to the court, and also perjured herself in court documents as to her Ineffective Assistance of Counsel.  The document, (a letter) that was entered in court as proof of Ms. Schultz' Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, happened to DISAPPEAR from court files, during the court proceedings.  This was also the same case wherein District Attorney Randall Houston drew up the "RULING" for Judge Ben Fuller to enter, and the end result WAS the Judge RULED exactly from the letter, word for word.  YES, documents do conveniently go missing from Autauga County files.  YES,  Judge Ben Fuller makes his rulings based on what the District Attorney gives him.  (There is proof of this letter being filed on the record BEFORE the ruling by the Judge.  A copy of this letter was purchased from the clerk, about a week or 2 before the ruling, and it was signed by DA Randall Houston).   THIS IS BIASED AND PREJUDICIAL.  The Judge and the DA are ONE with the state against a Defendant or Appellant.  There are 2 SIDES in a case.  The Defendant/Appellant AND the Appellee.  The Judge is supposed to remain UNBIASED, AND MAKE HIS OWN DECISIONS.  This just doesn't happen, though.  In 2 specific cases wherein Judge Sibley Reynolds, and thereafter Judge Ben Fuller were involved, there was MAJOR impropriety.  I'm ashamed of the 19th Judicial Circuit and the way they work together in a "Ring" of corruption.  Judge Sibley Reynolds was given 4 motions to recuse  himself from a case wherein he showed a HIGH LEVEL OF IMPROPRIETY.  He refused to recuse himself EACH TIME.  Judge Reynolds, also  perjured himself in A SWORN AFFIDAVIT, he entered with a motion to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals to remain on the case in question).  (The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals judges KNEW the judge perjured himself, also, as the evidence was presented to them showing proof).  Actually, this is the same case that I picketed  the Supreme Court of Alabama (while running for sheriff), concerning Chief Justice Roy Moore denying  a Writ of Certiori  fully knowing that Judge Sibley Reynolds AND Autauga County Sheriff Herbie Johnson had BOTH perjured themselves in this case.  (The paperwork, court documents were proof and conflicting with what Johnson and Reynolds  had filed, NOT JUST "SAY SO").   In Autauga County, it's not WHAT YOU KNOW, but WHO YOU KNOW.  Remember this, folks. 

Sheriff Johnson AND Judge Sibley Reynolds are both up for RE-ELECTION this year.  Both lie under oath or in signed affidavits.  Sheriff Johnson, in court proceedings (Admissions of Fact), Johnson stated he could neither ADMIT NOR DENY that my address was within his jurisdiction, although a map was presented to him showing him it was.  You need to ask yourself this very question.  DO I WANT A SHERIFF REPRESENTING MY COUNTY THAT DOESN'T KNOW HIS JURISDICTION???

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I hope that you will take the time to wish your dad a Happy Father's Day!  I am so lucky and so thankful to still have my father on earth with me.  I have never forgotten to tell my dad how much I love him.  I call him everyday, and try to see him as often as I can during the week, and especially on Sabbaths, I am there to see him and spend time with him.  Here are a few pics of my dad, whom I treasure.  Call your father and tell him how much he means to you!  Brighten up his day in one way or another.