Saturday, August 23, 2008


My favorite late night pasttime, is watching Craig Ferguson on CBS. That boy ain't right!!! He's just about the funniest talk show host I have ever seen. I like watching Letterman as well, but Craig should be bumped up to an earlier time. From Craig's "it's a great day in America", to his "do we have time for an email"?...the laughs are many. I also get a kick out of Craig googling his own self. I do that quite frequently, as well, and you would be surprised the things you can find in those googles LOL....AND JUST FOR THE RECORD??? I'm NOT the Debra Murphree that visited Jimmy Swaggart on those late night rondevous. Nope, sorry...wasn't me. (Although I have been accused of it by some of the trollies). HA HA...Check out Craig's late night shenanigans. HE IS FUNNY AS HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!


If Hillary doesn't run as an Independent, could you please consider a Libertarian run??? Americans need to be able to have a variety of choices, whether it be Independents, Democrats, Republicans, or Libertarians. You would CERTAINLY be supporting the 1st and 2nd Amendments, so you would have my consideration.

My condolences to Hillary...

Dear Hillary,

I supported you for such a long time, and was disappointed when you conceded the race, because I felt the democrats needed to have you continue and fight. (you should have fought all the way to the convention, or come back as an Indepentdent). HOWEVER, since Joe Biden is the VP choice for Obama, on the Democrat ticket, I hope that your supporters can pull forward and do what they can to support Biden. Now, it's just a matter of time to see if the Democrats will pull forward and change the last 8 years of a Bush/Cheney rule of America. Can they do it? You bet they can. Is an Independent run for President, a possibility in the future of your career?


Barack Obama has chosen U.S. Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate. Joe Biden is such a dedicated Senator and I believe he will be an asset to Obama, as Vice President, if they win in November. Good luck to the two of you!

Friday, August 22, 2008

From Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell, to Gone With the Wind

I'm about ready to see a new movie put out by these two, together again. OVERBOARD was one of the finest movies ever produced, and the chemistry between Goldie and Kurt was absolutely stunning. No wonder they have been together as a couple, for so long!! Goldie has always been my favorite actress, being funny and entertaining. I enjoyed the movie "The Honeymooners" with Goldie and Steve Martin, another one of my favorite actors of all time. Steve is a CLASSIC, if there ever was one. From Bringing Down the House, to Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with John Candy, the humor NEVER ends. RIP, John Candy. Bringing down the house was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I laughed all night long. Even after the movie was over LOL....

Gone With the Wind will forever have the utmost respect in my mind and heart. I purchased a post card/promotional portrait recently of Rhett Butler and am hoping to find one of Scarlett Ohara. "As God is my witness, I'll never go hungry again"...and "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"...will always be embedded in my memory LOL..Truly an all time classic. Jim Carrey (my favorite actor) brought in a new light to the movie when he made one of my favorite humorous classics, "The Mask". "Tell Scarlett I DO Give a Damn"...roflmao!!!!!!! Well, which is it, Rhett??? You DO, or you DON'T give a damn? I'd like to know...Frankly my dear, is it something we will always wonder? Smiles to all, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This website was very interesting as well as ENTERTAINING!! Go Roseanne!!


I found this site to be most interesting. I hope you will also!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It's interesting how the TROLLS "pat"troll the forums!! It still amazes me, after 2 years, that there are some that still find it in their foremost thoughts and actions, to continually search for me in all the different forums. Yesterday I took a break from my work, and actually studied the forums a little bit, even thought AL.COM hates it when I visit!! I couldn't believe that I was the object of bumprstickr1's conversation in the HUNTSVILLE forum!! Funny how this troll just has the time to search around looking for little ole me. WHAT did I ever do to deserve his time? ROFLMAO!!!!!! Here is a clipping of Bumpr's posting, and I am posting it here, due to the fact that it is being allowed to remain on the forums, and it IS about me.

15502. King, Are you still lurking around? by bumprstickr1, 8/16/08 23:21 ET

15502. Hey King, I hope so! by bumprstickr1, 8/16/08 22:23 ET Re: Anyone know what time Phelps... by Deni, 8/16/08
How have you been or do I even need to ask? I've been lurking just trying to read all the posts.

15502. Tired, but still kicking! by bumprstickr1, 8/16/08 22:34 ET Re: Anyone know what time Phelps... by Deni, 8/16/08
Pville is quiet tonight so I thought I would find something interesting to read. BTW, Have you seen our "friend" lately?

15502. Googling can get you into trouble! by bumprstickr1, 8/16/08 22:43 ET Re: Anyone know what time Phelps... by Deni, 8/16/08
Remember the other day in Pville. That was too funny!

And there is are some postings from the Prattville forum, where they like to "pat"trol (pat's gang) looking for me, and making me the major portion of their conversation.

1451. Posted a Reply by GAlexander, 8/19/08 21:12 ET Re: Good Morning everyone! by bumprstickr1, 8/19/08
And a someone got it deleted, as quickly as it went up. Who would do that in Prattville. Pat please call me urgently and tell me what to say next!

1451. She didn't like by KingBud, 8/19/08 21:21 ET Re: Good Morning everyone! by bumprstickr1, 8/19/08
me correcting her grammar either...that's gone.

(Notice how GAlexander makes fun of "mental illness")

1451. We should be nicer by GAlexander, 8/19/08 21:29 ET Re: Good Morning everyone! by bumprstickr1, 8/19/08
To such a mentally ill person. I'm sure this will not stay up long either.

1451. GA by diablol, 8/19/08 21:32 ET Re: Good Morning everyone! by bumprstickr1, 8/19/08
I am sure the buttons are being punched as we type

1451. Win by diablol, 8/19/08 21:30 ET Re: Good Morning everyone! by bumprstickr1, 8/19/08
Now I feel left out. Who else can I be???


15420. Calm Down by GAlexander, 8/17/08 19:27 ET Re: I like it here by flyingmud, 8/17/08
Multiple Personality Disorder is no disgrace. I don't hate women, just liberals who post under multiple names and have everything deleted that disagres with your posts.Fooled again, I don't live at the Lake Full time, not yet


15439. How about by GAlexander, 8/19/08 20:29 ET Re: Untitled by TheNextSelma, 8/19/08
getting an original posting name? You are flattering the real Next Selma, all of you who try to copy the name.

15439. My name by
TheBestSelma, 8/19/08 20:54 ET Re: Untitled by TheNextSelma, 8/19/08
is completely original. One of a kind, like no other, simplistic and virtuous, the essence of truth, justice, and the American way. I am the wonder woman of modern times.

15439. Oh No by
GAlexander, 8/19/08 20:56 ET Re: Untitled by TheNextSelma, 8/19/08
DM has emerged with the 100th name.

15439. Who is DM? by
TheBestSelma, 8/19/08 21:08 ET Re: Untitled by TheNextSelma, 8/19/08

15443.1.1.1. Check Post 15349 Quikly by
GAlexander, 8/19/08 21:00 ET Re: Keep watching as the BestSelma-Mgm.. by nra101, 8/19/08
The Multiple Personality Disorder Poster has been caught, and she will have that deleted in just a few minutes.


15346.3. DebMurphee by clardyman, 8/9/08 23:13 ET Re: Good morning to all by HokiePokie84, 8/9/08
I was told at the tatoo shop this morning that she was not doing well. Deb, Please get better soon and get up on here quick with your b*tch slappages!!!

GALEXANDER decided to join the Pctrail1 gang (Prattville's finest trolls).
Stay tuned folks...there is more to come!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


I want to see Ed Packard run again for Secretary of State. I believe that he could bring a great deal of organizational skills to the office. I know Ed personally, and consider him a great friend. I met Ed during my 2005-2006 PSC race, when Ed was running for SOS then. HOWEVER, I had spoken with Ed on several occasions before that. He was always so quick to return a phone call, and very efficient in helping me with whatever I needed to have done. He's definitely a great asset to the State of Alabama with his dedication in the Secretary of State's office already.