Thursday, July 24, 2008


I have heard that Bobby Bright's advertising is aggravating Jay Love. I'm still waiting to see these two DUKE IT OUT!! Bobby is a heavy weight compared to Jay. Which would win? I'm serious. Rather than attack each other in the papers, let's have a big boxing ring set up, and Alabamians pay to see the biggest fight next to Mike Tyson and that boxer he bit the ear off of LMAO....I'd pay to go see Jay and Bobby in gloves. (come to think of it, if they put the gloves on, maybe we could intice Michael Jackson to come visit Alabama!!

On a more serious note, it's my time of the day to mention that I have not heard from Bob Riley YET, concerning Thomas Arthur. I'M COUNTING THE DAYS, BOB. I'm patiently waiting to see you do the right thing. DNA TESTING IS A MUST. Come on, set an example for the world to see that Alabama is not BACKWOODS TRASH. We have a BEAUTIFUL STATE...don't give it a bad image.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So what's NEW?????

IT'S HOT OUTSIDE...and I'm inside wishing I could be outside! When you have the ole hot flashes that come with life, you have to stay in front of the AC 24/7. ROFLMAO!!! (I did NOT say I'm getting old). (shhhhhhhhhhh, that is a forbidden word in my house, OLD).

so, WHAT'S NEW? Other than politics, seems like I don't get too much done. Have letters to write, have emails to send, have BOB RILEY TO WRITE, AGAIN. Geez, I need a secretary. Any volunteers??

School is almost here. (Did I hear a whohoo) lol. Naw, I have a good son. He really is a good boy. He helps me out quite a bit. I can remember the days when I had 4 at home at one time. OMG...those were the days. Vacations were in Virginia, and at the lake. Now, vacations are still in Virginia, but just 3 of us go now. I actually love the mountains, as they represent peace and serenity to me. WE LIVE IN SUCH A FAST PACED SOCIETY, don't we! I've always said, "take time to smell the roses", and heck, I don't even have a rose bush any longer, cause the dog peed on it. LOL. (That right there is a fast way to get rid of ANY vegetation planted). (And no, can't blame Killer on that, cause he wasn't around then). Thinking of Killer, that reminds me. I must go and upload a picture of him so you can see the baby of the family. HAVE A GREAT EVENING!!