Friday, June 26, 2009

Alabama Libertarian Party Holding 2009 Convention

Mobile City Councilman Fred Richardson gets wiped out of TOILET PAPER!!

Come on....what kind of thieves would steal toilet paper??? Last time I checked, toilet paper was not a hot commodity. Well, ya can't live without it... Ha Ha!! Glad he didn't lose any of his CAMPAIGN "papers"... Richardson told the press that he and his staff remove their campaign equipment, files, and material daily to prevent someone from stealing them. GOOD GOING there...Fred!! I wonder if there was a "paper trail" left? LOL!!

KING OF POP AND KING OF ROCK (Prescription Drugs?)

It has been reported in the media that both of these legends had problems with prescription drugs. Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley. Both of these outstanding singers of pop and rock were cut down in life at too early of an age!! The same happened to famous singer, Andy Gibb. I once saw Andy Gibb in concert, and have some photos I may share with you at a later date. I have to locate them. We lost Heath Ledger last year at an early age too.

Hey...I'm 50, and same age as Michael Jackson. I grew up in that singing era, as well as the Donny Osmond mania LOL....One of my girlfriends in Virginia STILL has a purple bedroom to this day!! She's married and has a purple bedroom. I love the color purple also, but not that much. (Oh, I forgot, one of my daughters painted her bedroom purple before she left home.) I have to work around purple LOL...or, I could get it painted white? ...another day....another hour.

Anyway...hang on to your Michael Jackson memorabilia.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ed McMahon...Gone but not Forgotten!...Hereeeeeeeeee's Johnny!!

Michael Jackson's Career...


Farrah Fawcett's long brave battle with over. She was so courageous, and although she suffered tremendously, it was said of her, that she never complained. She was TRULY a remarkable woman, and an ICON in the movie industry. How could we EVER forget Charlie's Angels....The Burning Bed, and many other major accomplishments of Farrah's. She was an accomplished artist, and a beloved mother to Redmond. The former wife of Lee Majors, and then the long time love of Ryan Oneal's ....Farrah Fawcett...Rest in Peace....


Just while we are reeling over the death of Farrah Fawcett today, and Ed McMahon yesterday, now Michael Jackson is gone! I grew up listening to Michael's music...I have followed his face surgeries for years; his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley; all of his scandals (including dangling the baby over the balcony) and all of his major accomplishments in his music career. RIP, Michael!!


I ran across this beautiful picture of my youngest grandchild eating Cheese Doodles a couple years ago, and it reminded me of how I carried it on the campaign trail and showed her off to everyone LOL...I am blessed to have beautiful children AND grandchildren. (4 children, 4 grandchildren). KaityBug (as we affectionately call her) is such a delight. (all of them are, actually). I choose no favorites among my children or grandchildren. As I tell them, each one is special and has a special purpose in life.

My oldest daughter is an expert hybridizer of flowers. My oldest son is a coin expert. (expert in rarities and errors). My youngest daughter is a great mother and researcher, and my youngest son is on his way towards a future in computers. He's well polished in forum management (helps others with their site problems, etc).

I am going to finish with this cute picture of Kaitlyn. I hope you enjoy it, as much as I have! (I'll share other pictures of my kids and grandkids as time goes on)...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

SET POLITICS ASIDE TODAY..and spend time with your DAD!!

I spent some time with my dad yesterday in Clanton, and then I plan to spend some time with him today...Make the time you spend with him, COUNT...every minute. Treasure the times that he tells you about when you were little LOL. Treasure when you think he might be fussing at you....because one day you might wish he would fuss again.

True story...a friend of mine in Virginia, who used to live across the street from me, was always fussing about her husband leaving cigarettes in the ashtray, and never cleaning them out. He was a heavy smoker, and passed away unexpectedly at the age of 65. He actually looked like he was about 80. Anyway...she told me after he died, that she was thinking back about all their conversations...and one thing that really struck her, and she wished she could have taken it back. She had ridiculed him over and over about the cigarettes in the ashtray...and she wished so much, that she could take that back, and let him pile them high...and not even mention it...She said she would GLADLY empty them for him, if she only had him back.

Moral of the story? LOVE your dad, and accept everything about him .....the good, the bad, or anything that might irritate you. Love him our Father in Heaven, loves us. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!