Friday, June 26, 2009

KING OF POP AND KING OF ROCK (Prescription Drugs?)

It has been reported in the media that both of these legends had problems with prescription drugs. Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley. Both of these outstanding singers of pop and rock were cut down in life at too early of an age!! The same happened to famous singer, Andy Gibb. I once saw Andy Gibb in concert, and have some photos I may share with you at a later date. I have to locate them. We lost Heath Ledger last year at an early age too.

Hey...I'm 50, and same age as Michael Jackson. I grew up in that singing era, as well as the Donny Osmond mania LOL....One of my girlfriends in Virginia STILL has a purple bedroom to this day!! She's married and has a purple bedroom. I love the color purple also, but not that much. (Oh, I forgot, one of my daughters painted her bedroom purple before she left home.) I have to work around purple LOL...or, I could get it painted white? ...another day....another hour.

Anyway...hang on to your Michael Jackson memorabilia.

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