Saturday, August 16, 2008


Below is a link to the Alabama Attorney General, Troy King's opinion of Moral Turpitude concerning FELON VOTING RIGHTS. (If this link doesn't work for you, please let me know, and I'll try to fix it.) This is the same opinion that the Secretary of State Beth Chapman is being sued over by the American Civil Liberties Union. :

LINK TO 2005-092 (Moral Turpitude opinion by Troy King)

Friday, August 15, 2008


I had the pleasure of meeting both Nancy and Ed Packard, her opponent, in the 2006 Secretary of State race. Both were very pleasant and well informed. I haven't heard anything lately on Nancy's court battles. Haven't heard if Ed is planning a run for anything new, either. If anyone in this state knows elections, better, I challenge you to bring it on here. ED PACKARD is the expert in Alabama Elections!! I surely would like to see him run for Secretary of State again. If you need any help from the SOS's office, ask for ED PACKARD. He will ALWAYS return your phone calls. I never could get Nancy to return my phone calls, but it could be that she was very busy. I'll give her that much credit. Usually when I called, she was out campaigning.

Troy King on Fox News ????

Was that a publicity stunt or a real honest effort to alert the public to what FELON VOTING is all about in Alabama? I didn't get to see that particular segment, but could kick myself in the arse for not knowing about it in time, and being able to watch. Anything that Troy King says, is always of interest to me. He needs to keep a better check on his Assistant Attorney Generals. Some of their opinions are for the birds, and lack substance and quality. Actually, their opinions are really not worth the paper they are printed on. Troy King can do better, and he must! From accepting the sports box space in Atlanta (from Alabama Power, whom he has to address in court in issues pertaining to the Public Service Commission), to other actions of Troy Kings, I have to wonder how many other red flags have been raised by this man? When you go into his office to report wrong doing by public officials, all you get is, "Do you really want to see this individual hauled off in handcuffs, cause that's what we would have to do". That REALLY HAPPENED TO ME, when I brought a complaint to them. Of course I didn't want to see someone hauled off in handcuffs. HOWEVER, I DID want to see them do their job and investigate the complaint I brought to them. I could have saved my time and taken the grandkids to the park LOL.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


The word is out that our former Governor, Don Siegelman, has accepted an invitation to speak at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. YES!!!! I, for one, cannot wait to watch him speak. I know that former Alabama Attorney General, Bill Pryor, was one of the prosecutors in the Siegelman case. Bill Pryor, one of George W.'s buds, was slated for a Federal bench seat, and he got it (11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia). Bush was active, along with Jeff Sessions, in making sure that Bill Pryor received the judgeship. I watched C-span and the proceedings of Bill Pryor being contested for that appointment. (Teddy Kennedy, was a major protestor of that appointment). I backed Teddy on it, and wrote several senators concerning the issue of Bill Pryor. However, Bill wormed his way in, and is still on the 11th Circuit bench. (not sure if the bench is warm or not). Does Bill live in Birmingham still, and work from there, or does he live in Atlanta? Does anyone know? I would love to be able to post about it. ANYWAY, back to Don. WATCH THE DEMOCRAT NATIONAL CONVENTION. It will be a real treat.

The following is a Hunstville, Alabama link to Don's acceptance of the invitation to speak at the Democratic National Convention.


I don't know if you have ever been a poster on forums, but I personally have. I have had to contact Ken Booth, chief editor, on several occasions, to get him to stop being biased in his banning of either me, or several of my friends. I was a welcome poster on there for a couple of years, making over 4,000 postings, and never being banned permanently, during that time. HOWEVER, about a year and a half ago, when the political TROLLS from Prattville started in on me, and being the opinionated and positive woman that I am, I would either ignore their childish banter, or finally get fed up, and strike back. My family was slandered and harassed by these hecklers, and Ken Booth was made aware of this repeatedly. Finally I was banned permanently, because Booth did not want to address the real situation. (either that, or he had a personal agenda, politically, or personally). HE STILL DOES!....He allows these trolls to "pat"rol the forums over and over, and bans MANY individuals who are not even making waves, but rather telling the truth about what is really going on in the world around us. I have watched several of my friends get banned. It is a waste of precious time to try to make intelligent postings on a political forum, and constantly get banned, for no reason. FORGET FOLLOWING THE RULES OF THE FORUMS...They are not being followed by any of the trolls. WHY would a large major newspaper chain, which includes THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS, THE MOBILE REGISTER, & THE HUNSTVILLE TIMES, allow a goon like Ken Booth to remain as Editor in Chief of their forums, when it is very clear that he doesn't allow FREEDOM OF SPEECH, which is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution???? I even took the steps of filing a BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU complaint on for their discriminatory actions, or inactions, and FINALLY, the main user names of the PRATTVILLE TROLLS, were banned permanently. (Pctrail1, Tagman, Atltobhm, and Whatabeach). However, they are still allowed to remain in control of the forums, under their new user names Ptrail2, Nanny2shoes, Diablol (Deb is a Bitch, laughing out loud), Winsomeone, Kingbud, LockNLoad, Bumprstickr1, etc. If you see these individuals on the forums, steer clear of them. THEY MEAN HARM to most that they come into contact with. They travel the forums (different cities) searching to harass. I have seen many people banned, because the trolls thought they were me. ISN'T THAT RIDICULOUS???? My advice to these trolls, is GET A LIFE! (Oh wait a minute, maybe they are being paid by some public officials? One of them is a Democrat representative of the State Democratic Party of Alabama). FANCY THAT!!


Interesting article on Bobby Bright being in the lead over Jay Love. Bobby is categorized as a Southern Conservative. I have read forums for several years now, and the Montgomery forum shows many differing idealogies of the mayor, Bobby Bright. Some are Bright supporters, and some are those who have lived in the Montgomery area for years, and are speaking out on what they view as his positive achievements, or making negative comments. You can view these different personal opinions of Bobby, by going to scroll down and click onto MONTGOMERY.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have visited this site, and it seems to be a very good site pertaining to the gas prices. Please visit this site, and let me know if you agree or disagree with what you find on it.


Great link about Cindy Sheehan qualifying to run against house speaker, Nancy Pelosi. I personally am glad that Cindy is still taking a stand for what she believes in. I, also, believe that the war is causing more casualties than it should be. WE NEED TO BRING OUR MEN HOME!!! I totally support the troops, and do my part in supporting them. That doesn't take away from the seriousness of the war and the damage it is causing to our American families. It's depleting our troops, it's costing more money than we could ever recouperate from, the costs are taking away from our childrens' Social Security. IT'S ALSO breaking away from the family structure. The toll on the families that have had sons, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, and husbands go away, and not come back, is astronomical! Many soldiers come home, but either they do not realize where they are, they have PTSD, or they are wounded for life. We are still dealing with Gulf War vets that are not getting the treatment they deserve. We are still dealing with soldiers from other wars that are not getting their disability benefits, and are having to fight the government in order to TRY to get benefits. IT'S WRONG. I don't care how you look at the war, IT'S WRONG. Please feel free to leave a comment on this issue, as this war and issues involving it, are VERY IMPORTANT TO OUR FUTURE!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


PLEASE VIEW THIS LINK, AS IT STATES THE PAY FOR THE JUDGES OF ALABAMA. We definitely need JUDICIAL REFORM, as I have been saying for YEARS!!!! ONCE AGAIN, Politics stinks in Alabama. The Judicial System STINKS in Alabama. Even some of the judges stink LOL.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Clint, make my day and visit my site, and tell us the pros and cons of being a Libertarian. I have considered Libertarism myself in the past. I was even a registered member for a while. They have so many beliefs that I share. First Amendment rights. Second Amendment rights, etc. I have always been known to exercise my 1st Amendment rights LOL...and that has been since I was in Kindergarten!!! Can't keep a good girl down, ya know.

I know some very good Libertarians in the state of Alabama. John Sophecleus (who ran for Governor) is a great one. I remember the time that Alabama Public Television wouldn't let John speak at the forum, yet they allowed Don Siegelman and Bob Riley to speak. (Of course I was all for Don being allowed to speak)...I just thought they should allow John to also. SO, being the picketer I am, I attended a rally to picket the APT. That was such a fun night, and interesting too! My friend, Darren Obrien (who ran for Sheriff to Elmore County, and also County Commission) invited me to picket. We took pictures and visited with others that believed in John's right to speak.

So, Clint, GO AHEAD, and make my day!!! Give us your input into Libertarism!!