Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ammunition sales up...

This is a very interesting article I received in the mail today from Times Daily.  Evidently the FEAR of being regulated by the Obama Administration, has people increasing their inventory of gun related material...ammunition, etc.  People are afraid that President Barack Obama will be cutting off the ammunition supply, and are stocking up.  He hasn't, so far, though. 

The NRA (National Rifle Association) noted, "about 7 billion rounds of ammunition are purchased annually in America in most years. Some 9 billion rounds have been purchased in the past year."

I would like to hear from others about this issue.  Are you afraid of supplies being cut off? 

ADOPTION...Making the World a Better Place,...for you and for me.

I visited a blog today, that I have been meaning to, for quite a while.  Jackie had visited my website a while back, and being that my blog is only handled by one person, it's hard to get around to other places I'd like to visit, (I have grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dial up). However, I really enjoyed visiting Jackie's blog today.  Visiting Jackie, and seeing her adopted child, made me realize that I needed to do a post on adoption (If I haven't already).  You hear about the celebrities who adopt from other countries (Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, etc.) but I wanted to bring to light that there are other good people outside of Hollywood who do a great service to humanity and adopt a child into their home.  I am the product of adoption, myself.  I was adopted at the age of 1 and my brother was 2.  We were raised by the Freys, and I'm sure you have seen MANY pictures of my father on here, and also on Facebook, if you are a friend of mine on there.  My adopted (or adoptive?) mother passed away in 2005, and I miss her dearly to this day.  My biological mother lives in Virginia, and I try to visit her once a year now.  I'd go more than that, but that's all my pocketbook will allow LOL..I save from Ebay sales in the spring for my trip to Virginia.  That's my special project so I can visit my biological family in Virginia.  I have 6 brothers, 2 sisters, mom, and many neices and nephews to visit when I do go.  The past 2 years I took my brother who lives in Birmingham.  Our trips to Virginia are quite eventful, as my brother entertains us the whole trip, and that a great quality visit time for my brother David and I.  We catch up on the entire year's events.   We both share a love of antique malls, flea markets and yard sales, and we catch up on the latest find.  He collects a certain type of china, and I collect angels, cherubs, depression glass, etc.  Anyway...please drop by Jackie's site and visit with her. 

One last thought...My header above is "Making the World A Better Place..for You and for Me."  Michael Jackson song there.  I have always loved that song from the first time I heard it.  Afterall,  that's what life is all about.  Making things better for others. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Now how often is it that you get FREE admission to a great adventure??  21 years ago, when my youngest daughter was a baby, we went on an excursion to Mobile, and went aboard the USS Alabama for a tour. It was very exciting, but HOT.  My baby was so hot, her face was beat red, and we had to leave her stroller on the top deck where we entered the ship.  We carried her around she has been all over the USS Alabama.  It was a  great tour, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  I hope you can too.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Dog KILLER and his Own Private Hammock LOL!!

I caught this cute picture the other day, and wanted to share with you how sweet our doggie is.  He makes himself comfortable wherever he is on the property.  This time he chose the old trampoline that needs to be replaced. (ha ha...too much jumping by Brandon when he was little...and my grandkids as well). Noone jumps anymore, but Killer surely does enjoy it.  (Note to self...we really need another trampoline).  Also, note to the electric company.  Please send Asplundh back out to pick up the limbs they cut down around the power lines.   I usually enjoy the exercise of picking up limbs, but can't do it at this time. Heresssssssssssssssssssssss KILLER.

Now....try to take away his trampoline LOL!!

Prattville Salvation Army

I made another post about the Prattville Salvation Army, but I thought I'd post again, since they do such a great job serving people in  Prattville and surrounding areas.  When I first started going to the Salvation Army in Prattville, there were few that ventured out. can guarantee that the secret is out.  GREAT ITEMS and GREAT PRICES!!  I usually run into several friends there, whenever I go.  Check them out!

Antique Malls are FUN!!

I thought I'd share some interesting booths and malls with  you (antique that is).  J & G's has been around for quite some time now.  I started selling there years ago...back in the 90s.

Inside of  J & G's, you will find so many cool things, you will want to go back to visit over and over again.  I personally like to shop for the "unusual" in antiques, or other products.  Here are some booths I am going to share with you, of some of my friends there.  Elaine and her mom Sylvia have booths side by side. They always have great things to purchase. 

From the FRIENDLY PERSONNEL that wait on you at the front desk...


You should have a nice time visiting J & G's!!