Thursday, July 10, 2008


A new execution date has been set for Death Row Inmate, Thomas Arthur (or known as Tommy by some). Governor Bob Riley has STILL not insisted or allowed or made a move towards getting DNA TESTING DONE for Thomas' case. (although a multitude of DNA exists). How in God's green earth, can Governor Bob sleep at night, knowing that he could possibly be allowing someone to be executed, without evidence in their case being tested??? HE MUST STOP THIS EXECUTION AGAIN. Troy King MUST STOP THIS EXECUTION. Both could stop this nonsense, and insist that justice be served. I know I won't be able to sleep at night, if Thomas is executed, WITHOUT the DNA being conducted. Makes me want to cuss, but I'll try and be the decent one here. I'll be a lady and refrain from the choice words I would like to say right now!! Maybe someone else will post and say them for me!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Don Siegelman on WAKA 10:00 news

What a great interview with Don, that Stephanie Hicks conducted! The Christmas card that we received from Don was very beautiful, and hand crafted. I know that he was truly blessed by many individuals when in prison. He certainly was in our prayers. We met Don on the campaign trail in 2002, and then saw him several times on the 2006 campaign trail. What was really interesting is that I was wearing my "Hobson Cox" t-shirt the first time I met Don, although I was campaigning for Sheriff of Autauga County. When you campaign for state race, you HAVE to dress up in a suit or dress. (I was told in Baldwin County by a very nice lady, that I should wear a suit rather than a dress). Ever after, I did just that LOL.. Only it was too late, I met Joe Turnham for the first time, wearing a dress LMAO!!

Beware of VOTER FRAUD!!

VOTER FRAUD AGAIN??? Perry County is a nice little county in Alabama, where I was surprised that voter fraud would pop up. Do you know of voter fraud somewhere? If so, please post it here. I am pretty lenient when it comes to posters, and have even allowed anonymous posters. UH OH, now comes the real criticism LOL...I'm just waiting to see it happen. I know that voter fraud exists, sadly so. Why can we not just have an honest society, given that voting rights were fought for, and people died for them? I respect your decision on voting. What happened to those little booths you used to go into, and could vote in privacy with the little curtain drawn? Now, it's like you go to vote, and you sit at a desk, with little cubicles, and you can feel other eyes peeking over your shoulder. Am I just being nostalgic? I think not! I want the old voting system back. We have so many problems with ABSENTEE VOTING. Why not just do away with that also? While we are at it, why not just do away with the two party system, and allow ANYONE who feels they are qualified (and DO qualify), to run for an office, without party affiliation. OMG...I can hear it now. (all the whispers, is she crazy or what?). I know, we have to keep it to where votes can be fixed. We have to keep it 2 party. and WHY???? Your thoughts would be appreciated. Have a blessed day.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Harri Anne Smith vs. Jay Love

Good morning, all. Just wanted to get your take on the Harri Anne Smith vs. Jay Love race for Congress. I actually support Harri Anne Smith, (she is woman, hear her roar lol). What has Jay Love done other than raise taxes? I would like to hear from Jay Love's campaign group concerning the ads I have viewed on television, and would like to know which are true and which are false. I am starting to get really confused about WHICH is the better candidate. Isn't that how politics is supposed to be though? CONFUSING? I mean, it's "he said, she said, or he did, she did, or MAYBE they didn't do anything at all??? ROFLMAO!!!!! I'm still not even sure WHICH of the two accepted the HUGH pay raise of 62 % (or was it 67?). Correct me here if I'm wrong. That is something I don't like to be, is WRONG...OK...waiting for a reply. Hurry Hurry.