Saturday, May 16, 2009


I haven't had too much time to really check out profiles on Twitter, or any other site for that matter, but I thought I would take the time today, to check out some INFORMATIVE profiles on TWITTER.COM. I wanted to let you know some Twitter profiles I found to be both interesting, and informative. (Children's Tumor Foundation); (Official U.S. Government website for people with Disabilities). I found a few sites off of this website, that I thought were quite informative as well. An ADHD case (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) (grants to provide Vocational Rehabilitation for American Indians with Disabilities) (U.S.DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES ($1.79 billion to help those with HIV/AIDS)


Thursday, May 14, 2009


9 year old Lacey Nance was struck and killed by an SUV on Monday shortly after school was out. She was riding her bicycle on County Road 59 in Verbena, when she was hit by a vehicle.

My daughter's vehicle happened to be behind the vehicle that witnessed the accident, and all of those present stopped to aide. This was a horrible accident, and we should pray for both parties in this accident. There are always two sides to any accident, and this one was no exception. It's extremely sad when a child is involved in something like this, and my daughter was very traumatized by this accident, as she has two daughters, herself, and saw Lacey after being hit. I know one of the individuals that tried to administer CPR, and I also heard their were some other people that lived at the scene of the accident who tried to administer CPR, also. (before the paramedics arrived).

Yesterday, I was on that road (as several of my family members live on 59). I drove up towards where the scene of the accident was, and there is a slight dip and raise in the pavement at that spot. I'm sure there was no way that the woman driving the SUV was able to see Lacey on her bicycle. There's a "blind spot" on the road, per se...and I wanted to see what someone else coming up to that spot would have seen. Maybe the dip should be taken out of the road, for future protection of children? I know that highway 22 is also a very bad spot, where others have been killed. (crossing 22 from 59). You have to fly across that spot and feel like you are risking safety just to do so.

If you would like to donate to Lacey's funeral expenses, you can call 205-280-2820. Ask for Lynn Hauswirth or Ruth Easterling (teachers).

***One added note: The day after the accident, there were SEVERAL people on County Road 59 being pulled over, by county deputies. I don't believe that an over abundance of law enforcement presence in the area of an accident, AFTER THE EFFECT, is the answer to a horrible accident. Flashing lights before you come to this curve and stretch in the road...or possibly NEIGHBORHOOD large signs stating "Children at Play...please drive slowly" would probably serve better. Also, let me make a comment here, about law enforcement. I believe there are MANY good men and women serving our country as law abiding, law enforcement officers. Chilton County has many good deputies, and one great woman deputy. Chilton County also has some very good police officers...I personally know one of them, and his wife, as well. Autauga County has many good deputies, and city police who serve and protect us. There are several, as I have stated before, that qualify in my book, as being top notch. Casey Ott, was one of them (he has since left the Sheriff's Department). Joe Sedinger, is another law enforcement officer, whom I believe goes ABOVE and beyond his duties to serve and protect. However, there ARE some bad apples in any kind of business. Law Enforcement and the Court System do fall within this category of being a BUSINESS. They are no exception. (If you are a law enforcement employee, deputy, City police, courthouse employee, etc., and you know of someone who goes above and beyond their duties, and would like to honor them, please let me know, and I'll be happy to put their name here).

I would welcome ANY COMMENTS on this accident. I'm sure the paramedics did a fine job in handling this case. Prayers are going out to all involved in handling this case....and also to the family of Lacey Nance, to the family of the SUV owner, the individuals who witnessed this accident and participated in CPR to Lacey. God Bless all of you.