Saturday, July 5, 2008

Politics Stink but can be cleaned up!!

Most of you will remember me as DebMurphree4psc, or DebMurphree. I am finally back with a new blog and NEW FRESH IDEAS on Politics. My specialty, if you can call it that, is POLITICS IN ALABAMA. Something I am definitely up to date on, familiar with, tied into, or knowledgeable about, is ALABAMA POLITICS. I know the good side, the bad side, and the dark side. (believe me, there IS a dark side lol).

Having run for Sheriff in Autauga County in a major Republican county in 2002, I am familiar with the DARK SIDE. The good part of that race, was having 2 great individuals in the Democrat race as well. Buddy Chavers and Otto Motley, whom both are personal friends, and remain that way today. Otto and I got in a run off, and duked it out. Ha ha. Otto won that race, and I congratulated him. (Too bad he didn't win the November election against Sheriff Herbie Johnson.)

Having run for County Commission in Autauga County in 2004, I know about the many dirt roads that Autauga County has. Many health problems have arisin from these dirty roads, (and I do mean dirty). You breathe the dust, you wear the dust, and you take it home with you. In this campaign, I walked to most of the homes in my district, and encountered a few rather large dogs. (I wasn't bitten, though, as Michael Morgan, was). I just talked baby talk to those big doggies, and they backed down. LOL..Next time (if there is one), I will carry several dog bones, and maybe make some new canine friends. Oh, yeah, Michael Morgan, being the Republican, in that race, won. I supported him this year, and will continue to support Michael's efforts in politics. He's also a great friend of mine. I NEED TO RUN AGAINST AN ENEMY? roflmao!!!!

Having run for State Public Service Commission in 2005/2006, I have learned about the good, bad and the ugly. State races are not like county races. More money is involved, and being that I didn't accept PAC funding, my funding was limited. In my case it was MORE of MY money, than more of other's money LOL. I have learned a lesson. Take the Pac money!!! (except from utilites, if you are running for State PSC. That is illegal to do. There is a lot I will do in my campaign, besides working hard (which I did in all three races). However, I will NOT do illegal activity. I prefer to stay on the clean side of the law, and will continue to do so, in the future, IF I decide to run another campaign. (Hint Hint). LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, once campaigning gets in your blood, and the issues are there to insure a better Alabama, it's there to stay.

I have great vision for Alabama, and I believe it's a state we can be proud of, given the options we have. We live here, our children go to schools here, we shop here, we work here, we survive here. I would rather do more in life, than just survive. How about you? If you believe like I do, then you must stand up and take charge in life. Make a difference, and fight for your state!! Fight for your county!! (If you campaign in the county, take your doggie bones). (If you campaign in a state race, TAKE YOUR WALLET) lol. Be prepared to do more than just shake hands and kiss babies. MORE LATER....Stay tuned to getting down and dirty about politics.