Sunday, June 21, 2009

SET POLITICS ASIDE TODAY..and spend time with your DAD!!

I spent some time with my dad yesterday in Clanton, and then I plan to spend some time with him today...Make the time you spend with him, COUNT...every minute. Treasure the times that he tells you about when you were little LOL. Treasure when you think he might be fussing at you....because one day you might wish he would fuss again.

True story...a friend of mine in Virginia, who used to live across the street from me, was always fussing about her husband leaving cigarettes in the ashtray, and never cleaning them out. He was a heavy smoker, and passed away unexpectedly at the age of 65. He actually looked like he was about 80. Anyway...she told me after he died, that she was thinking back about all their conversations...and one thing that really struck her, and she wished she could have taken it back. She had ridiculed him over and over about the cigarettes in the ashtray...and she wished so much, that she could take that back, and let him pile them high...and not even mention it...She said she would GLADLY empty them for him, if she only had him back.

Moral of the story? LOVE your dad, and accept everything about him .....the good, the bad, or anything that might irritate you. Love him our Father in Heaven, loves us. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!

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