Friday, September 11, 2009


My friend Brandy has a sister that is in dire need of a GOOD family attorney..they cannot afford much, but her child's welfare is at stake...due to the rash and irresponsible judgment of 19th Judicial Circuit Judge Sibley Reynolds.  He has made INAPPROPRIATE rulings based on his CHURCH RELATIONSHIP he has with the father of this child.  He has shown IMPROPRIETY...because of it.  The child has a cigarette burn on his hand that DHR in Chilton County would not address.  The child's father is married to a DHR employee.  This whole entire case is WRONG.  Please, there must be an attorney out there that cares about injustice towards kids.  The following is a letter written for help, by Brandy, for her sister and her child.  PLEASE's  very important. 


Does anyone know of a "good" ethical Alabama attorney who knows their way around family law? My sister was screwed over in the divorce, her child support is set over the amount she can afford to pay, the father is refusing her court ordered... visitation and is placing the child in daycare on her visitation days. The judge recently reset the hearing on grounds that opposing counsel has to move today, reset yesterday.

My family is desperate here, this little boy needs medical procedures done, the father nor the mother were ordered to have health insurance. They are both suppose to split the cost of uninsured medical. This child has got to have a bone taken from his hip and placed into his gum, a whole has to be closed in the top of his mouth and tubes need to put into his ears.

If these procedures are not done the doctor states; "this will adversely affect his intelligibility." He currently has a bad speech problem due to being born with a cleft lip and pallet. The father, the judge, and the paternal grandparents are interfering with this child's future. What parent would not want their child to be a healthy normal child if given the opportunity through medical procedures?

My family does not understand, I myself read a lot of different laws, but I hate family law the most because the children lose. If a child fears one of the parents, is being neglected or abused by one of the parents trial courts have discretionary power and the judges intend to use IT however they see fit, even if there are psychological, emotional, physical, and mental issues that will adversely affect the child/children.

If anyone knows of an Alabama Attorney who knows there way around family law please don't hesitate to email me at, your help will be GREATLY appreciated.


cherie said...

oh my God!!! all i can do is offer a prayer - may God pour HIS gentleness and blessings on this boy, and may the family find a lawyer soon!

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Prayers are something all of us can do. God hears each and every one of them. Thank you Cherie...for caring.

Knight said...

Thanks so much Deb for allowing my story on your site. My family loves this little boy dearly. He is so precious to each of us. He has so much to offer, and remains to do whatever he can using his intelligent mind. The ride taking him back to his dad on Sunday was a very hard one for me. My sister upon our advice has to distance herself from the child's father because he is so spiteful and not to mention I do believe he is the spawn of Satan, especially when you have to witness him using this precious child to hurt his mom, in turn my nephew hurts too.

You can tell a lot as you watch the face of a small child as he leaves his mothers side and rides quietly back to his dad. You know he has a lot to say, but at this point he just can't say it. His speech gets worse and worse and everytime you see him he gets harder to understand.

If he takes a toy, a new pair of shoes, or a pack of gum on his way back to dad it will bring tears to your eyes that overflow with every blink because he is letting you know that they will not let him play with the toy, wear the shoes, or chew the gum because it is from Mom and her family. This child will gracefully take your hand and let you know to take his things to his mom.

This guy and his family are the most hateful S.O.B's I have ever met in my entire life.

Prayers are really the best answer to situtions like this. I thank you for each prayer; they are very comforting to me and my family. "I BELIEVE" in God's power and I know in my heart that he will fix this. God Bless each of you and I hope you all have a blessed weekend...

Thanks again!!


Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Brandy, I'm so sorry that your family is going through's horrible and it's WRONG. No child should have to suffer like your nephew has. I know he needs surgery and I hope and pray that he gets what he needs honey. Bless his little heart. I am praying for him...and I know our readers are. I love you and your family, and will continue to do all I can to help you.

Don said...

Deb and/or Brandy: Contact Loretta Nall and ask for her advice about a good attorney to contact. She posted in the past about a very good and caring attorney who takes on cases at minimum cost.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Don, thanks for that advice! Isn't it a shame that they should even have to have an attorney to make a judge do the right thing? IT'S ABSURD...This court system makes me sick!

Jackie said...

Ahh, a cleft palate left untreated has nothing to do with intelligibility. In fact, some professionals agree that the surgery should be performed later rather than sooner! And I've known at least two teenagers whose families chose not to have the palate repaired until they were older, and they both spoke perfectly, and were at the top of their classes.

I dunno any of the parties to at this point believe one over the other, I just thought I'd clear up that misstatement.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Jackie, thanks for visiting our blog. I'm curious as to your statement about the cleft palate. Are you in the medical field? I was also wondering if you have seen the burn on the palm of this little boy's hand? It definitely appears to be the burn of a cigarette. Do you agree that his care should be in question? The DHR doesn't seem to be concerned about this, what say you?

Jackie said...


I was just surfin' visiting my friend Betsy's blog, lol, and stumbled onto yours.

No, I'm not a medical professional, have only experience to go on, and I do admit that I did read the word intelligibility as intelligence when I posted my comment. Having said that, I agree cleft lip/palate can and does affect speech, but I will repeat that I have known individuals without a palate repair where you could look and see the huge hole on the roof of their mouth that had absolutely no problem with their speech pre-surgery, and that's all I was commenting on.

As to the other issues, e.g., the hand burn, like I said I know neither of the parties to judge their credibility. :)

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Jackie...nice to make your acquaintance! I'd like for you to get up with my friend Brandy Knight (Fair Justice) on my blog list, and try to bring some comfort and hope to her about her nephew. I'd really appreciate it...In fact, just click onto "knight" on these comments, and it will take you right to her blog. She's a very good woman and has a lot of love for her sister and her family. I admire that she goes the extra mile for them. Come back and see us again, and I'll go visit your blog! deb