Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A Facebook poster ended up being scammed when she thought her friend was in need of help.  Someone had hacked into her friend's Facebook account, and gotten important info, that only she should have been able to view. She lost 4K!!



Betsy from Tennessee said...

It's true even with blogging... Some people remain SO anonymous on blogs (mostly for fear I think) that I always question --whom I am really communicating with. Most of my 'real' friends and I also exchange emails --and know quite a bit about each other. If I don't ever know someone's name or where they live, they do not become good blogging buddies to me. I guess we all need to 'screen' each other carefully...

Gosh---why would anyone give someone they have never met that much money??? That's just plain STUPID.


Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

I can't imagine giving money like that away, without having some verbal contact on the phone about it, first. I would NEVER do that. I do, however, see how that could happen. It happened to me...I received an email from what I THOUGHT were some friends in Birmingham that were stuck in another country, without their credit cards (all ID and cards left in the taxi cab)...and without any money on them. They were asking in this email for me to help them get back home. I thought that was REALLY strange, as I knew it was the email address I had received mail from, before. (on countless occasions). Well, I never did send any money, and I never did find out what happened there. THAT WAS TOO STRANGE. It WAS the exact email address (a yahoo account). Someone had to have hacked into their email and sent messages out to all of the people that they wrote to. HOW HORRIBLE????