Thursday, July 30, 2009


We traveled to Birmingham yesterday to catch a glimpse of the case that has everyone so intrigued on A woman psychiatrist is suing another woman, (evidently a former poster from's forums)...for Defamation of Character. I hope that this case gets NATIONAL recognition, and that Judge Scott Vowell will address it appropriately. Noone should be suffering from "anonymous" abuse OR known user abuse on any forum. Freedom of Speech becomes stifled, and internet crimes begin to supercede any form of reality based conversations. I know from first hand experience (internet stalkers) that it is not a healthy situation. This psychiatrists' reputation has been compromised by this alleged Defamation. I believe that should be included in this lawsuit. They are the ones that have their forums set up to where ANONYMOUS posters can harass others. Since this has become such a problem for individuals that frequent forums, this issue really needs to be addressed. I know I have written to on numerous occasions about their inability to control their forums. They ban individuals who ACTUALLY have intelligent conversation, and allow bullies to remain. This makes no sense, other than to (I believe) draw in the advertisers. Could this be the reason that allows these bullies to thrive on their forums? The average public seems to like CONTROVERSY. You know how human nature is, when there is a wreck on the highway? I have observed this....lots of people will drive by slowly to catch a glimpse of "what happened". People's senses have been tuned towards FANTASY...HORROR...The UNUSUAL. The SENSATIONAL...THE UNKNOWN. In my honest opinion, I believe that having bullies thrive on, and to remain on there, brings a crowd of advertisers. The viewers are there, so that brings in the advertisers. As long as allows this to happen, you will begin to see more and more lawsuits because of people's reputations being defamed. I know that Cindy Martin (President and CEO, who started in 1997) has NEVER yet answered an email I have sent to her. I do, however, know that she received my email, and just ignored it, because I received an automated message that she was out of the office on vacation, once. I know that Ken Booth doesn't care about what is happening on the forums, even though he is the EDITOR IN CHIEF. He gives false reasons for his banning of posters. He purposely allows this unexceptable behavior to continue...and I speak from absolute knowledge, firsthand. It seems like since Cindy Martin is President/CEO (over Ken Booth), that she would be concerned about the reputation of the online news/forum newspaper that is owned by Advance Publications, and one she herself started. "Cindy Martin started at its inception in 1997." It would appear that Advance Publications would be cracking down on this unexceptable behavior that rears it's ugly head EVERY SINGLE DAY ON AL.COM. Readers...what say you?

Here are ways to contact these individuals that are in management position of forums.

Cindy Martin, President/CEO

Ken Booth, Editor-in-Chief


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Deb, I hope this one does get national attention. This 'freedom of speech' thing has just gone on too long. Those websites CAN control their forums IF they just WILL.... I'm all for freedom of speech as long as it doesn't become so personal and can defame someone's character. That's TOO far!!!! Keep me posted.

Alabama Angyl said...

I whole-heartedly agree! needs to control their forums! I also know about stalking and harassment from bullies at first-hand, and it is not pretty. This isn't your normal, run-of-the-mill online bully... some of these bullies from are doing this to people for months, even years at a time, relentlessly attacking innocent individuals for no reason whatsoever. I consider SO DANGEROUS, I refuse to go near the place at all now.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Betsy, as long as our voices are heard, maybe this case will achieve national recognition! It certainly deserves it. I'm just glad that this woman has stepped up to the plate and taken the initiative to address this issue. So many people suffer in silence, and are afraid to speak out.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

AlabamaAngyl, I am glad you speak out, as well. I know that first hand knowledge of this abuse really hurts. I have witnessed what has happened to you as well, for several months now. Since you brought it to my attention, and I have observed this abuse on many occasion, I have become alarmed and saddened to the point of outrage. We just musts not let this continue to happen. If we have to get signatures or take drastic steps other than that, then we must. I know I have reported it to the Attorney General, who has turned a blind eye to it. I have also reported it to the FBI, The U.S. Attorney General, and all of them point it back to the Attorney General. My next step is the U.S. Justice Department. Maybe we can even get our local legislatures to address this problem. I really believe these bullies want someone HURT. We already know they enjoy hurting people, mentally. I also believe they are capable of physical harm as well. Especially when they are reporting people's home addresses, and like they did in my case, telling people to bring a "sidearm". Here are some specific hate crime posts by "duckkillah" (and you know they have referred to me as the duck for over a year now). (this is the same individual that stated bring a firearm..I have to locate that specific one).

3151.3. Morning Bump
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Its duck season!

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She could suck on the business end of a shotgun for all I care

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Amber Rose Drive in Prattville

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go play with your murderer friend, maybe he needs a new victim

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for your schizophrenia if you react this way when you are off of them

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I swear Im not her! Duck-Killer=Duckkillah

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the crazier she gets! I'm starting to enjoy the crazy old girl, in a sick and twisted way. I've never seen anybody lose their mind in real time

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Amber Rose Drive is? Im thinking of taking a trip up to P'ville

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I saw her 'work' this morning over there, what a qwazy qwacker. I guess if she can't post, nobody can in her mind. Oh well one day her number will be up too.