Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Judge Jimmy Sandlin, Lauderdale County

I have had some people ask me if I know anything about this specific judge. Do any of my readers know him? I know he is the manager of the Scottsboro Power Electric Board. Is he a "fair and balanced" Judge? I like to keep up to date on these judges, you know :)


Betsy from Tennessee said...

I'm sure there are "Fair and Balanced" judges around---but we only hear about the IDIOT ones!!!!! ha

I know nothing about Alabama politics ---so I'm learning something from you, Deb.... You'd better publish some good news also!!!! (If there is any!)


Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Hi Betsy! There are some judges, I am sure that are fair and balanced. One, that I know of in particular, is Judge Brian Huff, District Court Judge in Jefferson County, Alabama. He has many people sing his praises..He is also a friend of mine on facebook.

Anonymous said...

judge jimmy sandlin of Lauderdale County, Al., sad to say, but, true to life...is one of the most unfair, biased, cold hearted people I have ever had the displeasure of having to associate with. He practices "HIS" law, with total disregard for AL. statute's and literally Constitutional Right's as well as the Bill of Right's of this great country, they mean NOTHING to this person. Children of this county are in grave danger in his hand's. He has a rather powerful entourage of "cronies"...this would include certain attorney's(more than a FEW), local politician's, CPS or DHR, the Cramer Children's Advocacy Center, CASA(Court Appointed Special Advocates) and is in fact, in an adulterous afair
with a CASA worker, whom he left his family for. He has a GAL(Guardian ad Litem) fav list, these attorney's get appointments, thus the xtra funds that GAL's get, as long as they "go his way", these Gal's could care less for the best interest of the children they represent, they like the $$$.
Files notoriously get lost in the court house and cases lost due to this, then the clerk's office is blamed, so it would appear. But, there is hope, there are "other" people in high place's that are watching him and taking note's, not all in or of Florence. This political corruption is literally mind boggling and shameful. But, the "high up" resentment quietly is building, against him and his cronies...his reign of terrorism to children and families is rapidly approaching an overthrow. He'll never be re-elected. He has been much too blatant to savage a career, as a fact finder of LAW, he may find himself in a new line of work, maybe a conveniece store evening shift worker, stareing at a security camera. And, yes, his sis Cindy Schuessler, will be stocking the cooler.

Pray the evil end's soon.
Thank you for reading, I'm one of the many sitting in corner's gathering palpable evidence.