Friday, July 31, 2009

I HATE DIAL UP...looking for condo/hotels SUCKS

I love to research, but come on...looking for a gulf front hotel or condo SUCKS if you are on dial up. Too many windows, minimize windows, wait for the world to revolve LMAO! I'm getting exasperated now. Looking for an ocean front condo, or hotel, and just when I think I have found one, within my price range, and for the specific dates I want to go, you read ratings comments, and someone will tell about finding hairs in the bathtub, or blah blah blah. Good Grief! For someone who is obsessive about having her hands clean, this girlie cannot stand hairs in the bathtub, hairs on wash cloths and towels, etc. I have traveled to vacation places in the past, and at one place, I was washing my face with one of those "white" wash cloths, and there was a hair. yuck! Then, another time, we traveled to a motel, and pulled back the bedspread, and there was a hugh wet spot in the middle of the bed. ANOTHER YUCK! When I was pregnant with my youngest son, we went to a motel with the 3 older kids, and they were swimming when the kids came over to the edge of the pool, where I was watching them, and whispered,..."mom, there is poop in the pool floating around"...It appears someone had taken their baby's diaper off. ANOTHER DOUBLE YUCK!! roflmao!!!! Ok...back to searching,, ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS???


Betsy from Tennessee said...

We always go to Holiday Inn Express --and have had very FEW bad experiences in one of them. We do alot of traveling and stay in alot of HIE's... I guess we are 'afraid' to try most anything else!!!! (Maybe HIE should pay us for the publicity!)

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Hey Betsy! Thanks for the recommendation. I did check them out, but I had already located another one. I spend several hours just breezing through advertisements of hotels, motels, condos, etc. I could not believe the aggravation of looking for one LOL.. It is NOT as easy as one might think. They don't tell you everything up front. Right when you are ready to check out, it will say, "This price does not include taxes or fees."...then you get to wondering, "How many other fees are there?"...and "Can I find one without fees, or at least find one that has the fees upfront". Good Grief. I won't never look online again for one, LMAO...I ended up looking at Dauphin Island and dreaming about the peace and seclusion of a private beach. I just want to go and watch the waves come in, listen to the sea gulls, and take pictures LOL..Oh, maybe an occasion pick up of shells, if there are any left. Did you know there was a rainbow yesterday? A BEAUTIFUL ONE HERE...My son in law got it on his camera phone. As soon as he gets it to me, I'll send to you :)