Sunday, July 26, 2009


Madison Psychiatrist, Anika Wilson, is suing Tara McCollum for alleged online Defamation of Character for posts made on THIS SHOULD BE A VERY INTERESTING CASE TO WATCH!! For too long now, (3 years, for some, and 2 years for others) I have been the object of several individuals' fascination. I have been harassed online, slandered and defamed online, (both on and BamaKrissy's site (9 months on BK's site), as well as her bully blog, "TellThatBullyWhatYouReallyThink". Just the very name of a blog like that, shows the intent to harass and bully others.

Not only have I been harassed, but my entire family has, especially my youngest son, who has been accused of being a foul, filthy mouthed poster on the BK site. He, however, was not this individual he was accused of being. (BamaKrissy, herself posted that the IP being used by this "Hell2pay" poster was coming from Illinois). (Although she was aware of this, she still refused to remove the nasty posts about my son). Sexually explicit language was hurled at my son by various posters on BK's site, including language about sex with a family dog. My youngest son has also been accused of being a high school drop out, when in fact, he is still in school, and a very good student. I could go on and on about the harassment, but I will save that for a later date. Most of my readers already are aware of this abuse.

The cyber stalking I have suffered, started on and was carried over to several other places, including, ; ; and the latest place is . No where, no how, at any time did I EVER post on BamaKrissy's 2 sites. However, I have been personally attacked online, repeatedly for this false accusation. My reputation has been drug through the mud. (One poster, BackInTheDay64, even posted on BamaKrissy's site that if you typed in "inbreeding, it would take you to my Myspace page.) "

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Hey stillkicking , I was bored and looked her up on myspace. Bwahahahhahaha! Scary is right! Funny thing though, I typed in "examples of inbreeding" and got the same myspace page in the search results. I feel like I know all the family and friends now and only seen pics of a few."

My husband's reputation, and my 4 children's names and reputations have been slandered repeatedly on all of the above places, with the exception of Deb's "cyberbully blog" and then she catagorizes me as "b". Most of the time the nastiest talk was anonymous at first, and then once I exposed who the slanderous posters were, (here on my website, only), they started using their names. They even started getting bold enough to start posting their own pictures as well. These individuals are very bold, calculated, and intent with their vicious ways to harm others, through their words, and possibly through their actions. (me and my family specifically). I have never met any of these indivudals in the Huntsville/Decatur group. They do not know me personally, just heresay. They do not know my children personally, or my husband, personally. JUST HERESAY.

BamaKrissy has stated on her forum at different times, what the definition of slander is, so she is aware of what she is doing, and of what her "no deletions policy" is doing to others. Huntfire has been working on "blackmailing" someone, which is in itself, a crime. (See proof of "blackmail intent").


Knight said...

You tell them Deb, I seen a lot of those postings myself much of which I cannot believe grown people would consider doing. There is "NO" excuse for this type of behavior. Grown people that of which I guess have nothing better to do than talk about others. They need to grow up and get a life and leave well enough alone.

Kudos to Anika Wilson for slapping them with a law suit, these people are well deserving of what they get.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Something has to give, Deb, when it comes to this kind of harrassment. I couldn't believe that woman who posed as a young boy and ultimately caused a young girl's suicide---got off with almost no punishment at all. Something has to GIVE!!!

P.S. Did you hear from Sammie?

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

You are so right, Betsy. Something has to give. I cannot understand people being so downright hateful and mean to people they don't even know. Their behavior is borderline schizophrenic, (in my opinion), and by their actions. They even have a religious section on that blog, where they have "prayers" for people. If you happen to visit that sight, you better cover your ears LOL.

On a lighter side...I haven't heard from Sammie. Could you please ask her to email me, because my mail might have gone to her "spam box" since it was the first time I have ever written to her. Thanks for your kind words and your friendship, Betsy. You are one in a million, woman!

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Brandy, you are absolutely right about NO excuse for this type of behavior. It's worse than the old timey, "steal the lunch money from the younger kids" type behavior. Remember seeing those old movies? I have always abhorred bullies. When I was about 8 years old, I lived in Manassas, Virginia, and I had my bike parked outside of the school building. I went to retrieve it to return home after school, and saw it was gone! (this was back in the late '60s). My brother and I spotted two big guys walking off with my bike, off in the field. We ran after them, and I told them they had my bicycle..which had BRAND NEW handle bars and a new seat. They had already stripped my bike down, but by golly, I told them it was mine, and we got it back. I have fought for the rights of others for many years now, and I certainly won't take behavior like I have experienced from these self-absorbed individuals, "sitting down". I am a fighter, like you, Brandy, and neither of us will go down without a fight! Thanks to both you and Betsy for your comments.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

One more thing, Brandy...they aren't the ones being sued by the psychiatrist.

Alabama Angyl said...

You are so right, girl! Good for you and me for standing up to these hoodlums. They have also bullied me incessantly for years, just because I am disabled. They have also threatened to blackmail me and sue me.

Something has GOT to give, like was said earlier... that woman who was ultimately responsible for that girl's suicide should be in jail right now, but instead she got off scott-free... bullies always do, and that is wrong.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

thanks for posting, Angyl...I know the harassment that you have also sustained from these individuals. I don't understand why they have made you and me their life goal to constantly harass,(state hideous remarks that are not true, to incite anger), slander (make false accusations that are libelous, as well as ruin our reputations on false accusations), and stalk us...because although they have stated repeatedly that they don't stalk us...they have gone to your facebook and copied what our wall to wall comments were, and re-posted on; they have followed us from one forum to another incessantly wondering which username might be ours; I even had Kingbud follow me to another forum (other than under his Whatabeach username and sign up right under my name, because he knew I was signing up there. THAT IS STALKING...bumprstickr (the former Tagman) has followed me for over 2 years now, at the beck and call of Ptrail2/nanny2shoes/trailgal/trailroad, etc (Pat Cobern). She is like their "mother" who will go into a specific room (mostly Prattville) and call them from wherever they are to come in and "play". I have many posts to that effect. LockNLoad is a member of the Morgan County Democrat Executive Committee, and has joined in on this horrible harassment. The Democrats in the state of Alabama think I deserve to be persecuted because I exposed PAC TO PAC funding that had utility money going to Susan Parker, who won the race against me for state PSC. (Public Service Commission regulates certain utilities, and these specific ones I exposed, were regulated ones.) It's just downright disgusting and uncalled for. I am watching several cyber bully cases to see what happens in them. I will keep you posted, as well as my other friends and posters on here.