Tuesday, September 21, 2010


There are many kids who are incarcerated at an early age..as a minor, who do not deserve to be in prison.  Also,  there are some who have NO CHANCE OF PAROLE.  Please take the time to view this site, and choose someone to write to.  It only takes a few minutes, and it will make a lifetime of difference to the young men and women incarcerated.  Knightgale has dedicated her life to helping the children who were wrongly convicted.  She deserves a helping  hand.  Love you, Knightgale!!



Knightgale said...

Hello Debbie, Thank you for your post, those I communicate with are just a few of thousands of kids all over the U. S. Can't possibly help them all, but doing what I can, so many have been forgotten and abandoned by officials and family. Children CAN change, but officials never offers a "chance".

Suggest to also view my google blog at JUSTICE WINDS, http://justicewinds.blogspot.com

Juvenile LAW REFORM is imperative, to save our nation's children from doom and deaths.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Knightgale, I wrote to Christopher this morning, and am going to try to keep up writing...I have carpal tunnel in my wrists and it's painful to write sometimes, but if I figure out how to get my new printer/scanner hooked up to my computer, then I can type on word pad and print it off. That might be more legible for them to read LOL...I used to have pretty good handwriting, but age has taken it's toll on me. Thanks so much for caring about the kids, girl. I have 4 in prison that I write to. Hoping to hear back from Krista soon. I will keep up with her and Christopher and I owe a letter to Thomas Arthur and Brent Parish.