Friday, July 23, 2010

Bombshell of Sheriff Herbie Johnson Using Another Piece of County Equipment for Personal Gain!!

It appears that Sheriff Herbie Johnson has used yet ANOTHER piece of County Equipment for Personal Gain.  Billy Brown's Attorney, Ben Schoettker,  pointed out a major flaw in Sheriff Johnson's former testimony from Thursday that he wasn't aware of a CAMPAIGN sign being on the 4-wheeler that he rode in in Prattville's Fouth of July Parade.  Well, it appears today, that Johnson DID ride with a sign on the FRONT of the 4-wheeler.  HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THAT A CAMPAIGN SIGN IS ON THE FRONT OF A 4-WHEELER YOU ARE RIDING ON????   I call the sheriff's bluff  here.  I know that the sheriff uses county owned property (PARKING LOT), for his own personal gain.  Back in 2002, Johnson used a trailer he pulled around without a tag on the back, (yes through town), (AND without lights) with his campaign signs all over the trailer.  It was a major distraction at the corner of 4th Street and court street red light.  Herbie Johnson parked the trailer right in the corner of the parking lot, where the Prattville Chamber of Commerce building now stands.  This was the former parking lot for the COURTHOUSE personnel and visitors to the courthouse who conducted business.  You might remember this parking lot was being used, also, while the jail was being constructed. 

"The defense called a single witness Friday morning, Sheriff Herbie Johnson. Defense attorney Ben Schoettker presented a photo into evidence that showed Johnson driving a county owned four-wheeled utility vehicle in the recent Prattville Independence Day parade. Johnson had testified Thursday that he drove the vehicle in the parade but that it didn’t know if it had displayed one of his campaign signs.
The photograph from the parade showed a campaign sign on the front of the vehicle. Johnson said he didn’t see the sign while driving the vehicle, and wasn’t the person who decorated the vehicle for the parade. He said he didn’t put the sign on the vehicle."

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