Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jury Selected...Autauga County Coroner, Billy Brown's Court Case Proceeds to Trial

I am glad that Billy's case is finally going to be  heard by a jury, and he will get to tell his side of the story.  Too much water over the dam, and too much political strife is involved in this case.  Billy Brown has wanted to be sheriff for a very long time.  Herbie Johnson wants to continue as sheriff.   It's quite clear to see that politics has a lot to do with what goes on in Autauga County.  I, personally have been libeled for a long time on, partly due to my honesty in reporting.  I attended court in support of Billy yesterday, and was very impressed with the jury instruction by Judge Tracy McCooey.  I have never heard a judge state the duty & law that applies to the jury better than she. 

The following  are some comments from concerning my attendance. 

4617.2.1. Hi Guys
by trailgal, 7/20/10 13:34 ET
Re: Good Morning all! by trailgal, 7/20/10
Boy sofa you really snuck in under the line. Good for you. It sure is a hot one out there. Keeping my little butt inside with the air. Think the deleter has her nose where it does not belong today. Will see if deletions come after court.LOL

4617.2.1.1. Will be
by trailgal, 7/20/10 13:41 ET
Re: Good Morning all! by trailgal, 7/20/10
a lunch break 12 to ? Central time.

Trailgal is Pat Cobern, of the Autauga County Democrats, and also a State Democrat Executive Committee Member and Representative for District 88 in Autauga & Elmore Counties.  Pat has held a grudge of me since 2005, and it's getting quite old.  She not only stalks me online, but now she is keeping watch of where I am in town.  I am supporting Billy Brown in his run for Sheriff of Autauga County.  Pat Cobern is supporting Sheriff Herbie Johnson, a Republican, although she is a Democrat.  (Prattville Forum,

4511. Billy Brown for Sheriff!
by DebMurphree2010, 6/17/10 9:28 ET

4511.1. Herbie Johnson for Sheriff
by trailgal, 6/17/10 10:16 ET

I wish Billy Brown good luck on his campaign.  We will be praying for your trial outcome, Billy!

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