Friday, July 23, 2010

Montgomery Advertiser via Marty Roney ...TESTIMONY by Sheriff Johnson Acknowledging He Used His Office For Personal Gain

I guess I wasn't surprised about this stunning admission by Sheriff Herbie Johnson, concerning use of county property for personal gain. 

"On cross-examination by defense attorney Ben Schoettker, Johnson identified the utility trailer as being owned by the sheriff's office, paid for with public funds.

"The trailer loaded with twigs, do you use that for law enforcement purposes?" Schoettker said.
"No, sir," Johnson answered.
"Well, that's the same thing you are accusing Billy Brown of isn't it?" the lawyer countered.
"Yes," the sheriff answered.
"Using county property for personal gain?" Schoettker continued.
"Yes," Johnson replied.

Back when Herbie Johnson ran for sheriff in 2002, he used a utility trailer at that time, with his campaign sign attached to the back of it, and left it parked in the corner of the parking lot across the street from the Courthouse, where the new Prattville Chamber of Commerce building stands now.  Johnson rode around with this trailer through town, without a tag on the back of the trailer, on several occasions.  He only removed the trailer when signs about Allen Cook were placed on the trailer.  You might remember Allen Cook.  He was the 19 year old inmate that died in "Herbie's Hilton" from a viral infection.  (that went untreated). 

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