Thursday, August 26, 2010

KUDOS to Autauga County Sheriff's Department Lieutenant Mike Heath & Investigator Steve Adams for Recovering Stolen Property!!

Autauga County Sheriff's Department employees, Lieutenant Michael Heath and Investigator Steve Adams deserve applause for their part in the recovery of stolen property and goods in a string of recent robberies.  Recovered were "Eight rifles and shotguns, six handguns, a BB gun, numerous tools and electronics, several pieces of jewelry, camera equipment, table and six chairs, welder, grill, decorative sword, and dozens of other items".  That's great to see the Sheriff's Department at it's best!!  Thanks guys.

One of the victims of the robberies, Greg Mclean had had property stolen during 2 separate break-ins this year, had some comments for the alleged robber.  "I'm just thankful this dude has been caught and won't be hitting anybody else for a while".


Anonymous said...

Congrats for finally posting something positive about the ACSO. :)

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

I always give credit, where credit is due. I have no problems with any of the deputies, personally. It's the "leadership" that I have a problem with. The "boss". (He's the one who hasn't done his duty correctly or when expected of). I tell you what...Greg McLean was very lucky to recover his property that was stolen. I hope that many others were also. My husband never has recovered his stolen goods, although it was testified to, during a court proceeding, that Herbie Johnson was a part of.