Thursday, June 18, 2009


I have been doing my homework on the Democrat candidates for Governor, and have decided to throw my vote in for RON SPARKS. He is the most qualified, in my opinion, ...FOR GOVERNOR. Ron has served us very well as Commissioner of Agriculture for several years, now. Ron worked hard to make sure our food supply was safe. Ron also rallied to get sugar sodas out of the schools. He struggled to get dietary and low calorie drinks in the system for our children. He is STILL working hard for us. I also personally met Ron on the campaign trail in 2006, and feel he is the better choice.

I also met Artur Davis at the Alabama Democratic Conference for candidates in 2006. He seemed to be a well polished individual and well spoken. However, after I heard that he had accepted a large donation from Republican Bill Canary, I searched in another direction, FOR SURE. The fact that he has distanced himself from former Governor, Don Siegelman, ...well, you know the old saying, YOU DON'T KICK A FRIEND, WHEN THEY ARE DOWN. I have supported Don Siegelman all along, and still do. I consider him a great friend, and even corresponded with him while he was in prison. IF Don would run for governor, again, he would have my vote over ANYONE. I feel that he truly worked hard throughout his entire career as a public servant to keep the best interest of the citizen in the forefront.

I also met Sue Bell Cobb, on the campaign trail, when we were both campaigning. I happened to run into her at a rally in Birmingham, on a park trail. Ha! Even gave her my literature. Fancy that. Wasn't impressed then, and haven't been impressed, since.

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