Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am SO TIRED of public officials using different branches of Government as STEPPING STONES to further their career. We all know how hard Sue Bell Cobb fought to become Chief Justice of Alabama. "This Little Light of Mine"...told me so! Now she is considering the Governor candidacy? Susan Parker did the very same thing, as well. She won the State PSC race, and then the very next thing you know, she was considering a race for United States Congress (before her PSC term was expired).

The Judicial System is STILL as crooked as it was, since SUE took office. SUSAN has not changed the Public Service Commission, as far as rates are concerned for private citizens. THEY HAVE GONE UP WITH ALABAMA POWER!!

I would like to see some of these candidates make PROGRESS with the positions they are in, before they choose to further their careers and move on to another position. Alabamians deserve better!

If Sue Bell Cobb really wanted to do something to improve Alabama's future...she is definitely in the position to do so, at the present time, as Chief Justice of Alabama. As bad as things are in Alabama, our COURT SYSTEM seems to be at the bottom of the barrel, although our JUDGES are some of the highest paid in the nation. POVERTY is at a high level in Alabama, YET...Judges seem to be faring WELL. What's wrong with this picture??? This is a FAMILIAR too common. This is the same thing that our last Chief Justice (Roy Moore) did. He used the 10 Commandments and Sue Bell uses the "children". For God's sake, Sue Bell, fix the Judicial System!! Then...look for another career. preferably one outside of the court system. (and you know what I'm talking about)!! You big tub of lard!!

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