Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ted Kennedy's Massachusetts Senate Seat Goes To REPUBLICAN Scott Brown

Amazingly so, a Republican has won the Massachusetts Senate seat...that was held by Democrat Ted Kennedy,  for many years.  http://www.politicsdaily.com/2010/01/19/gops-scott-brown-beats-martha-coakley-for-u-s-senate-in-massac/


Betsy from Tennessee said...

I wondered if you would post this one, Deb... (Ha Ha).... It truly is HISTORY in the making. I'll bet old Teddy turned over in his grave.


Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Hey Betsy! I try to post political issues AND family/friends/nature items...Everyone seems to be interested in Scott Brown winning the election in Massachusetts. They say that Health Care Reform is going to have some problems now, since Brown is fighting it. Here we go again, back into the political dissention among MANY. I welcome any comments on this new topic of Scott Brown. I believe he is Attorney General of Massachusetts. His website says he is a Lt. Colonel of the Army National Guard as well. http://www.brownforussenate.com/

I honor him for his service in the Army National Guard.

Don said...

Deb, here’s what I think: voters in Massachusetts who have lived with “Romney-Care” for around 4 years and have seen how it has failed as a health care bill for them; and who are fed up with how the current administration (both the White House and the Democrat-controlled Congress) is trying to ram something similar or worse down our throats (even though a majority of polled Americans oppose it) and are negotiating the final form of the health care bill behind closed doors (although Obama said more than once that negotiations would be broadcast on CSPAN); and who are opposed to all of the massive government spending that is further bankrupting America and placing the debt on the shoulders of them, their children and future generations; and who oppose the socialist path our government is traveling down…..I think those voters, Republicans, disgruntled Independents and even Democrats, yesterday may have fired the second “shot heard around the world”. The second American Revolution may have started and if it did it may be what saves our nation.

By the way, are you ever going to post my rather long comment that I submitted to your CANCER AWARENESS....What's YOUR Bra Color? (It's Spreading on Facebook!!) several days ago?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

No---the woman he defeated was Attorney General of Mass.. I like him. He's got a great sense of humor. Hope he doesn't go to Washington and become corrupt like most of the others.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Hey Don! I DID post what you said, I just edited it a little bit ROFLMAO!!! Thanks for this rather lengthy comment also :) It's very eye-opening..and I enjoyed reading it....I know my readers will, also!

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

OH! my bad...I thought I had heard that he was Attorney General. I guess I was in my recliner dosing away when I thought I read that LMAO!!!