Thursday, January 21, 2010


Well, just when you think you have heard it all, along comes a NEW story and shoots down that theory.  Here is an innocent man using the WRONG airport door, and is facing JAIL TIME!!  Next thing you know, they are going to start charging you for "stink bombs" (if you use the restroom), or for indecent exposure if you wear lipstick.   Here's a tip.  When you plan to travel (fly), make sure that you use the tinest of tubes...toothpaste, or other items from tubes. (is that illegal?  I wouldn't know, because I don't fly)...Make sure that you stand in line and do not have your eyes dart about.   Stand still until you make it to the check out.  Probably best if you travel alone, because if they detain you, you would have to worry about what would happen to your children.  Wear see through clothing, (which is probably illegal, but saves you the embarassment of a strip search).  Don't wear could send off signals.  Be careful about what religion you are, because I can guarantee you that if you are a woman, and wearing covering over your face, they will detain you longer.  (that happened recently).  Don't smile at anyone..could be interpreted the wrong way.  HECK...maybe you should just walk to your destination, ...or take a boat.  No, wait, walking, you could get kidnapped and murdered.   Or, taking a boat, you could hit an iceberg and sink.  Better yet, JUST STAY HOME...No, wait...a plane or unidentified flying object could fly into your house.  Ha ha...just a little something to get your day going.


Jay Croft said...

Above all--use common sense.

If a door is locked or labeled "For official use only," leave it alone.

Even a bathroom stall. ;-)

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

ROFL!! Jay, you love airport/airplane posts, don't you!! I still say you ain't gonna get me on one!!