Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meeting in the Park was a SUCCESS!!

Several people attended the Meeting In The Park today, for Judicial Reform.  The people who came represented all 3 counties of the 19th Judicial Circuit.  Brandy Knight, Coordinator of the meeting, was very pleased with the turnout, as was I.  We have several pictures to share with you, but will be posting the stories either tomorrow or the next day, depending on when the final drafts are ready. 

The rain held off for us today, and we even saw some sun shining through the clouds.   What a great day!  In attendance, were two individuals who were former candidates for sheriff in two separate counties of the 19th Judicial Circuit, and one individual who is running for Coroner of Chilton County.  We even had a guest come from as far away as Jefferson County!  The Clanton Advertiser even had an article on the front page concerning Brandy's Meeting in the Park...

We decided in unison that we will continue to hold our meetings, and try to conduct them about once a month in one of the 3 19th Judicial Circuit Counties. The county of choice for November will be announced at a later day.  We will keep you posted. 

We are proud of the response we had today..and of the group we  have formed.  If you have any suggestions, or would like to join our group, please contact Brandy Knight (Fair Justice) or me, here at my blog.

Brandy Knight (on right) & myself

Jessie Bombara, her husband & daughter

Darren Obrien, my good friend who ran for Elmore County Sheriff in 2002

Paul Brooks, wife & daughter (Paul is a candidate for Coroner of Chilton County)

Mr. Cleckler


Knight said...

Deb, I have to say we were blessed today. I knew when the rain held off the good Lord was out for justice too. All it takes is belief and we all have that. This is what it takes; A community standing together for what they believe in. I am geared up and ready to go...can't wait till we hold the next meeting. I thank you so much Deb for your help you have been a blessing through all of this. We met for a reason and the good lord knew what he was doing by bringing us together. I look forward to our future progress with Judicial Reform. Love Ya!!

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Yes, I knew the same thing about the rain. The weather had been calling for 80 PERCENT chances of thunder storms. I was prepared to hit the car...I'm not one to take a chance in lightning storms LOL...I DO believe that our future meetings will be great also. More and more people will be coming, and showing an interest in their community. Brandy, you do know that those 3 or 4 cars that just drove through slowly, and watched us closely, were actually wanting to be up there with us in the small pavilion. LOL...maybe they will get brave next time, because they surely did miss the great finger foods that you and your momma brought. They were delicious. Thank you for your thoughtfulness of others, Brandy.

Cherie said...

enjoyed the pics, ms. deb, still have to read the whole post, and will find time, but just gotta come here and write and give you hugs!