Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dentist Kim Kornegay in Prattville Protesting Liquor License Ordered by Judge John Bush

I found this to be quite interesting!   A Prattville dentist, Kim Kornegay is protesting Circuit Judge John Bush's decision to grant a liquor license to Hiro Koda's new business in Prattville,  CLUB BTS. 

Hiro Koda was denied a license through the Prattville City Council, and had appealed to Autauga County Circuit Court.  Circuit Court Judge, John Bush granted the liquor license, and Hiro Koda plans to open up his club on Sunday afternoon.   I say Kudos to Judge John Bush for his decision. 

I have noticed that there have been other owners in the past in the Autauga County/Prattville area who have been denied liquor licenses, and it stifled their businesses.  Are we not supposed to support local businesses, and want them to thrive?  This is not a religious decision for one to make.  I welcome any and all posts concerning this issue...even anonymous, unless they are hateful and spiteful.  Attacking someone's character is not the answer here.  I want to hear REAL opinions of why or why not Judge Bush should have ruled the way he did.  I want to hear REAL opinions, also, of why or why not the council denied the liquor license.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dr. Kornegay does not want such an establishment in front of his million-plus dollar office. To be accurate, this is not a restaurant with a liquor license, it is a nightclub. A nightclub such as this could attract unsavory and irresponsible patrons that would damage property and cause general disruption. One should also note that Dr. Kornegay has been practicing dentistry in this community for 27 years and resides in Prattville, Mr. Koda does not. So who do we want to support more-- Dr. Kornegay who has contributed significantly to the development of our town, or an outsider looking to establish a business that is one small step from a topless bar? I followed this issue a few months ago when it was covered in the press, and I believe the decision was an abhorrent abuse of power. This was just another classic example of a judge legislating from the bench, and completely negating the authority of the council members that our town elected. Lastly, this issue had nothing to do with religion--it was business, and I believe that Judge Bush's decision will have a very negative impact on our community in the long run.

Anonymous said...

In answer to the comment above it should be noted that Dr. Kornegay has never been inside Mr. Koda's establishment nor has he ever contacted Mr. Koda or anyone on his staff to get real information on what Club BTS is about. I have been there and I am not an irresonsible patron that would "damage property and cause general disruption" nor were the patrons I saw there. One small step from a topless bar? That could not be farther from the truth! This is a very nice bar that has alot of movie memorabilia, is clean and has a good food menu. I hate when people judge and make false assumptions just because they can. Before you start trying to give your view you should at least get the facts.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

I don't have a dog in this fight, BUT I know I have only heard GOOD things about Club BTS. I'm going to be visiting Club BTS in the next few weeks to hear a good friend of mine sing.