Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Republican Joe Wilson's "YOU LIE" episode to President Obama

I know I was appalled by the outburst of Republican Joe Wilson against President Barack Obama during Obama's speech last week.  Here are some interesting links from "Move On". 

1. Wilson Refuses to Apologize on House Floor," Roll Call, September 10, 2009.


2. "Joe Wilson YouTube: 'I Will Not Be Muzzled'" Talking Points Memo, September 10, 2009.


3. "Joe Wilson: 'I Have Been Overwhelmed' By Supportive Phone Calls," Talking Points Memo, September 10, 2009.


4. "Limbaugh Wishes Wilson Had Not Apologized," Media Matters, September 10, 2009.


5. "Rep. Joe Wilson Talks With Sean Hannity, Stands By His Comments," The Washington Independent, September 10, 2009.


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