Monday, August 24, 2009

One More CASH FOR CLUNKERS Story...This is Cute!!

I'm bringing you this story from one of my favorite bloggers, "Left In Alabama". Seems they had to get rid of their clunker, but I think they were misinformed about what is to happen to their clunker once it is in the hands of the dealers. (shhhhhhhhhhhhh...maybe they won't see this and become very sad! lol)....The clunkers get CRUSHED...they do not go back on the roads (from my understanding...correct me if I'm wrong, please). Left In Alabama was under the impression that their vehicle was going to hit the road again...."I'm sure the dealers will make some repairs and my little convertible will once again run the roads. I hope so". Gayla, I'm so sorry, but your vehicle will become just another tiny spot on that tall pile of crushed vehicles. I'll bring you a hankie, if you wish. is the article by Gayla, and it was really kinda humorous...about the bumper stickers, and the Bush story.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

You are correct, Deb. They will get crushed... BUT who knows when???? Knowing the way our Govt. operates, it may take YEARS... ha


troutbirder said...

I was visiting Betseys blog and came over here. Wow! I couldn't believe there was a fellow Democrat in Alabama. I love it. :)

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Troutbirder...thanks for visiting!! I hope you will continue to visit...I'll go check out your blog also. Have a great day, fellow Democrat lol..