Saturday, August 29, 2009

JUDGE JIMMY SANDLIN...Florence, Alabama..comments and links

Judge Jimmy Sandlin caught my attention when he visited my website from Scottsboro Power and Electric Company. (on several occasions, I might add). He also came to my site through Bama Krissy's site. I posted someone's comment last night that was sent to me, concerning this judge, and it was quite disturbing. I also visited Sholanda Speaks' website this morning, and found this interesting link. PLEASE READ. Domestic cases involving children are always important to me, as is Brandy Knight's little nephew's case in Chilton County (you can see that on FairJustice blog site. (view on my blog links at the bottom of my front page).

Here's another link, also, concerning a first posting of a case involving Judge Jimmy Sandlin as the presiding judge.

The following is a comment that was posted on my site concerning a post about Judge Jimmy Sandlin.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Judge Jimmy Sandlin, Lauderdale County":

judge jimmy sandlin of Lauderdale County, Al., sad to say, but, true to one of the most unfair, biased, cold hearted people I have ever had the displeasure of having to associate with. He practices "HIS" law, with total disregard for AL. statute's and literally Constitutional Right's as well as the Bill of Right's of this great country, they mean NOTHING to this person. Children of this county are in grave danger in his hand's. He has a rather powerful entourage of "cronies"...this would include certain attorney's(more than a FEW), local politician's, CPS or DHR, the Cramer Children's Advocacy Center, CASA(Court Appointed Special Advocates) and is in fact, in an adulterous afair
with a CASA worker, whom he left his family for. He has a GAL(Guardian ad Litem) fav list, these attorney's get appointments, thus the xtra funds that GAL's get, as long as they "go his way", these Gal's could care less for the best interest of the children they represent, they like the $$$.
Files notoriously get lost in the court house and cases lost due to this, then the clerk's office is blamed, so it would appear. But, there is hope, there are "other" people in high place's that are watching him and taking note's, not all in or of Florence. This political corruption is literally mind boggling and shameful. But, the "high up" resentment quietly is building, against him and his cronies...his reign of terrorism to children and families is rapidly approaching an overthrow. He'll never be re-elected. He has been much too blatant to savage a career, as a fact finder of LAW, he may find himself in a new line of work, maybe a conveniece store evening shift worker, stareing at a security camera. And, yes, his sis Cindy Schuessler, will be stocking the cooler.

Pray the evil end's soon.
Thank you for reading, I'm one of the many sitting in corner's gathering palpable evidence.


Knight said...

Deb, I read the article as soon as it came through my email. Yes, this was as disturbing as it gets. People often say, "things could be worse," and they are right.

I can sit here all day long and try to ponder the other side of the story, but when children are involved there is only ONE side, and that is theirs. These children are not making this up, and a doctor could prove that.

I guess Judge Jimmy Sandlin and Judge Sibley G. Reynolds are now hanging out with one another and discussing how they intend to screw up our small children's lives.

Everyone residing in Florence needs to come together for the sake of these small lives before it is too late. Judges and DHR are starting to kick us while we are already down and I have said this before and I will say it again. "There are more of us, than there are of them." It will take each community getting out, and speaking out about these judges, and how they are screwing with the next generation. We can NOT let this happen...Fighting back takes strength, prayers, faith, and love...It can be done.

God Bless,

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

From what I have read about Judge Jimmy Sandlin, and observed, he and Judge Sibley Reynolds seem to have a lot in common. If you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Dear Deb, after reading the Sandlin comments, I had to check out the other sites, Shoalanda and the court judge forum site. I live in Rogersville and had biz at the courthouse last month and guess being nosey or just concerned, saw a young girl and mother crying buckets of tears, after being in his court over her baby, the young girl's. Well, I caught some of the story, she, the mom, was a teen and the gmother very supportive, wanted custody of their child, taken and in custody of DHR. They were poor, but not stupid, I could tell that, but were indigent, the child mom was in school and worked at burger joint, did what DHR ordered and was in counseling, mom too. Gmother had temp employment and trying. Sure people have problems, we all do, but, sandlin, took her parental rights away, and is trying to allow a step grandmother to adopt the baby. In sandlins court it's who you know and how much money you got.

I am so appalled and saddened by the way he is doing the kids, there are definitely constitutional rights to be parents and state and fed laws that specifically address child custody. He does not care, I would, my gut feeling, think he himself is an abuser, probably so to his own family, wife and his kids. Maybe he has little man syndrome, because he is quite small, as in very small in size, ht and wt. I hope he gets kicked off the bench. I also checked out the programs he's involved in , many, that have received 100,000's of thousands of dollars in funding, grants, donations, where has all that money went? I do believe he is being watch dogged, probably the FBI, they cleaned house in Franklin Co a few years back, got a judge there and others. If he were smart he would resign before they catch him and they will, just a matter of time.

Wow, what you learn on this smart box.

I'm praying for all those poor people, especially the kids. My church is as well, and we have met and decided to spread the word.


Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

The children are the ones we should ALWAYS protect. Sometimes our resources are limited on what our avenues of protection can be, but we should always strive to do the best we can, with the knowledge we have, to protect our children. They are our FUTURE...I have seen so much of this tyype of behavior from judges in the 19th Judicial Circuit and locally. Children being taken away from the SAFE HOMES, and placed in other homes, where the judges KNOW that there is deviant behavior going on, etc. Thanks for your comment, Christina. You should get in touch with my good friend, Brandy, also who has commented on this post.

Anonymous said...

I recieved an email, from not sure? Asking me to read the comments on your site. I know of this Judge, Jimmy Sandlin and his deed's. But, I had, really, no idea the gravity. I knew thing's have been questionable, because people talk, in circle's or gossip around the water cooler. But, this is astounding, remarkable and very disturbing. I do hold some position, I suppose some people would think, of power, not really the right word. But, could apply, at time's. I know I'm beating around the bush, at this point, I have to.

I'm ashamed that I have not paid attention, enough. I'm in a state of shock, at what I've recently discovered. I won't sleep tonight, that is for sure. This being a Holiday week end, limit's some of my ability to get closer to the "bottom" of this. And, I will!

It take's a village to care/raise a child, this includes protection. To fathom, our children, in my community or county are being abused, neglected and maltreated by the very one's paid or ethically bound to protect, need's immediate addressing.

I would like to know, whom or who sent me the link's?

I Thank You.

Understandably, I must not reveal myself or position.

"Cop Out" at that this time does apply, forgive me.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Hi, I have no clue who sent you the link to my website. However, people are coming forward talking about their experiences with this particular judge. If you are in a "position of power", please do all that you can to check into what could possibly be going on there. I know that my friend, Brandy Knight has a sister in Chilton County that is suffering from the court system. (at the hands of Judge Sibley Reynolds). We, as citizens of the world, should make sure that something is done to correct whatever is wrong with the system. It takes time, and sometimes TIME is not on our side. However, remember what Helen Keller said, "Alone I do so little...together we can do so much!" Thank you for feeling the need to respond to this post. I do appreciate any comments. I would even welcome a comment from the Judge himself.

Anonymous said...

Deb, I wrote this from my heart. I hope it can be understood by most all, I write in metaphors or just what come's out.

And I write quickly, never educated in the subject of poetry, just one my passion's, along with my most passionate plea, for law by US Constitution, Bill of Right's, State and Federal statutes, to protect my child and self.

jimmy sandlin, doesn't care about my son's life, nor do the so called "In Bed" investigator's.

I'm in hiding, I fear for my life, I mean my beating heart and breath. I'm literally terrified and in hiding in no less than 6 places, friend's and supporter's. My son, I have not seen or spoken to, in so very long in this active case.

I was warned/by unknown, seemed like they cared, it wasn't a mean, nasty remark,(they are going to get you, watch your back) but, I still don't trust what they plan to do this week.

Ya'll reader's and those of "know", please, please investigate and please hurry.

Pray for us, my Son and his loving MaMa.

The Judge?

We pathetic lost fools,
believing in right and good

Living in a land of opportunity
Promises breaking hearts and souls

Our blood spills on majestic steps
In their wretched kingdom

"That" god beats and screams the wrath, as we suffer from the trust

Their foreign encrypted language encrusted with stamped lies

Truth hidden from bloody trails of tears from eyes pleading Help Me

Wiped with my hands and from my nameless face, they can only hope
They can forget...They will not,
as the 21st Psalms, IS...

As our Fore-Fathers toss and turn
I long to touch their hands and do, in their words

Of masonic cruel lust
They breed greed for tainted gold

Evil dressed in black commands
With seduced damned followers

Embellished with cheap pentacles
Deadly steel cock their walk
Eager to protect a poultry stance

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness...

Lost in this race, our race...
As I awake from this nightmare.

THANK You, And pray for us...
R. and A.

Anonymous said...

Ded, I too, got your link from unknown, and I am for the children of all this country and world. I live in Lauderdale County and I know there is so much political BS here. As a mother ,I feel something must be done, to eradicate the slime. but, most or alot of people are so busy trying to just get by. And, many people, with fund's enjoy the joy of living, because they can afford to live. They, many, would be very concerned and possibly do something, if they had the word or knowledge of the misdeed's. Your site and other's of like are getting the word out there but, not at the pace we, the one's that care, need. In other words, the word must be spread faster, and I'm in the process of trying to figure out a way to expound on the subject. The 1st ammendment right, gives me several ideas. Posting in public places, the web site link's I got, with the web sit info, so other's can read what I have. This will be my project, with some help I have recruited, by the next weeks end, I promise in honor to do just that, post all over Lauderdale County, the links/web sites, there are at least 5, concerning Judge Jimmy Sandlin. The people/voter's can then, maybe see, we have a serious problem. The CPS/DHR, CASA, C.I.T.Y, Cramer Center, and etc. need investigating, and the FBI would be one of my choice's, of course the Bar Association and JID, and there are more, but, we must hurry, before one of these lost children does kill themself. Then my next question, how many children have harmed or killed themselve's or other's due to the flawed system, not being there for them.

And, the Rhonda Bogus issue, alleged mistriss of Jimmy Sandlins and her appointment, isn't that "color of law"?

And, where is Troy King in all this? Oh, doing or alleged misdeeds, too.

Concerning the poem, The Judge?
I got it, I had to read Psalms 21but, I got it and how sad.

Pray, I have and will continue to do.

Hang in there,

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Dear thoughts and prayers are with you. I see that you are really concerned about the children of your county and all over the world. I believe in you, and in your quest to seek justice for the children. I will continue to post whatever comes through here to my site. Tell others to read it. I know, and Brandy Knight knows, along with you, that DHR is not always the best program for our children. I am here for you, whenever you need a shoulder, or an ear. Just let me know. The Judges of the State of Alabama need to wake up and start seeing what is going on, with other fellow judges. I'm truly sorry for our rotten justice system.

Anonymous said...

Dear Deb, I need very much to correspond with Brandy, regarding her situation, I may have info to exchange or vice versa, that can help several mother's that are being grossly mistreated, by judicial cruelty and literal unlawful behavior's by corrupt judge's and their entourage. Also, I'm an author/writer with an interest in a book that I have begun to draft on the subject. Thus far I have 4 very disturbung cases in Lauderdale County, and have 2 to investigate, hopefully by month's end. My goal is 13 cases, before publication. This I project to be completed by, no later than April 2010. I would like to include a father's story as well, I have a line on one particular in Lauderdale County. Please have your friend email me

I am not local, I'm in Chicago, but, I have family and friend's in the Shoals area.

Also, would like to compile information to submit to the Dr. Phil Show.

Thank You,
Laura Torrespico
Chicago, IL

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Dear Laura, It's great to hear that someone wants to write a book about the judicial system of Alabama. I had wanted to, and still plan to, but have gotten side tracked with other things that somehow have seemed a little more important than judges in this state. Good Luck with your book. You can email me at and I'd like to hear more about it. You can also click onto Brandy's link (Knight...on this comment page)...and get in touch with Brandy.

Anonymous said...

Deb, I'm still in book process, and quite sure Dr Phil is a shoe in. But, you should know this, and not to deter posters but, I was hacked mercilessly/crashed. I have worked hard/money to get new system that will protect my pc and have new hacker friends myself, so hacker bring it on. I was too whatever, guess, stupid, and I really know better, damn, I live in crime central usa! I know the writer/mother/child/victims related to the article "The Judge".
Things are really chaotic with her case, which is still active. Set to be heard Dec. 3rd in Sandlins court, and it is perilous and I feel she is in danger. I have all the court documents in my hands should anything happen to her or her child, I'll go straight to the Feds! She has such damning evidence on those people, the judge, attorneys, etc.

Hit with new email,
Laura Torrespico
Chicago, IL

notax70 said...

This is in regards to the person using the name Laura Torrespico. Laura did have ties to the shouls area of Alabama. And she does live in Chicago. But one problum. Laura Torrespico passed away in july of 2009. I should know she was my wife. Someone is impersonating my wife and it is a fraud. The name Laura Torrespico is a regestied copy wright. She is a publised athur. Someone is very sick and will be in trouble if more of this continues.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Torrespico, I did not know of your wifes passing, but I am Lara Torrespico, I added the u due to incorrect pronunciation. I live near Chicago outside of Joliet. I am novice and have been working on book projects for 10+yrs. Gov fraud, family court fraud and etc. I am fed up with any and all the children lost in the system.

I have read your wifes work and you should be very proud, and her spoken word is off the charts!

I dare not copyright infringe nor was this intentional, I hope you and she "Laura Torrespico" forgive me for not being informed. I will make name changes appropriately and honor your wife and her awesome work.

Sometimes, it seems, the world is "sadly" small. And also, "sadly" to large to find oneself.

My warmest regards on your loss.

Let us all continue to pray for the victims of family court injustice.

Lara Torrespico

Anonymous said...

My ex wife was caught cheating for the 2nd time in our 26 yr marriage. We verbally agreed to part ways with her taking what she wanted and agreeing to sell the house with proceeds going to her. Three months after the seperation, I got divorce papers in the mail. Sandlin was the judge and seemed as though he didn't care about the actions that led up to all this.
Got word that Sandlin went to church with ex mother in law and knew him thru real estate dealings with his relatives. Wondered why he didn't recuse himself from my case not to mention the issues with his personal indescretions.
Ordered over half of my earnings to go to her for alimony. At this point, going to jail would be better than giving her a dime.