Monday, June 1, 2009

Big Stone Gap's "Mrs.Mac" Virginia McChesney

I located my picture of Mrs. McChesney and my Mother. Both are gone now, but never forgotten. I love both of them. (Mrs. Mac is the one with the cane, and the woman mentioned in Adriana Trigiani's novel, "Big Stone Gap", (Jack Mac's mom).


Anonymous said...

Deb, two posters "bump"(various spellings) and woodsawer are daily posting insults about you, calling you by the nickname "duck". Here's one today (maybe you would like to go to the Mobile forum and Prattville forum to explain that you aren't there anymore). just a suggestion. Hate to see you blasphemed EVERY SINGLE DAY like this.

Here's a sample of one of today's posts about you (the "duck")

"Working alot so the Duck should be happy there is plenty of money to make sure her crazy check is in on time. Does nothing make her happy these days? ~sigh~
But I know she missed us all because she hasn't been able to hit that old button as much as normal. She has been a busy little Duckie though. She is on Huntville, Mobile, Decatur, Montgomery, Baldwin, etc. I have enjoyed her enlightening posts as she tries to impress everyone that she is not who she is. She is British on Huntsville (BABYARVID)and I have the old posts stored that can prove it. I do love it when she screws up and she can't quite get it removed fast enough so nobody see it."

Hope this helps, Deb.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Thank you for informing me of that. I have been gone on vacation, and I was surprised to come back home and view all of that again. I DO still continue to read what is posted there, but I haven't responded to them in about 4 to 5 months now. It's pointless, because like a good friend of mine (Don) once said, the more you respond to them, the more "frenzied" they become. LOL. And I actually believe he was right. You might check out one of my posts I made awhile back, concerning these individuals...such as Bumpr, LocknLoad, BamaKrissy, etc. They are all so lonely, and evidently, possibly friendless. Someone who has friends, jobs, associates, interests, does not constantly stay on computers and harass and stalk, as they do. Although I have endured this since 2005, when I ran for public office, it's becoming "annoying".

I hope you enjoyed my Big Stone Gap post, and the picture I posted of Mrs. Mac. Have a great day!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Deb, I just found your blog --while working on a blog about Mrs. Mac.. I grew up in BSG and graduated in 1960... Do I know you---or your mother????

If interested, you can check out my blog. I have a label on the sidebar about Big Stone Gap.


Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Hi Betsy! Nice to make your acquaintance!! Isn't it exciting making friends from our old home town of Big Stone Gap? I have some pictures I took not long ago of BSG...if you would like to see them. Send me your email address, to and I'll send you a picture of Mrs. Mac and my mother. (Thelma Frey) mother passed away in 2005.