Monday, June 1, 2009


I lived in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, in the early '70s when my father pastored a church in the area there. Big Stone Gap is the serene little town that Adriana Trigiani wrote about in the charming novel, "BIG STONE GAP" which was a national best seller. She has written several additions to the first one as well. I purchased a copy of "Big Stone Gap" from Faith Rescue Mission in Prattville, and enjoyed reading half of it while on vacation. I love the town of Big Stone and have many friends in the surrounding area. I have many wonderful memories of the town from the early '70s when my family and I lived there. The snow...Piano Hymn Playing Contests, (which I won two of)...MRS. VIRGINIA former piano teacher...who has been gone for quite some time, but was my favorite person in Big Stone. I loved Mrs. Mac...There were many memories of mine, that were almost identical to Adriana Trigiani's memories of Big Stone Gap. "Zackie's Bargain Store", Powell Valley High School, Piggly Wiggly, MUTUAL PHARMACY (where my brother and I would sneak down the street to, and purchase a candy bar). I rode my bicycle all over Big Stone! The park was one of my favorite places, as it was right down a few blocks from where we lived on Wood Avenue. We lived across the street from the Museum, and we also lived on the "Trail Of The Lonesome Pine". I can remember watching "Fiddler On the Roof" (a play that was acted out there also). My mother always made sure we enjoyed the "Arts" as she called it. "Educational Arts". I once attended a duo piano show, with two men playing pianos at the same time, and in harmony. I could go on and on...about Appalachia also...where we used to travel between the two towns and climb the steps and see the Appalachian trail, as well as climb this HUGE rock and get pictures taken (my father, mother, and brothers). Mrs. Cornette was my piano teacher after Mrs. Mac. (Mrs. McChesney was always called Mrs. Mac as a pet name). I am including some links to Mrs. Mac for your enjoyment.


Don said...

Deb, your’re showing your age with this post. Having nostalgic memories of one’s past is a sign that one is growing old and wishing to be young and carefree again. :-)

I know. I’ve been old for a long time already.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

oh goodness! Really? LMAO...I do not need to be showing my age, but oh well. I DO have many nostalgic memories of Big Stone Gap, and Manassas, also. Many friends left behind, and I moved on to other places and states. I guess you could say most of my friends are in the Big Stone Gap area. I still maintain contact with my childhood friends from both Manassas and Big Stone. In fact, I got to visit with a dear friend of mine, Priscilla while in Wise County. I also heard from the author of Big Stone Gap, Adriana Trigiani today. I sent her a picture of Mrs. Mac. I was quite delighted that she took the time out of her (I'm sure) very busy schedule to reply to me. :)

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

P.S., Don, you ain't old!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Okay Deb. I see that you are younger than I am. I left about 1960 when I went to college. What church???? I grew up and got married in Trinity United Methodist Church in BSG.