Saturday, April 23, 2011

Boones Chapel Disaster & Update on the HOLLON FAMILY

Yesterday I had the opportunity of speaking with one of the fire fighters from the Pine Level Volunteer Fire Department.  These men do an EXCELLENT job for our area, and we should be so proud of well as Prattville Fire Department and the other fire departments around the area.  Chief Terry Brown was the first on the scene of the Boone's Chapel tornado disaster. The Pine Level Fire Department was next, with the summoning of the Prattville Fire Department. The rescue squads and Autauga County Emergency Management (EMA) all played an equal part in this disaster. Our District 4 County Commissioner, Jay Thompson, and County Commission Chairman, Danny Chavers were there as well to aid with their assistance.  All of the men and women worked hard ...and as a team to get the Hollon family out of the horrible mass of twisted metal and debris.  I understand that Faith Hollon was several feet down under the rubble with her father ...and it took several of the men working hard with only 2 flashlights to reach her.  The blow up bags, like the jaws of life, were used to get through the debris so they could rescue the family. The volunteer firemen heard Faith crying, and kept digging to find  her.  I cannot imagine the horror of knowing a child was under the debris and time was the essence of saving her.   Steve Hollon played a major role in saving his daughter...there is no question about that...He was a true hero of the night....along with the  help of the Pine Level Fire Department and the Prattville Fire Department.  Steve gave his life in order that his daughter would live....That is a true miracle in itself...that Faith survived.  Faith's older sister, Renee and the grandmother Sarah Hollon (Willard's wife) are all recovering...Steve's wife, Karen, also survived....and we thank God for that miracle of that awful night. Quote from CBS news..
"Steve Hollon had recently retired from the Air Force and moved into his father's home with his wife and two daughters while they remodeled a home of their own up the road — he had come to this small community about 25 miles from Montgomery to be closer to his dad."

We also need to pray for the recovery of "Miss Tunnie"...a woman my husband and I had the pleasure of meeting at the county commission meetings.  Jessie Mitchell (Miss Tunnie) was listed in critical condition on Tuesday...from Friday night's tornado.  Miss Tunnie (age 72), was thrown about 60 feet from her mobile home..and is still recovering. 
"She received head injuries, a broken pelvis, and internal injuries" 
     The communities of Boone's Chapel, Marbury and Pine Level are all struggling to pull together from recent tragedies.  A few weeks ago, Leon McCord and his wife were lost in a house fire. Our Bridge Creek area lost another great citizen and good family man...Carl James McCord, who was a good friend of our family, passed away...Not long ago, Steven Dorough was murdered in the Verbena area.  So much loss in such a short time.  We pray for all of these individuals...and pray for the return of Jesus take away these sorrows.  We want to be re-united with our loved ones...  

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