Friday, March 19, 2010

Alabama's Judicial System Laying Off Employees

We all know that laying off employees of a Judicial system, is going to PREVENT a timely manner of "Justice Being Served".  In Alabama, that is quite true.  "Sue Bell Cobb, chief justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, announced the layoffs on Monday. Cobb said the staff reductions, which would affect more than 100 temporary employees in courthouses across the state, were a result of an "imminent declaration of proration and the drastic reduction in the Legislature's appropriation for the court system in FY2010."    Well, Autauga County is feeling the "pinch" and Circuit Clerk, Whit Moncrief stated that his office was already UNDER-staffed, and that his office would be one of the most "adversely affected" offices in the state.  Cobb said that courts across the state would be devastated if proration is declared, and  if Governor Bob Riley would not give access to the "Rainy Day Fund" for the Judicial system.

Autauga County Circuit Clerk Whit Moncrief has 8 full time employees, and 1 part time.  He also said that according to a "manpower study" the state conducted,  his office should have 12 full time employees..We will DEFINITELY feel the crunch, if we lose the 1 part time employee!  We are already below our quota of employees to keep up with the ever demanding back log of court cases.  A few years back the same thing happened, and it took several months before a case would come to trial.  THAT DELAYS JUSTICE. 

We all know that Prattville has a rapid growth of citizens, and we deserve to have a well staffed and well prepared court system. 

Don Fletcher wrote an excellent article on this subject!

I have a great suggestion!  Sue Bell, how about taking a "pay cut"...That would certainly help the judicial system, that  you campaigned so hard to participate in.  Remember..."This Little Light of Mine, I'm going to Let it Shine!"....

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