Thursday, February 4, 2010


With my  herniated disc on my mind quite frequently, I am always searching for cures to relieve  the pain.  I know I have to get the disc fixed, or continue to take pain meds.  I choose to get it repaired, but not through surgery.  I checked out this place (from a reliable tip) the other day.  AABON HEALTH CARE SUPPLY has a LARGE assortment of medical supplies, and I didn't even know it was there, until a women in my shop told me about it.  She said that her pain was relieved and her disc went back into place.  NO MORE PAIN, right? Sleeping in a recliner for 6 months, has convinced me I need help! LOL.  Well,  I certainly decided I was going to check it out.  I purchased an Over the Door apparatus that fits over your head and over the top of a door, and evidently "stretches" your neck to where your bones should be re-aligned, and go back into place.  I AM GOING TO START THE TREATMENT TODAY...I will keep you posted, as to how it works for me.  I'm praying for a miracle :)   PLEASE visit this store.  Aabon is located between Winn Dixie and Freds.  (the same shopping center).  EASY to find... 

711 A East Main Street

Prattville, AL 36067

Phone number:  334-361-6362

AABON provides Free Delivery, with 24 hour service, 7 days a week!

Some of the supplies they have offer are: 
Supplemental Oxygen, Bili Lights, Low Air Loss Mattress,  Rehabilitation Items, Alternating Pressure Mattresses, Bathroom Safety Aids, Bedside Commodes, Canes and Crutches, Enternal Pumps & Nutrition, Diabetic Equipment, Hospital Beds & Accessories, Pain Management Equipment & Supplies, Power Chairs & Scooters, Lift Chairs (which I recommended 2 my elderly father), Emergency Phones, Suction Machines, Daily Activity Aids, Patient Lifts, Patient Room Equipment, Traction Equipment, Walkers, Wheelchairs, & Nebulizers.  They may offer more than that, but that is an idea of what they carry.  I HOPE THIS HAS BEEN HELPFUL...Give them a call!!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good luck with your treatment, Deb... I know it's hard to constantly be in pain. But--I'm like you. I wouldn't want surgery UNLESS it is the LAST resort. Keep us posted.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

thank you Betsy :) I tried my first treatment a little while ago...feeling it a litte. Going to rest awhile and then see how I feel after that as well. I miss you Betsy Boo!

Don said...

Deb, your herniated disc must be a cervical disc or possibly an upper thoracic disc if this device is supposed to help. I doubt it could help with a disc problem very far down the spine. I’m guessing that your device has a water bag or some way to control how much pulling power it develops like mine does. If so, I’d advise you to start out only a little pulling on your chin, and use it for short periods of time several times a day. Then gradually increase the water is in the bag (weights, or whatever) and the length of time you use it each time, and the number of times you use it every day. if you experience pain from using it, back up and start over. To stretch the lower spine you need a traction unit that grasps your legs and pulls on them while you’re lying down.

Have you tried massage, and/or heat?

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

yes Don! it's for the neck. I tried it today, and with 6 didn't was just annoying, as is with any injury that limits you LOL...glad to hear from you. :) Tell me more about your neck injury and what you do for it...I have tried the pain patches, which I feel help a little. I'm so tired of the pain, ...or I HAVEN'T GOT TIME FOR THE PAIN lol...know what I mean?

Don said...

I haven’t had neck pain for several years. When I had it it was like having a really stiff neck with pain every time you moved your head in any direction. I used my traction device, I guess like the one you have, plus heat and massage.

The pain I’ve lived with for over half of my life is caused by problems in my lower spine which I had surgery on twice to no avail.

Jay Croft said...

Deb! Basically you're hanging yourself! Suppose something goes wrong!

Chas chiropractic helped? It has for me and for my wife.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

I'm sorry that you experience so much pain. I can certainly sympathize with you and anyone else who has neck and back pain. There are MANY of us out here..who do suffer.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Jay! THAT was my first thought, when I heard about this apparatus. I didn't hang myself this afternoon...I can't really say I feel much differently, but it was a first time experience with this kind of therapy. I'll keep you posted as I go along. I went to a chiropractor for many treatments..would get better, then he said that the bone spur would prevent him from working on me, I guess I'll just have to keep trying, right?

Jay Croft said...

Maybe an airplane ride will help!