Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay, this granny CERTAINLY had spunk!  She was tased TWICE by a Texas Constable and still has her sense of humor intact! 

Matt Lauer interviewed  Great Granny,  Kathryn  Winkfein on the TODAY show,  and got some pretty humorous comments out of Kathryn. 

It all started when the 72 year old granny, (only 4' 11") was stopped for going 60 mph in a 45 mph construction zone.  When the Sheriff's Constable asked "granny" to sign the ticket promising to be in court, she shot back with, "Take me to jail. Go on, take me to jail — a 72-year-old woman!”  Things got out of hand after that.  The constable threatened to tase her, so good ole spunky granny said, "“Go ahead, Tase me!”  Well, HE DID.  (TWICE).    "Granny" sued, and settled out of court for $40,000. 

What I thought was cute, was when Matt lauer asked "Granny" if she might have been a little bit argumentive with the constable, she replied, "“I told what I remembered,”...“When he Tased me and kept it on and it threw me to the ground, that erased all memory".  what a hilarious Grandma!


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Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

That was funny, wasn't it Cherie LOL....Poor granny. I would have been horrified had that been my granny...actually I am horrified for this Great Grandmother. He could have put her in the back of his squad car. This is how the law is now. You don't dare cuss them, or say anything derogatory. It's always Yes sir, or Yes ma'am. I actually hugged a woman Law enforcement yesterday. She's a very sweet person, and I think a real asset to the community in her county!