Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chastity "Chaz"...Interesting Transformation

I would like to know what others' opinions are about Chastity Bono having operations to turn herself into the now, "Chaz Bono".  She was a beautiful girl, as a child, and I have continued to follow her journey through  her life, as she turned Lesbian, and then decided to change her sex to male.|htmlws-main-n|dl2|link3|

I have no problem with her change, and I believe that her mother Cher, has stated she is supportive of her.  I have to wonder, though, what it would be like to be a parent and to have your child decide to make this journey.  Tough decisions, and tough aftermath.  I wish Chaz all the happiness that life has to offer. 


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well---if I were the parent, I'd love that child unconditionally. It's too bad that that happens. I'm sure that the 'person' would never choose to go through all of that unless something was really wrong with them. I just think it's sad.


Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

I certainly agree with you, Betsy. It's very sad. Some parents are not as open minded as you and I are. I believe that parents should love their children, unconditionally, as Jesus loves us.

Jackie said...

Love and tolerance have nothing to do with each other. Jesus loves us unconditionally, but there are things he does not tolerate his children doing. I love my children, but there are certain behaviors that are not tolerated, e.g., disrespectfulness, meanness, hatefulness. Jesus makes it very clear how He feels about homosexuality. And a lot of people choose lifestyles they know to be difficult, dangerous, deadly for a variety of reasons, that doesn't make them right.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Good evening, Jackie..I need to get over and visit your blog. Will try to do so tomorrow sometime. Have a busy day ahead of me.

software said...

Yeah. i agree with you there betsy!