Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well, well, WELL! Defamation of Character Suit brings Out The TRUE BULLIES.

I have been receiving all kinds of messages from Deborah Jansons in Ontario, Canada. (3 within a half an hour's time span, 4 today, alone). Seems she would like for me to post some anonymous messages for her on my website about Anika Wilson. These messages are very slanderous and would certainly defame Anika's character even more. Sorry, Deb, no can do! I would not, COULD NOT allow slanderous and utterly stupid comments like what you sent to me, on my site. Deborah Jansons is a regular poster on Kristen Jones' website (bamakrissy), and has defamed me on Kristen Jones' site, in the past on quite a few occasions. However, I will not allow her to use my website to trash someone else's good character. From the things that Deborah has sent to me to be posted, it would "appear" that she seems to know Anika. (Is it "possible" that Ms. Jansons is one of the people that has been anonymously posting on the forums about Anika Wilson, herself?)...Either she has first hand knowledge of a Judge's ruling that Anika Wilson and her attorney don't have privy to, or she could be one of the anonymous posters. This is the exact wording in one of the comments that was sent to me by Deborah Jansons to be posted anonymously... "The judge said that Ms. Wilson has no case. She is clearly insanely jealous of the defendant and is wasting the court's time." .....How would Deborah Jansons know what a judge said? (Is she privy to a judge's decisions before they are published? Does Jansons know this judge, personally and have first hand knowledge of something we don't?) I'm sorry, but I just don't buy it. I give this judge a little more credit than to be passing out opinions and rulings to Deborah before even the attorneys are aware of it. Jansons has also alluded she knows something about Wilson's sexual orientation, yet gives no sources for her information.... It's a good thing I can weed out trash before it makes it to my website. Jansons, take this kind of trashy talk to Kristen Jones' website. She has a "no deletions" policy, even if it is defamation and slander. I'm sure you can get your "anonymous comments" published there.

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Alabama Angyl said...

Don't worry about the bullies, dear... just ignore them. They've been kicked out of every forum they've ever joined, and they are so shallow that everyone can see straight through them every time. They have no power.