Thursday, August 6, 2009

Franklin County Judge Sentences Christie Michelle Scott's to Death

A Franklin County Circuit Judge sentenced Christie Michelle Scott to death for the murder of her young 6 year old son, Mason. Mason died in a fire which investigators said was caused by his mother for $175,000 in insurance money, $100,000 of it which was purchased just 12 hours before his death. These kind of cases just make me shudder when I think "how could a mother do this?". Evidently the jury believed that she did kill her son for monetary gain. The judge overrode the jury's recommendation of a life sentence, and sentenced her, instead to death, stating, "The capital offense was particularly heinous, atrocious and cruel compared to other capital offenses. There may be no more painful way for a human to die than by fire. It is not certain whether the victim died from thermal burns or smoke inhalation. A high carbon monoxide level in the victim's blood ... indicate he was still breathing as he was burning. This would be a horrific death with immense pain for the victim."

I would be interested in hearing feedback from others on this case. What do you think about this case? Do you believe in the purchase of large insurance policies? Usually a person will purchase a rather large policy to cover mortgages, automobiles, etc. I have, however, read of MANY cases where people killed their "loved ones" for high insurance claims. Money can't buy love, but it certainly can buy a jail term, or death. I certainly can't see how a mother could kill her own child for monetary gain. If this is really the truth in Christie's case, then she does deserve the death penalty. I am still stuck on how Susan Smith could have let her two beautiful little boys drown, or how Andrea Yates could have drowned her FIVE beautiful children back in 2001. Crimes like this are so horrible and leave a hole in our hearts when we think of the suffering of these children.

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