Thursday, April 16, 2009


I found this article to be quite humorous, as I watch CNN and I watch Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore movies, and enjoy all three. (Have watched Demi Moore sprout wings since she starred on General Hospital YEARS ago. (not telling you how many lol). She certainly has come full circle. I also admire the fact that even though Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are divorced, they still remain friends, even including Ashton at all the family functions.

Back to Ashton. It appears he and CNN are on a race for who can get to the million mark with TWITTER followers, the quickest. Larry King told Ashton "you're playing out of your field. You're in another time zone. This ain't gonna work. CNN will bury you!" I watch Larry King Live quite often, and was surprised that he would say something like that LOL.. Come on...Larry. It's a free for all on Twitter. I say that as big as CNN is, Ashton Kutcher (along with the help of Demi Moore) can hold his own. I read just last week he was posting pictures of Demi Moore's rear, (bikini on), and Demi's daughters were not pleased with this. Well, if Ashton continues to do stunts like this, he might just meet the million follower mark. Ha Ha! CNN, whose rear can you post to perk our interest? LOL...just a little humor there. Good luck to both sides. Gonna be a toss up, but who cares. It's all fun in politics and theatrics. (or should I say, "thea-tricks").

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