Thursday, April 9, 2009

American Troops and Zimbabwe

Just an interesting tidbit...about American Troops and African Zimbabweans. I noticed a large response of visitors to posts concerning Andrew Kinard (Country Music Awards wounded soldier honored) and the Zimbabwe posts on the African refugees who need so much help as I write this! We Americans truly are grateful to the bravery that are troops have shown us, and our hearts are open to the plight of the people of Zimbabwe. God bless people like Pastor Coetzee who dedicates his life to the refugees in Africa, and God bless Andrew Kinard, and so many other wounded soldiers just like him (because there are MANY) who sacrifice daily for us. Not only do they risk their lives in whatever they do daily, but after their service is done, and they are wounded, they re-live the trauma on a daily basis. Their families re-live the past on a present level...daily. Please pray for our troops, and those like Pastor Thinus Coetzee who risk their lives to help others.

If you know of someone special that is going the extra mile to aide others in difficult times, and you would like to honor them, please let me know. Have a great day, and smile! GOD LOVES YOU.

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