Sunday, February 1, 2009


The mother who just gave birth to 8 babies (all alive, and doing well), has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She already had 6 children, but her mother stated she was obsessed with having more. (and no marriage). I know that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a terrible thing to have (as I know several who have it). I, myself have OCD when it comes to washing my hands. No matter how many times I wash them, they still don't feel clean. ***(Now before you judge me, a little tidbit for you. Howie Mandell also has this OCD when it comes to washing hands and shaking hands with people, thinking they have germs, etc). I once saw a "48 Hours" segment on OCD where a man with OCD refused to leave his parent's bathroom for over a year. He was afraid to come out of the bathroom, fearing germs on the outside. His mother would slide food under the door for him, etc.) Now THAT thought of eating food that had been slid under the bathroom door, would make one go on a serious diet! That was an EXTREME case, and was really interesting, because the show that it was being broadcast from, was going to film the man coming out of the bathroom for the first time in over a year. Well, he didn't come out, when the time came for the filming. I don't even know if he EVER left the bathroom. (If you know, and would like to update me, please do so. ) That is really an extraordinary case that I'll never forget. Very sad. Here is a link to a website where people are discussing this very individual.

I also have the obsession of watching my family members leave until they are out of sight. I can't just say good bye, and close the door. I have to WATCH them go, until I can no longer see them. (This started years ago when my parents would come to visit and I would hate to see them leave, so I'd watch them out the window until out of sight). Well, I don't think this mother with the new 8 babies will have that problem when her children grow up! LOL...

I cannot fathom having 8 children at one time. I am one who totally admires women who have TWINS, much less Triplets, and more. I have a girlfriend who has Triplets, and raising them was hard on her, due to the fact she didn't have a lot of help. She named her daughters, Faith, Hope, and Charity, and they are beautiful girls. I STILL CAN'T FATHOM 8 KIDS!! I mean, once you finish with all of the feedings, then you still, in between, have diaper changes, spit ups, baths, etc. (Not to mention your own personal needs). Would someone with that many babies at once, GET ANY SLEEP???? omg...even this new mother's MOM (the grandmother of the 8 new babies) is leaving her own home when her daughter arrives home with the babies. I can't really say I blame her though, as I would run for the HILLS! LOL. I still want to wish the new mother the best, congratulations, and all the patience, trust in God, and humility, it is going to take to raise her 8, along with the 6 she already has.

Below is a great link on OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). You may know someone who has this, and needs to get help for it. It can be VERY disabling.

Also another great link on OCD from the National Institute of Mental Health

***If you happen to have OCD, and would like to share your story with us, (anonymously if you wish) please feel free to write me, and I'll post it on here for our viewers to read.

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